Chores, Chores and more Chores – 18th January 2019

Well today has been one of those boring get jobs done days. My kitchen is currently a sea of washing still – I’ve got 8 loads to do. By lunchtime 2 loads down 😁 I wonder how many I can get done by the end of the day. (It was only 2 because of how cold it is the clothes won’t dry and I refuse to have piles of wet washing just stacking up waiting to be hung up.)

Bella is at her Grandparents today and tomorrow which means I actually have a chance to do all that boring stuff you can’t do with a toddler under your feet. It’s good for her though as she gets to go play with her Grandad – her best friend (Nanna was her other) I wonder how many times bella insists they make her jigsaw together. She loves that jigsaw – she got it for Christmas from her Godfather’s family.

Before I left Bella at her Grandparents, I sat and watch Mamma Mia with my mother in law. I can’t stand this film. With musicals it’s hit or miss with me – they are like marmite, I either love them or hate them, no inbetween. But seriously if your gonna make a musical at least use actors who can sing! It’s just painful to listen to otherwise. I was so grateful when it was over. Daly kept saying ‘you don’t want to go see number 2 then?’ No I don’t I’m happy just being made to watch the first one against my will.

It’s so cold at the moment. I’m one of those people that is constantly cold. I mean if I could spend all day under the covers next to a cosy open fire I would but instead I have to settle to curling up on the sofa under a fleece with the gas fire on and a cup of tea.

Woohoo my living room finally looks how it should. No crumbs on the floor, no toys all over the place, no rubbish left by the PlayStation (I have no idea whose that is!) All my cushions are in the right place, the carpet is Hooved, it’s just tidy and neat and nice lol

I’m now having a break before I go get me some dinner – I can’t be bothered to cook so fish and chips for dinner. And then after dinner it’s time for the depressing weekly shop.

I feel today’s blog is a really boring one but I’m gonna keep going with it. I don’t want to give up just because I have had one boring day. That’s being an adult. Not every day is great fun and an actual adventure. Some days you have to put the fun aside and do all the grown up stuff like the washing, the hooving, tidying, food shopping. If it didn’t get done the house would be a tip and unlivable and we wouldn’t be able to do all the fun stuff.

Hopefully tomorrow is more of an interesting blog. I have a few fun things planned so hopefully I’ll have more to write about rather than how many loads of washing I’ve managed to do.

Night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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