Terrible Twos have hit – 15th February 2019

Today’s been an up down day. I seriously didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I just wanted to hide in bed and never leave my duvet. It’s amazing how one little thing can trigger an unbelievable amount of anxiety. Bless Bella she always manages to cheer me up though. I woke up to Bella wearing her bunny ears and hopping across the bed. She managed to make me smile but not leave the duvet.

Shed also been raiding my jewellery. She loves necklaces especially with beads on. Daly rang me calling me lazy because I was still in bed and had no plans for the day.

I finally got up, mainly because I needed to go to the toilet and having a toddler running across me and bouncing up and down on my stomach was not helping matters.

Rachel turned up as she’s still off work. This time was because she’s been throwing up. Nothing contagious though – dang was looking forward to being holed up in bed for a while. I feel being ill go as me excuse to stay in bed not because of ‘grief’ which I’ve been told is the current cause. It’s not depression because the cause can be pinpointed. We sat around for a little bit discussing life before deciding to head into town. At least that would get me out of the house.

Luckily Rachel had the car which meant I didn’t have to walk home up that stupid hill. I wanted to pick up the children’s party gifts for Bellas party and a few little bits. However didn’t seem to find anything I wanted so that’s gonna be an internet job.

While we were in town Bella was getting a little restless sitting in the pram so I let her out while we were in the Works. This went well until Bella decided to walk straight out of the shop – good thing I always keep an eye on her knowing how independent she can be. She ran around the shopping centre for a little bit before finding the ride ons.

She refused to get out of the car even when we told her we were going to leave her. She just doesn’t care. She doesn’t even like most of them when they start moving. This one had a little tv in the back so you could play a little game if your a passenger. Bella kept flitting between the passenger seat and drivers seat.

If she had been well behaved and i had some money on me I would have let her have a go on the car but nope, not today.

I had to pick up a persception on our way back to the car. Rachel went off to Sainsbury’s while I went to Superdrug. While we were in Superdrug waiting for my persception Bella wanted out of the pram again. I told her that was ok but she had to stay with mummy. She decided she was going to rearrange their cold medicines display.

I told her to be careful or they would end up hiring her to tidy up all their displays. We had to sit for 10 minutes waiting so Bella decided to remove all the lemsip boxes and put them in the pram. While she was in the process of doing this I was sending a photo to show her dad, an old man who was also picking up a persception was making comments to another woman and his wife about my parenting and my daughter. I heard him say “look what she’s doing, she don’t even care she’s on her phone, she doesn’t have a clue.” At which point I look up and said to him “I know exactly what she’s doing and in a minute she will be putting them all back”

Once Bella had filled her pram with boxes, guess what, she put them all back. We made a game of it matching the different types of Lemsip. The old man continued to moan and make comments saying things like ” people have got to buy those, I’m not buying those now” I’m sorry but my daughter is not dirty, she is not ill, she was not misbehaving, her touching the boxes is the same as anyone else picking them up, she didn’t drop or damage any boxes or open them so what the hell is your problem. She wasn’t hurting anyone or anything. If she was throwing them around, opening them or running around like crazy. You could tell Bella is not ill, no sniffles, coughs or anything. I was extremely offended by his rudeness and presumptions about my parenting and my daughter! I was fuming by the time I left.

Out next stop was ASDA for some lunch and to hunt for helium.

Bella walked in nicely with Rachel but as soon as we got upstairs she ran off. Pulling away from Rachel to go look and play with the toys. I had to carry her to the cafe kicking and shouting because she wouldn’t walk holding either of our hands. Luckily she waited nicely in the queue to order our food but then again she had an apple to keep her occupied. ASDAs cafe appeared to have no staff or food today. It was ridiculous. There was a queue of at least 6 people waiting to be served and they had one member of staff taking orders and preparing the food. After changing our orders after being told that what we wanted to order they didn’t have we went and sat down.

Bella actually sat nicely to eat her lunch and even tried to share with Rachel and I as we didn’t have any food.

So she can have her good moments. Once we’d finished our lunch we went to do our shopping. Bella decided to play hide and seek in the trolley storage however even when Rachel and I walked away and said goodbye she continued to hide.

She ran riot through the toys and DVDs pulling away every time I tried to take her hand and running off. I kept having to pick her up to take her to the aisles I wanted to look at but everytime I put her down she ran again. I took her to look at some clothes and saw some cute boots for 3 pounds I wanted Bella to try. I stopped to pick her size up and put the changing bag down and she’d gone again. I ended up running after her and caught her 3 aisles over at the other side of the store. As I carried her back to try the boots she’s was kicking and hitting which I wasn’t impressed with.

I managed to get her to try the boots on but then she ran off wearing the new boots. I really don’t know what had got into her today. The same thing happened while I was trying to pay for our shopping. I managed to scan one item and as I went to scan the second she was trying to run off through the fruit and veg aisle. She has no sense of danger and just didn’t want to listen today.

Finally we made it home. I refused to take on anymore shops. When we got home Bella was happily playing so I decided to raid the garage to find a clamp to hold some wood while I sawed it. I ended up sat on the patio with dad’s work mate bench and used that. I didn’t know how to actually turn it into a bench though so I had to use it folded up.

But I now have 16 dollypegs sawn down to make 16 little pontipines and whatengers for Bellas party. Now to give the pegs to Rachel so she can actually turn them into the characters. She’s far more artistic than me.

Well night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us – hopefully no more terrible twos.

Love CiCi

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