A day of fun – 16th January 2019

First real day of the blog and what have we been up to!

Someone decided that although mummy has wicked insomnia at the moment (and for god knows how long) that it was time to get up and play at 8.30am. Not that early I hear you say, to me that is far to early and normally far too early for Bella as well. We’re talking 9.30am as the earliest we get up and even that sometimes kills me. So we had a slow morning, CBeebies and snuggles on the sofa. I was not moving anytime soon.

Lunchtime’s when it got fun!

Off to the adventure play with not only a one year old but two big kids as well. Why is it adults are more excited for the adventure play than kids?

It was so nice watching Bella run around with her Aunty Rachel and her Daddy while I sat down and how some me time. Of course I had to get involved and Bella dragged me all over the playground with her aunty. Up the steps, over bridges, through tunnels. The good thing was – lots of photos to remember the trip by.

Daly was quite upset he wasn’t allowed to go down any of the slides, his argument – he needed to test them before Bella went down them. However Bella managed to go down the big red slide, much to my surprise, all by herself with no panic. She’d been terrified last time we visited but this time was full of confidence.

We love coming here and it was a brilliant find while mum was in the hospice. Allowing Bella to have some fun and mummy daughter time before hanging out at a boring hospice.

The big kids loved the adventure play as well. Both running around all over the place. Every time I looked up I could either hear Daly roaring over the other side of the building followed by Bella’s screams or Rachel chasing Bella across the the nets over head. A fully enjoyable day had by us all.

May not have been the most adventurous of our days out but it was nice to continue what mum started.

After running around and all that excitement we had a nice chilled evening at home. Daly watching sanctuary, Bella playing cleaners and me cooking the dinner. We will be having a slow evening, maybe a bit of TV, some popcorn, probably some PlayStation action.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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