Impromptu trip to the Farm – 6th February 2019

Today did not follow our original plan. But that doesn’t matter because it actually turned out a far better tha planned. Bare with this. I wrote the whole blog and then as i was adding photos it deleted everything. So this is the time of writing it.

I was not getting up this morning. I’m still struggling to get Bella to settle and my insomnia has not done one yet. So at 10.30am my alarm went off and I just kept hitting snooze. Thankfully Bella is very good when I’m like that and just plays until she gets fed up with me. Then she jumps on me and shakes me going ‘get up, get up, get up’ It’s very cute. The only thing that got me out of that snooze cycle was a message from my sister asking did we want to go to Kent Life. I’ve been wanting to take Bella since mum died so she can go see some animals but life and lack of cars had not allowed.

I thought my sister was going out with her husband so I was quite surprised to hear from her but happy. I did wonder if Oli was going to come with us but she hadn’t said anything. Anyways, I told her we’d be ready by half 11 and of course we were up for going. Bella was actually pretty easy to get ready this morning except she wanted to eat everything in sight. She ended up having two bananas for breakfast and burst into tears when I told her she wasn’t allowed a third.

Rachel and Oli both turned up and we got ourselves sorted and into the car. Rachel had already messaged me before they turned up if we wanted to get some McDonald’s before we headed to Kent Life. I’m guessing Oli was hungry. So off we went to go get some lunch.

Us three adults all had different versions of the Big Mac. I had a Big Mac Bacon, Rachel had a Grand Big Mac Bacon and Oli just had a Grand Big Mac. Bella had her regular Chicken Nugget Happy Meal. I keep asking her if she wants to try a burger as she likes to steal mine but she hasn’t changed her order yet.

As we got our food a lady came over and offered Bella a balloon. Today she chose a blue balloon and enjoyed beating Aunty Rachel over the head with it. Oli was right, she was in the firing line.

After lunch it was off to the Farm. I was so glad we were getting to go and Bella was going to be able to see some animals.

Oli was so excited when we got to the farm that they had ducks and also that we were able to get animal and duck feeds. We bought 2 bags of animal feed and 2 of duck food. Once we got into the farm, Oli used the map to track down the nearest animals.

We weren’t able to go into cuddle corner straight away – where they have all the little animals you can cuddle and stroke. We couldn’t go in there until half one so we went to the farmyard first to see what we could find. The first building we came across had hutches of guinea pigs. Rachel and Oli like guinea pigs so they loved being in a room full. Bella apparently tried to unlock one of the cages but luckily Rachel stopped her before the guinea pigs we roaming free.

In the middle of the farmyard was a pen of goat who Oli made friends with. He was extremely excited that he could let them and feed them. While he was making friends Bella wanted to go into the barn where the rabbits lived. She told me that bunnies hop but became distracted by the sheep in the other end of the barn. Bella didn’t seem as bothered by the sheep as she was the last time we went to Kent Life.

She had seen a large black pig in his pen in the corner of the farmyard. She took me over to see it and got quite upset that the pen next to it was empty so she ran off to the guinea pigs again.

We went and joined Oli and Rachel with the goats. Oli was feeding the goats and once Bella had noticed this she wanted to feed the goats as well. Oli gave her some feed and then with the help of Oli and Rachel she fed the goats. She was a bit weary to begin with but the more she feed them the more confidence she gained.

We managed to drag Oli away from the goats finally and got him to more on to the sheep. Bella was far more cautious of the sheep but at least she’s now willing to stand close to the sheep now. Oli and Rachel fed the sheep and every time a sheep or goat ate something out of Olis hand he was giggling like crazy. Bella however was far more interested in the pygmy goats. She enjoyed feeding them over the normal goats.

It was time to go to cuddle corner to see what animals we could go have hugs with. Bella was quite upset that we had to leave her pram in the buggy park. It took a lot of coaxing to get her to come into the cuddle corner.

