Daddy’s off! – 19th February 2019

I didn’t want to wake up – I swear every blog starts this way but it’s true I never want to wake up. We had drama last night. While I was watching TV downstairs I heard what sounded like our side gate opening and then male voices. This completely freaked me out. I went up stairs and checked out the front and back windows to see if I could see anything suspicious but I couldn’t see a thing. I was messaging my friend at the time so they said maybe I was imagine things as I’m home alone. But I don’t think so, when we headed out this morning I found the side gate wide open and our bikes uncovered.

Oh well, Dalys gonna do some work to it and hopefully won’t have anyone creeping round my gardens.

We played jigsaws this morning. Bella and I sat on the floor putting together all her In the Night Garden jigsaws. I say we did it together but I actually didn’t do much. Just occasionally getting her to turn a piece around or look at the colours. She did all of them pretty much herself.

As it’s Tuesday we got ready to do our weekly routine of heading to the pub to see Nathan and Ed. While I was faffing inside looking for my phone (I’m constantly losing that thing) Bella played in the garden. She had found some branches in the garden and when I appeared with my phone she showed me what she had found.

I told her we had to leave her branches at home but that she could walk into town from home. This went well until we got round the corner. Bella sensibly crossed the road with me but once we got to the other side of the road and back on to the pavement she tripped and hurt herself. I’m not sure what she hurt, she just kept crying and wanted to sit in her pram. So I popped her in the pram and off we went.

We stopped at Sainsbury’s first to pick up some bits. Well I’d planned on going to Sainsbury’s on the way home but Bella had other ideas. I had bumped into a friend outside Sainsbury’s and stopped to chat. While I was chatting I told Bella she could get out and walk the last little bit. As I went to walk past the entrance Bella headed in. I thought ok why not. So in we went mainly to just grab some donuts.

Bella loves fruit so we ended up exploring the fruit aisles. She wanted a banana so I told her she could choose one. I’d rather buy my daughter some fruit for a couple of pennies than have her asking for chocolate and crisps. She proudly walked around with her banana in her little bag and then stopped for an orange, again I’m not going to deprive her fruit.

So while I went to grab some bread and butter Bella followed me holding her little bag with her shopping in. She got extremely upset when I had to pay for her items. She didn’t like the fact I had to take the orange and banana off her to put it through the til so I showed her what I was doing. I helped her choose the correct fruits on the look up item on the self checkout. While I paid the nice lady working the self checkouts helped Bella put the fruit back in the bag. Bella however thought the lady was trying to take the fruit off her so that ended in a melt down. The lady couldn’t apologise enough and ran off because she felt guilty Bella was crying.

Its been one of those days, everything was the end of the world. She tried to walk from Sainsbury’s to the pub and she dropped the bag causing tears. I ended up carrying her to the pub especially after seeing a pram outside a charity shop and she was told she couldn’t have it.

We made it to the pub and messaged Nathan and Ed to let them know their favourite little customer was enjoying a drink. Bella enjoyed her donut and fruit shoot sitting at our regular table. Nathan came down and joined us and we discussed my photography. I want to get into it properly, especially as it’s something I might be able to work around Bella. I just need to build up my portfolio and confidence.

Bella sat very nicely playing on her iPad. She still didn’t seem herself. She’s look very pale today and all the crying has certainly made me think she’s not 100%. There were people using the pool table so Bella couldn’t do her normal activity. She didn’t seem to bothered though.

I played a game of pool against Ed and lost horrifically. I mean I couldn’t pot a thing it was bad. So funny at one point all the boys were arguing about how to set up the triangle. There was three of them all discussing how it should be done and how it used to be done. Its a game just put the balls in the triangle and hit the damn thing.

Daly eventually turned up and Grandad had a cuddle with Bella but he had to go back to work. Daly had brought me a helium canister so we can fill the balloons for Bellas party. I can’t believe it’s only days away and I haven’t had a chance to get the party favours. I don’t know if I’m even going to be able to get them in time.

Daly and I began to play a game of round the clock on the dart board but like usual as soon I started to do something Bella wanted my attention. Bella ran off to the other end of the pub and turned the original pub entrance into a little house. Its one of those double door old porches. I kept hiding round the end of the door and knocking. Bella didn’t seem that fussed though. She wouldn’t answer the door to me. When she finally did I was only allowed in her little house once before she kicked me out.

We eventually decided to start our way home. We wanted to get home before it got dark. Once again on the way home, the more I walked the sicker I felt. Thankfully Daly pushed the pram home for me.

Our original plan for this evening was to enjoy Dalys first night off for two weeks. We were going to have dinner and then watch films as a family. We had dinner, while Bella slept the poor thing didn’t want to wake up. Once Bella was awake she seemed to have a lot of energy. She had been playing with her kitchen and cooking dinner. Daly decided to play Gran Turismo and I watched an interesting show on sinkholes. So not the family evening planned but I wouldn’t change how our days go. They never go to plan.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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