Train ride – 30th January 2019

Today was our weekly family day out, well Rachel, Bella and I. Sadly due to the car still being off the road we couldn’t do what we wanted to do. We were going to go to Kent life so we could go see the farm animals and enjoy their soft play but there is no way we were going to get there via public transport.

Rachel decided that we were going to do some shopping in Canterbury. Luckily we’re able to get there by train. So buses yesterday and trains today.

I did Bellas hair differently today. We’ve been saying for a while she’d be able to have her hair up in a ponytail so I thought I’d give it a go. Man did she look cute.

So we got up and out the door and walked down to the station. We bumped into bellas godfather on the way and had a chat before returning to the mission at hand.

It was nice to just take a leisurely train ride and Bella enjoyed looking out the window while she had a snack. We’ve started to buy the red Leicester mini cheddars and Bella really likes them, which sucks because it means I don’t get to enjoy a packet to myself. She got very upset when one fell on the floor and aunty Rachel told her she couldn’t have it because it was dirty.

We did a bit of shopping in city. We visited the Disney store. They had the cutest Mary Poppins costume. They’ve started doing costumes for babies but sadly no Sleeping Beauty Costume yet. I also found they’ve brought out Disney Princess charm bracelets and charms – they are similar to Pandora ones and sadly they didn’t have a price so I couldn’t compare priceless to Pandora. I believe they’re planning on bringing out a new princess charm every month and January’s princess is Sleeping Beauty. Bella found princess dolls that sing when you press the button in their hand and surprisingly picked up a Moana doll rather than an Ariel one. She did however found Ariel bath toys she likes and frozen ones. I told her if she’s lucky maybe someone would buy them for her birthday.

We visited Primark because you’ve got to. We love Primark. However because we’re going away I didn’t do a proper Primark shop – I couldn’t afford it. I just picked up some bits I really needed like vests and socks for Bella and I picked up an eyeshadow pallet for me. You know the essential lol. Bella fell asleep almost as soon as we got into Primark. She asked very nicely for her dummy and blanket and then said thank you when I gave them to her and then just snuggled down and dropped off.

My stomach was rumbling while we were in Primark so the next stop was McDonald’s. Bella was still asleep but she had had something before we left home and I had snacks on me for her so I decided not to wake her up.

Rachel and I ordered the same thing – A Grand Big Mac with Bacon. I hadn’t had one before but I love bacon so I thought I’d give it ago.

Turns out it’s very nice just messy and definitely filled a hole.

After we’d eaten we visited a few more shops before we decided to head back home. It was a mission to get to the platform via their step free access. My word you had to go all round the houses to get onto the platform.

Luckily we made it on to the platform just in time to catch the train. The train was quite busy but there again we were catching it at the same time all the school and college kids were.

We found a table on the train and sat down. About two minutes into the journey the train came to a stop. There had been a power surge causing all the signals to fail. So we were stuck where we were until they could fix it or get us through the section safely.

Aunty Rachel decided it was time to give Happy Colouring ago. I hadn’t even told her about it we just discovered we had the same app. And I let Bella play her dinosaur jigsaw game on the iPad as she looked ready to run around and was not interested in what she could she out the window.

Eventually we got moving again and finally got to our home station. We walked with Rachel home chatting about various things and then me and Bella made our long walk home. Bella saw lots of dogs on the way and got excited every time.

Finally we made it home and into the warm and had a chilled out evening. We even had a friend visit which was nice. Gets me out of my funk.

Anyways, night all And let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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