Too much walking! – 7th February 2019

I can’t manage all this walking at the moment. It’s making my back hurt and I’m so tired.

This morning Bella was going to uncle Oli’s as I had counselling. Normally she goes to Dalys parents on a Thursday but I had no way to get her over to them so early – lack of car. I feel that’s all I seem to moan about at the moment but it’s really tricky at the moment with Bella.

I was then off to the other side of town for my counselling. I used Snapchat to help me as it shows all the alleys. I’d given my self 45 minutes to get across town and even then I thought I was going to be late. But by using all the alleys I managed to get across in 20 minutes.

After my last session of counselling I made my way back to find Bella. I ended up walking though town home as I’d ended up going via the roads and there was no pavement or crossings the way I wanted to go. As it had only taken me 10 minutes to get into town and I wasn’t suppose to be picking up Bella until 1pm so I wandered around town for a little bit.

I went and picked up Bella. She had had a good morning with Oli. She’d fed the guinea pigs and she’d played with her toys. Oli said she had been extremely well behavoured and enjoyed her morning.

As we walked back home Bella fell asleep. I snuggled up by the fire as it was a bit chilly in the house. I was once again watching my rubbish American TV as Daly would call it.

Bellas been very snuggly this afternoon. I think it took her a while to wake up properly. She’s had her jigsaws out and been wandering around the living room with her little shopping trolley that mum bought her for Christmas. She seems to have filled it with a load of toys from when she was first born.

Daly rang us before I started cooking dinner. It always throws Bella when he rings and doesn’t face time. But she did actually say hello to him before walking off with my phone in her trolley.

I did some housework, trying to tidy the kitchen up and do the washing up. Once I’d finished the washing up I started on dinner. We’re having something a bit different today. I thought we’d try meatballs with spaghetti and tomatoes sauce.

While I was cooking Bella had found her iPad was sitting on the bottom of the stairs playing her games. She looked so cute. It’s nice she’s happy to occupy herself. Not so thrilled it’s with an iPad but once that dies it’s going away for a few days.

The spaghetti and meatballs looked pretty good. Bella added some cheese to mine. I’m Guessing I needed it.

I enjoyed our dinner but I don’t like Bella did. Or she just wasn’t hungry but I am proud of her. She did try the meatballs.

We’re off to go play a bit so night all And let’s see what adventures tomorrow

Love CiCi

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