Sick Day – 13th February 2019

Today has been a curl up in bed and die day. I’d started to feel sick walking home yesterday and gradually felt worse the longer Bella made me stay at the park. I felt so nauseous and by the time I got home all my muscles were freaking out.

I managed to make Bella and I dinner but I only ate half of it. I had made my egg fried rice and normally I have a massive plate full but yesterday I just couldn’t eat it.

I haven’t felt much better today so we’ve been having a sick day at home. We spent all morning snuggled in bed watching CBeebies. I chatted to Rachel over messenger about how the pair of us were feeling. Her with her bad foot and me feeling sick.

We’ve coming to the conclusion it’s probably I’ve been doing too much and keeping busy. Also with all the stress of mum dying and dealing with all that stuff and the added everyday stress my body has had enough and is telling me to slow down and focus on me. Besides I can do my job as a mum if I burn myself out both emotionally and physically.

We have spent the afternoon downstairs. Bella wanted to play with her playdough before lunch. She chose her colour and then spent a good half hour rolling and squishing the dough and making her dinosaurs outfits. She also likes to make their footprints in the playdough.

Afterwards bella had some lunch. She surprised me by eating all of it. Normally im lucky if she eats half but she finished everything. Even going off and finding herself a pringle pot and helping herself. Bella has been helpful, helping me out and helped tidy up the living room a little bit. She must know mummys ill.

I’ve spent a lot of my day play Happy Colouring again. I just find it relaxing. I always used to do colouring when I was sick off school. I’ve just finished one that had taken me 4 days with all the fiddly little bits and so many colours.

So as you can see not a very interesting day. It’s been sleeping, tv and colouring. I’m just cooking Bella and I some dinner and then I’m planning on having a bath once Bella goes to bed.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow

Love CiCi

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