Time to pack – 27th January 2019

Love Sundays. They are lazy days, although reading this blog all I seem to do is sit at home and watch films.

Bella was a little sweetie this morning snuggling up to me in bed and making sure I was warm and cosy. She does look after her mummy. We watched good old Little Mermaid this morning. I swear that film is etched into my brain. But Bella loves it.

I’ve spent the morning trying to pack for our trip to Nottingham. We want to make sure we’re packed early so we can spend some quality time as a family on Thursday before Bella and I head off.

I’m doing pretty well on the packing front. I think I’ve found all our clothes and packed them. So it’s just all the extra bits you have to take away with you. I’m just hoping I can get away with one suitcase.

While I was packing Bella watched Sleeping Beauty. At least she is now widening her horizons when it comes to Disney films. Not just the same 3 films.

I come to the conclusion I’m not feeling today at all. If I could have hidden in bed all day I would. I think I need someone to come round and do all the housework for me. I was doing so well with the packing but once that was done I’ve just been feeling rubbish all day.

The rest of my afternoon was spent going through photos from last night and editing them while Bella had a nap. Normally I really enjoy editing and just trying to make my photos be the best they can be. It’s wonderful when you don’t have to touch a photo but 99.9% of the time they need some form of tweak. Whether it’s cropping, straightening or changing the brightness. Makes it more fun. But today I just haven’t been feeling it. It felt more like I needed to do some editing just so I could say I’ve done something with my day.

I’d been feeling fine up until yesterday afternoon and now I just feel low. I need someone to bring me some alcohol, do my cleaning for me, some chocolate ice cream and a lot of microwave meals. I have no motivation to cook but I know I need to. I’ve been told that to help my brain deal with all this crap I need to fuel my body. It’s a stupid horrible circle.

So yes I need a cook and a house cleaner. Any takers, get in touch.

Well we’re having something to eat and sitting and watching dancing on ice with the cat. I might go back to the editing later. If not maybe tomorrow. I will have to see how I feel.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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