New car! – 31st January 2019

We’ve had a nice family day just chilling out and spending time together just the 3 of us before Bella and I head off to Nottingham.

Daly managed to get to mine from work which meant we could snuggle up. Except apparently I wasn’t up for cuddling but Bella was. It was very cold last night so as much as people probably hate the fact our daughter sleeps with us. It means I don’t have to worry about her getting cold and also she is really struggling to sleep on her own.

She started to struggle when my dad left us back in September. She had had someone who lived with her suddenly go, she did still see him but it’s not the same as living with someone. And then we eventually got her settled but then mum got ill and ended up in hospital. Nanna was Bellas best friend so to suddenly not have her at home really effected her and still does. She got better while mum was in hospital. Bella saw her at least 6 out of 7 days and every day when mum was at the hospice. But her routine was completely out of wack and it scared her to see Nanna with the oxygen mask on.

We got mum home on the 12th of December after completely emptying our study so mum could live down stairs. Bella loved that as it meant she could see her best friend all the time and know she was there even if mum was asleep. Mum died on the 16th, so we’d only had her home 4 days but at least mum got to come home like she wanted and she wasn’t alone. But to go from seeing Nanna everyday to not seeing her at all is very confusing for a nearly 2 year old. She knows Nanna is gone but Nanna was a huge part of her life. So her sleep has been even more disrupted since mum died.

She will cry hysterically and insist of me being in bed with her. She was so independent but now she has to sleep snuggled up to me just to I’m there and so she can feel safe. I love it though coz at the moment I need that comfort too.

Anyways enough about mum and Bellas sleep. I got up and did Bella some breakfast and then got on with the washing up. I want to make sure that household jobs like that get done before we go then I don’t have to worry when we get back.

We’ve hired a car for the weekend due to ours being dead, me needing a weekend away and potential of snow. So I went and walked down to the hire place to pick up our car.

When I got there I could see a Mokka, an insignia and a few other cars and a giant Mitsubishi. Went in, sorted out my details and then it was time to find our car. We’ve hired a intermediate SUV so we can deal with snow. Guess which car we got? The Mitsubishi. It’s a giant black beast. It’s lovely though.

Only problem it’s an automatic. I have never in my life driven an automatic. So it’s been like learning to drive again. The very nice lady took me round the car park first just so I had some help getting used to an automatic.

I said to Daly when I got it home we only hired a little car. A Mitsubishi Shogun Sport. It’s so nice. It’s a large 7 seater but we don’t need the extra seats for 2 of us.

I’m so happy we’ve got Android Auto back. It makes using the SAT NAV so much easier and I can hook my phone up to the car screen.

I’ve already placed all our bits for if it does snow in the car. Blankets, pillows, food, change of clothes etc. I’m not taking any chances with Bella.

We spent our afternoon at Nathan’s pub just so we could get out and chill. I took some photographs of the pub that he could use for publicity and so we could see the before and after when the pub goes through it’s referb in April.

Daly and I played a game of pool. I so nearly won. I was so much better than I was the other day. I managed to pot 3 balls in a row but could not pot the black.

Bella had a mini picnic in the pub as we hadn’t had lunch yet. And after her picnic she snuggled up with her daddy again and watch paw patrol. She was extremely tired but didn’t want to give in. As soon as we put her in the car to go home. That’s it she was asleep.

Daly gave me a crash course in what all the controls were on the car so I had a bit of preparation before I drove it properly tomorrow.

The rest of the evening has been extremely chilled. I curled up on the sofa and dozed while Daly looked up cars on the laptop. And then while I cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen, Daly tidied the living room and dining room.

Anyways, night all And let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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