Once we were inside Bella refused to sit down. A lot has changed between how she behaved last year when we visited the farm to today. She was quite happy looking at an animal that was in a tank on the opposite side of the room and looking at all the posters on the walls. The first animal we had cuddles with was a guinea pig. Bella didn’t want to sit with the guinea pig on her lap instead she wanted me to have it. She did surprise me however by telling me it was a guinea pig. I’d never heard her say it before and she did give him nice strokes.

The next animal was a bunny rabbit. A fluffy, lovely, soft bunny. Rachel really liked the rabbit. She moved to sit next to me so she could have a stroke and the lady asked if she’d like the rabbit on her lap. All Rachel kept saying was she wanted a rabbit the whole time she was having cuddles.

While Rachel had the rabbit on her lap, I had a chicken placed on my lap. Now I wasn’t too sure about the chicken. It wouldn’t sit down on me and kept making this horrible sound that made me think it didn’t like me. I quickly got rid of the chicken.

Rachel had some cuddles with the chicken and the chicken seemed far happier with her. It settled down on her lap and snuggled into her. It definitely seemed far happier with Rachel.

Finally Rachel had cuddles with a guinea pig. I made a joke about them betraying their own guinea pigs and that they were going to know when they got home that they’d been having snuggles with another guinea pig.

After cuddles it was time to find some more animals. As we walked up the hill Bella headed off towards the owl sanctuary and the meerkats. As we we walking towards the owl enclosures we stopped at the hop huts. We told Oli he had to try and stand on the hop stilts as we had all given it a go when we had come up previously with mum. Rachel gave the stilts a go and she can actually do it and then it was Oli’s turn. He tried every which way to get up and he could get up but couldn’t walk in them.

Bella headed round the corner to see the owls. She wasn’t too thrilled though. I think because of them hiding at the back of their enclosures so she couldn’t see them very well. She did however like the meerkats at the end of the owl enclosures. They were standing up on top of the tree trunks in their area and doing what meerkats do best. Surveying everything around them. Bella liked them. Mum would have liked them too, she loved meerkats. Oli was saying he was gutted he couldn’t touch the meerkats as he’d been able to touch every other animal at the farm so far.

Oli and Rachel liked the owls. They stood and looked at all of them while Bella tried to run a film crew over with her pram. She sure knows how to make a good first impression.

We set of back up the hill but Bella got distracted by a set of seats. She made aunty Rachel join her on the seats and while I took photos Oli amused himself letting the pram roll down the hill them pushing it back up to do it all again.

Eventually we made it to the top fields of the Farm. The first field we came across claimed it was a field of donkeys but Rachel and I weren’t buying it. They didn’t look like donkeys but maybe they were a miniature version of a donkey. Again Bella wasn’t to excites about the horses and ran off towards the top goat field.

At the field was one of the keepers. We’d unexpectedly come across their goat feeding session that was on the programme. She asked us if we’d like to feed the goats and Bella was straight in there.

She again needed some help from an adult to gain her confidence. Oli seemed to be the adult of choice which was sweet to see. After a few times feeding with one of us helping her, Bella was brave enough to feed the goats on her own. She was very selective again over which goats she fed. She was quite upset that the goat she wanted to feed was actually quite happy in the middle of its field and wasn’t interested in what we had for them.

Rachel had found a horse in the field behind us and was making friends. I finally got Bella away from the mud and the goats we went to say hello to the horse. She didn’t want to stroke it and I don’t blame her after it tried to knock us both out flitting between Oli and Rachel. Bella went back to playing and running around on the grass while Rachel had cuddles. Oli went a chased Bella to get her to come with us up to go see the other horse in the field but she still wasn’t feeling it.

We were happy we’d seen all the animals so made our way back down the hill to leave the farm via feeding the ducks. Oli was extremely excited for this. I swear today was suppose to be for Bella but Oli enjoyed it far more. Bella was very tired after all her running around so didn’t want to feed the ducks. Oli however wanted to hand feed two geese. But he was weary after a failed attempted another time. He had got bitten by a goose. Rachel and I were egging him on to give it a go and see what happens. I mean geese are known for biting.

Oli actually managed to feed both geese without getting bitten. But it was still funny to watch.

Our evening was a nice chilled one apart from losing this blog.

Anyways, let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for

Love CiCi

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