Lazy day – 17th January 2019

Today has been one of those go slow, trackies and messy hair days. I had some me time this morning. Well I went and met my counsellor and then went and did a little bit of retail therapy. I say retail therapy, I wandered around the high street on the hunt for Branson pickle lol. I had a real bad craving for a cheese and pickle sandwich. However my mission was unsuccessful and now the husband has taken the car to work. The hunt will reconvene tomorrow!

I did however manage to pick up a really cute pillow to go with my red sofa. It was in the Valentines section of a store. A bit of a rose gold look to it which i have got a real love for at the moment. But the saying on it reminds me of mum and Daly “I love you to the moon and back” Mum has a locket from her brother that had the saying engraved on it and it’s a line from my favourite book – Guess How Much I Love You. I cry everytime I read that book.

We had some family time when I got home. We all sat up in the bedroom playing guess the Disney song/film. I toasted Daly even though I hadn’t seen all the films. We love messing around with those sort of quizzes and playing silly games. Bella got excited every time a song from the Little Mermaid or Frozen played. “Do you wanna build a snowman?”

This afternoon we’ve not done much. Bella has been playing tea parties with our cat Misty but I swear she knows when the camera is around because sadly I was unable to capture the cute moment. We’ve had CBeebies on most of the afternoon – I swear I know all the theme tunes off by heart. I’d rather watch the Little Mermaid again.

Dalys been lead on the floor watching the Dark Side of the Moon on his phone. Rather gutted because we couldn’t watch it together as I love that film but I’ve been busy organising Bella’s 2nd Birthday Party. Bella enjoyed playing with her daddy and distracting him from the film. He decided to get some weight lifting in lol

I’ve been doing various bits of ‘work’ I created two donating pages for mum’s chosen charities – Cancer Research and Macmillan. I’d been meaning to do it for a while but having a lazy day like this ment I was actually able to get them up. I’ve now started the mammoth task of the washing. My kitchen floor is just covered in clothes. Poor washing machine’s gonna be working non stop. I don’t even know how two of us create so much washing. Especially when one is so tiny.

I had some chill out time while Bella had a nap. Although it wasn’t very chilled out. I ended up curled up on the sofa with chest and back pains. Stupid gallstones. I even had my gallbladder removed in May. The doctor even said that it’s likely to happen because of gallstones being dislodged when the gallbladder was removed. Just sucks. I’d been doing so well. I haven’t had any pains for ages and now this. Oh well an evening of pain killers and rest ahead for me.

Luckily Daly’s at work tonight so it’s just me and my little peanut. Attempted to cook home made chips tonight. I quite enjoy cooking but not when I’m feeling like this.

We’ll see how these go down with Bella. She’s refusing to eat certain foods at the moment and not normally a chip person but hopefully she’ll enjoy the turkey dinosaurs lol this girl loves her dinosaurs.

Pretty proud of how my first attempt at chips went and they tasted yummy too. Well we’re gonna have a girly night snuggled up munching snacks and watching Frozen

Night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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