A Night Off – 8th February 2019

Daly had rung me last night to tell me he was going to come round straight after work on the first train. He finishes at 5am and the first train is about half 6am. So he was going to go home, stay awake and then catch the train. Guess what! He didn’t manage to stay awake. I woke up at 10.30 to Bella jumping on my tummy and no Daly anywhere.

He rang me at about 11am telling me he’d fallen asleep but was coming over. He wanted to know the best way to mine bus or train. It turned out even though the bus goes from round the corner of his the train was going to be quicker.

Now Bella was going to her Grandparents and is staying there tonight so we needed to get over to theirs. Now that we were doing by bus. Daly got to ours just as we were about to go out the door.

I made him push the pram. I am so over pushing that thing. I swear it’s too heavy for me. Sadly it was spitting so Bella couldn’t enjoy the view and we couldn’t really enjoy the walk

When we got to the bus stop the heavens proper opened with that horrible freezing rain that just makes everything hurt. As the time came closer for the bus to turn up we let Bella out of the pram. It makes it far easier to get on the bus with a folded pram and a small person. This however backfired slightly as she marched off up the road and Daly had to chase her.

The bus finally turned up and Bella decided she wanted to be a daddy’s girl and sit with him on the journey. She seemed to be getting tired so she had lovely snuggles. Normally we look out the window but all the windows were steamed up so we couldn’t see a thing.

Just before we got to Grandmas Bella wanted cuddles with me. I do love cuddles with my girl. She is my world.

We got to grandma and Grandads and straight away she wanted something to eat. So off to the kitchen to see what she could find. She found Grandads sweets to eat. She also had a cross bun as well for lunch. She played with grandad a little bit before he went back to work. Those two love each other.

We stayed there for a little bit before catching the bus back. Like idiots we got the wrong bus so had to get of two stops down the road as we realised the bus was going the wrong way. However before that happened I’d made Daly go on the top deck of the bus. The funny thing is he’s too tall for the top deck. He hit his head.

After our little mistakes with buses we finally got the right one and made it back to my town. We got off the bus in town and I persuaded Daly to get me a Costa. He had promised me one in the morning but it had not arrived. So we stopped do I could have a latte and a toasted tea cake.

After Costa we did a little shopping. A very small amount I believe all we bought was Daly bought me my birthday present for the end of the month. Because of the torental rain we got a taxi home. I don’t think I’ve used taxis since I left uni.

Once we were home. Daly cracked out the PS4 and played CoD while I watched more of my e4 rubbish while doing my hair and make up. One of the things we’d wanted to do while Bella was with her grandparents was go out and have a kinda date night. We haven’t had one for ages so tonight is an excuse for us to go out and have a drink.

Once again we got a taxi into town to save us from the rain. Not that it was raining much anymore. So we’re having a night of drinks and pool at our friends pub.

So we’re going to enjoying our evening.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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