The Travel Blogs – A Muddy walk – 3rd February 2019

We had an extremely rude awakening this morning. Someone set the poxy fire alarm off in the hotel. I had just turned my alarm on to snooze and had rolled over to doze back off well suddenly this horrible siren went off. I briefly wondered if my alarm was going off with a new sound and then I realised nope, that was the hotels fire alarm. Bella was still asleep and didn’t wake until I pulled her out of the cot. Which thankfully she had slept very well in. I put on my shoes and then realising it was going to be very cold outside and Bella and I only being in our PJs we were gonna need something to keep us warm outside. So as we headed towards the door I grabbed my coat and dalys hoodie to wrap Bella in. Us and another pair of guests headed out the fire door and walked round to gather outside the main reception by the car park.

After being stood in the cold for a couple of minutes we were told it was a false alarm and we could go back in. Turns out someone had sprayed hair spray too close to the sensor and had set the system off. So we all bundled back into the warm and we headed back to our room. Even though I was tired I was fully awake so Bella sat and watched tv while I packed our bags and got dressed. I may be willing to leave the building for a fire alarm in my PJs but not head down to breakfast. I was also planning to so the first trip of bags to the car on our way to breakfast.

At breakfast we were again sat in the corner but today I was allowed to sit opposite Bella. They didn’t have any bananas this morning. I’m guessing all the people that could be bothered to go back to their rooms after the alarm had eaten them. So Bella had muffins this morning – 3 to be exact. I did also get her some fruit salad and she did eat some bits but I’m guessing it wasn’t really full of fruit she liked. I had my cooked breakfast but sadly no tomato or egg this morning, dang fire alarm. I also tried the Beefeaters smoothie. It’s seemed to have a banana and mango flavour to it.

After breakfast we went back to the room and very slowly got ready. I did not want to get moving. I think I a holiday where I just sleep. Bella also didn’t want to get dressed which didn’t help the process. I let her watch Swashbuckle on Cbeebies and then we finally got out of the hotel and on the road.

I had promised Bella last night that we’d go feed the ducks on or near the River Trent. I decided to take Bella over to my side of Nottingham. I programmed the SAT NAV to head to Colwick Country Park which was where I spent a lot of my final year of uni studying. I didn’t want to study but if you’ve got to do it do it some where pretty. I was a good girl and followed the SAT NAV into the city. As soon as i got to the top of city at Maid Marion Way I knew exactly where I was. There may have been a few buildings that have changed but I still knew where I was. Even more that the SAT NAV. If I’d have followed it instead of using my past knowledge of the city I’d have ended up somewhere completely different.

We made it to Colwick Country Park thanks to me. Mum and I had discovered it so it was nice to be able to show Bella something I’d shared with mum. She was asleep when we parked up so u got myself ready for our walk before I even dared to wake Bella. Luckily she was in an ok mood when she woke. She got all dressed up in her snowsuit and wellies and off we went.

She absolutely loved the park. It may have been cold but she had a blast. It’s a very popular dog spot so she kept stopping to tell me there was a dog. A very friendly dog named Cooper came to make friends with Bella but she’s very weary of animals she doesn’t know. We wandered through the wood and went to look at the first lake we came to. It was frozen over and so pretty. It was nice to be able to enjoy taking photos and let Bella just do her thing.

Pushing the pram through mud was not fun. The wheels got caked. After that mistake we stuck to the paths. Bella continues to explore and I continued to take photos. Every time we came to a fork in the path I asked Bella which way we were going. She decided to head towards the main lake which funnily enough was where the ducks and a swan was.

As we headed towards the ducks Bella found a nice muddy puddle. I say one, she actually found several. She started with stamping and splashing in them. Then it was throwing stones on the puddles, then picking the stones out of the puddle to throw on the grass. And she was sitting and kneeling in the mud so she could play. As much as I hate her getting messy I love how much she loves getting muddy. It was nice a lady walked past us and actually said how nice it was to see a mum letting her child get dirty. It’s nothing a washing machine can’t solve.

Finally Bella spotted the ducks and ran over to say hello. Once I stopped the pram next to lake Bella was straight in the basket under the pram and got out the packet of bread and got a piece out. I know bread isn’t good for ducks but I had nothing else to give them. Bella was very good at breaking up the bread and throwing it to the ducks. I managed to get lots of lovely photos of Bella and the ducks. She came and sat with me on the edge of the lake after awhile and we just watched the ducks.

Eventually the ducks had had enough bread and Bella was starting to get hungry so we headed back to the car. Bella found a massive frozen puddle which she tried to walk across but she scared herself when it made a cracking sound under her. We got back to the car and demudded ourselves before having something to eat. Once we’d settled back in the car it was back to Kent sadly.

As we were on the south east of Nottingham I headed home the way I used to when I lived in West Bridgeford. I was impressed how well I knew the route via Morrisons for some Diesel. It was a nice country drive home. Bella sat in the back watching films before falling asleep.

After an hour of driving we’d reached Peterborough and I needed something to eat. Again Bella was not too impressed I’d woken her up to get out of the car. However she was far happier once she had her Happy Meal. As well as having some McDonald’s for lunch/tea We also popp3d into Costa to get me some coffee. While I had my coffee Bella decided to sing to all the customers.

At 5pm we hit the road again. Bella managed to stay awake the rest of the journey watching Disney films and then as we pulled on to the M2 giggling away to herself as she played her dinosaur game. The journey was problem free and we were home by 7pm. Bella was very tired although now has all the energy in the world and is currently playing and pulling my hair as I type.

I have to I loved our time away and I’m extremely gutted it’s over but hopefully there will be some more travel blogs soon.

So night all And let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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