Valentines Day – 14th February 2019

Today has been a lovely day. Perfect way to spend Valentine’s.

It started with snuggles in bed. All nice a cosy and under the duvet. And lots of little kisses. A lovely way to wake up. And then smacked in the face with bellas drink cup with the demand of drinkie. Ah to be a mum to a toddler with a father away for work lol.

Once we got up Bella spent her morning quietly playing in her play room. She was happily playing with her duplo and building a train. And I sat snuggled on the sofa under my mum’s blanket watching E4. I had planned on cleaning my kitchen but I just haven’t got the energy to face it at the moment.

I wanted to do some Valentine’s crafts or at least something crafty so I decided to have a look through Bellas art supplies to see what I could find – turns out not a lot to influence me to get crafty. Bella stole the lollipop stick out of the box. You know those multicoloured ones for crafting and threw them all over the floor. Made a pretty mess but bit of a pain.

I made Bella some lunch, well and myself, and we sat down to eat together. I told Bella that after lunch she could do some painting. We very rarely do painting so she was quite excited. Although for some reason she thought we were going to do painting in the kitchen. I’m guessing that because that’s where her paints are kept.

I set up the dinning room table so we could paint. I got her pretty Valentine’s colours and popped them on a plate for her. I was planning on attempting to make a card for Daly, when Bella saw me fold my card in half she tried to fold hers. So I made her a card and then encouraged her to finger paint.

She loves finger painting. We started with circles and swirls.

She then decided she’d finished her painting and because I hadn’t started on mine she’d start for me. Again with swirls and circles before adding a few finger prints.

She then asked for another piece of paper and covered this with a mixture of finger prints, hand prints and swirls.

She then decided that the paint wasn’t finger paints it was in fact facepaints. I’m so looking forward to those calls from nursery – your child has covered herself in paint. Yep that’s my daughter. But it’s nice to see her enjoy getting messy, especially as she can get really funny about having dirty hands.

Where she was so covered in paint it ment Bella needed a bath. So next on our Valentine’s list, a romantic candle lit bath. However Bella kept blowing the candles out. She loves having a candle to blow out.

She spent ages in the bath pretending one of the sponges was a handbag and was marching up and down the bath. She organised all her toys and even did a bit of cleaning.

Eventually she was ready to get out. She kept lifting her foot over the edge of the bath and going ‘feet’ she is funny.

Next activity in our mummy daughter Valentine’s – Bellas choice of film and snuggles on the sofa. Bella chose Barbie and the Pegasus.

I had been waiting for a package I thought was for Rachel and it had been delivered to across the road. Annoyingly they’d been out all day so as soon as I noticed their car was back I tried to get Bella to put some shoes on. She was not happy about that. When I’d finally got some shoes on her she then insisted on bringing everything with her: baby, blanket, Bibi and her drink. I did explain we were only going to the other side of the road.

She did eventually leave the house leaving her blanket and drink in the doorway. As I got her out the door she threw baby through the doorway. I managed to get her walk half way down the driveway before become hysterical that baby had been left behind. She went back and got baby. This time she made it to the end of the drive before she started crying. This time because blanket had been left behind. I told her where we were going and even showed her but she still ran up the drive crying to get blanket. Once she had blanket we were able to cross the road to get this package.

I was quite confused when my neighbour opened his door. He said the package was for me and not my sister. He gave me the package and said it was a good thing I picked it up today as he had an idea it was for today and whatever it was wouldn’t have the same impact tomorrow. The package was from prestige flowers. Well off we went back home with the box.

Bella went back to watching her film and I went to opening my package. And it was not what I was expecting inside.

Daly had said vaguely that he had sorted Valentine’s but I had thought like this. Inside the box was a bunch of roses, a balloon, a teddy bear and some chocolates. And of course a card. Daly never gets me flowers and never done anything like this so it completely floored me. So sweet though.

Bella has been extremely cuddly today. She just kept walking up to me and giving me hugs and kisses. She must know it’s the day of Love.

While Bella watched her film and I’d finished moaning at my sister for being sneaky with Daly I got a little creative. It didn’t last long though and it was time to move on to our final romantic activity of the day. A romantic dinner for two.

I cooked lasagne, garlic bread with peas for dinner. I was going to do some spag bol but thought lasagne was at least something different. Besides Bella loves Italian food.

Pretty perfect Valentine’s. Might not have had my husband here but I had a special day with my daughter. I mean what more could you ask for: morning snuggles, getting crafty, candlelit bath, movies, and a romantic dinner. Not to mention a lovely surprise from day.

Hope everyone else has had a lovely Valentine’s.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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