Poorly girl – 16th February 2019

Well we had to be out of the house by 9.30 this morning. I discovered my photography course was on which ment no time for a baby sitter or to get Bella over to her Grandparents so I brought my mini photographer with me.

I felt exhausted pushing the pram over the other side of town. My photography course was where Bella has her Monday morning toddler group. This months course topic was street and travel photography. My favourite type of photography so I wasn’t missing this session.

Bella sat so nicely during the session. Didn’t whine, fuss, run around or anything. Just sat a played nicely and ate her snacks. The main thing I learn in today’s class is to look at things differently but then again looking at some of the photos I take where I end up climbing on tables or laying on the floor I think I already kinda do that.

Once the talking part of our session was done we actually walked into town to do some street photography. I like it but I always feel a little weird. Even though it’s completely legal to photograph someone in a public place I still feel weird doing it. I’m guessing that’s a confidence thing coz it’s the issue I have with all my photos. I love taking candit photos but always get worried taking photos of people.

We wandered around town for about 30 minutes taking photos and trying to look at the town in a different way before splitting up and going home. I’d let Bella out of the pram in the church yard to run around a bit but she tired quickly today so it was back in the pram with a snack. Bella had been really suffering last night feeling poorly. She never makes noises in her sleep but last night she was moaning in her sleep and had a little bit of a temperature.

When we got home from town Bella ended up snuggling up on my tummy and drifted off to sleep. She hasn’t been having naps this past week so I could tell she wasn’t feeling very well. Also the fact she was sniffling and hot to the touch kind of gave it away.

I am glad however she is ill now and not next week. Of course I’m not happy she’s ill but she has her birthday on Thursday and then her party on Saturday. I want her to be able to enjoy her days and not be feeling rotten. She slept for at least 2 hours this afternoon if not longer.

The rest of the afternoon was mummy cuddles and Disney films. I’d been feeling rubbish as well so I ended up crashing out halfway through Sleeping Beauty. I love that Bellas unicorn is so comfortable to sleep on.

We had a mini pizza party this evening to make Bella feel a little better. However she didn’t eat much. She just kept putting slices onto my plate. She’s very good at sharing at the moment.

Bella has been very well behaved today, even helping to tidy up and putting her toys away. She brushed her teeth all by herself before bed. Normally I have to encourage her to do it. I can tell she’s still feeling poorly. She snuggled up on my side of the bed during story time and we’re still using her Calpol vapour pug (which I’m allergic to) to try and help her breathing. Hopefully it’s just a little cold although Rachel messaged me and said she things it’s her fault Bella is ill. Have to see how she feels tomorrow.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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