Count down to 2 – 20th February 2019

Today was suppose to be a crafty day and tidying day. I don’t think we did much of either.

This morning Daly said he was going to get up with Bella so I could stay in bed and snooze a bit longer. Sadly that didn’t even last 5 minutes because he shouted up stairs to tell me my sister had turned up. I don’t know why that girl gets up so early. It’s weird. Seriously people sleep is the best!

Rachel had come round to make the pontipines for Bellas party because I’m hopeless when it comes to things like that. Well not hopeless but Rachel has a better creative mind so is able to envision things better than me.

Daly was tidying the living room while I hunted for the glue gun. Which was extremely frustrating considering I’d only used it a couple of days ago to finish off the daisies for the party. I eventually found the glue gun in a bag of random bits. I swear that’s where everything ends up. In random bags dotted around the place. I prefer bags to piles. They’re easier to move.

Daly moaned that I never Hoover which I do. I Hoover constantly. I have a toddler that leaves crumbs and chaos in her wake. If I didn’t Hoover at least twice a day you wouldn’t be able to find the carpet. Daly seems to enjoy hoovering. He especially likes it now we have a nozzle for it so he can get into all those hard to reach spots.

Rachel sat in the dinning room making the pontipines while I tidied the kitchen. It was quite impressive how quickly she was able to make them. It took her 30 minutes to make all the pontipines with their outfits and little hats. Daly and I had said we wanted to go into town and in the time it took Bella and I to get dressed Rachel had finished the whatengers as well. I was obviously making a lot of fuss about nothing.

While the grown ups were tidying and being crafty Bella was quietly playing in her play room with her jigsaws. She’s suddenly taken a liking to them again. We had a couple of weeks with out jigsaws but now their back in force.

Now before we went out I put bellas hair up in a pony tail with a bow like normal. I had given her a choice of colours from her massive bag of bows. She chose a light blue one for her but then continued to go through the bag and insist each of us wore a bow as well. Daly was given a brown bow and moaned that it wasn’t blue.

Rachel was originally given a pink bow to wear but this was later swapped for a blue bow – cue more moaning from Daly

And I was given my breast cancer bow to wear- which is huge.

Bella also tried to give her dolly a bow but sadly baby doesnt have any hair so it wouldn’t stay put.

Off we went out. First stop the church. I had said to the vicar I was going to pop in and wanted to make sure I did. Daly still had his bow with his hair and kept saying if he’s daughter asked him to wear a bow, he was going to wear it to make her happy. We popped into the church and Bella and Rachel did some colouring while I had a cup of tea.

Occasionally Bella would disappear off to the back of the church where they have their welcome area and she likes to dance around there but it’s too close to the door for my liking. Once she realised that wasn’t going to happen she tried the altar. She likes to go behind the altar rail which she is not suppose to do. Our flower girl disappeared being the altar at our wedding and the vicar had to find her before she hurt herself.

We stayed and took it in turns tracking Bella while I chatted to various people I knew. Everyone says they can’t believe Bella is two tomorrow. The time has gone by so quickly.

Next stop Card Factory. We needed to grab a couple of cards including Bella’s birthday card. Rachel and I looked at all the mother’s day bits and I kept finding Nanna gifts that would have been perfect for mum.

We headed to subway to get some lunch before stopping in the pub. It honestly is starting to sound like I’m a bit of an alcoholic as were always there but I’ve actually only had alcohol in the pub once. Always have Bella with me and I will not drink unless I know someone else can watch her.

Apparently I only ever take photos of my sister eating so I thought I’d add this photo here just to keep up the tradition.

Bella once again played in what we’ve nicknamed her house, the little porch between the two doors of the original entrance to the pub. The good thing is I can keep an eye on her from where I normally sit. Which means I can continue to chill and have a drink while she enjoys some independence and plays without me hovering over her.

Nathan had said he wanted to get some toys and games in for the kids who come into the pub. So Daly, Nathan and Bella all went shopping to find some toys while Rachel and I just chilled and chatted.

Rachel’s also been playing the game Happy Colouring. It’s so funny because we just discovered each other played it and didn’t recommend or suggest it to each other. We just stumbled upon it individually.

Rachel had to had home but the boys soon arrived with a ton of goodies for children young and old as Nathan said. The boys set about unpackagjng the games and laying them out so we could take some photos of them and advertise it on their Facebook page.

Daly took the mickey out of me because I had to stand on a chair to get the angle I wanted of the laid out games but he could just stand next to me to take it. I’m sorry that I’m so short. Besides it’s fun climbing on furniture. He’s just jealous because if he stood on a chair he’d hit his head.

Nathan had bought some jigsaws for the pub and Bella was straight in there. Led on the floor trying to put one together.

It’s good for a pub to be so welcoming to families and children. I get so worried taking Bella into places. I mean she’s a well behaved kid but it’s the judgey eyes I can’t stand because everyone has an opinion on how to parent. As long as they are happy and healthy and loved, butt out.

We played a few more of the games and I took a few more photos for their Facebook before we decided we should probably head home.

We went home via Sainsbury’s so we could pick up a little bit of party food and a cake for Bellas birthday. She chose a cute lion cake but she will be having her main themed birthday cake at her party. Daly was extremely happy she chose a lion. He loves lions.

When we got home Bella played and we chilled for a bit before we had dinner. Bella crashed at dinner. She was doing so well with no nap but the last two days she’s crashed over dinner. The funny thing is that she hasn’t had a dummy the last two days, that’s the only thing that’s changed. Oh and she’s been ill but she’s been ill nearly a week and she wasn’t napping too much earlier into her illness. Maybe her body is just trying it’s final fight to get rid of the illness.

After dinner we tidied the living room, blew up balloons, put up banners, and wrapped presents ready for the big day tomorrow.

I feel we haven’t got Bella much but I always do this with presents. We’ve got her a couple of toys and tickets to see In the Night Garden live. I think its that typical thing that other mums post photos of their house the night before their childs birthday with mountains of toys and balloons and cakes and amazing decorations. It makes me feel guilty that I haven’t done that but I have to remember it’s about making it a day she loves and it doesn’t matter if I’ve bought her 100 presents or one as long as she’s happy. I need to not compare myself to other mums. I’m me and I’m doing the best I can. I’m sure she’ll enjoy her day. It’s going to be a good fun day with lots of family. I even managed to find some presents that mum had put aside for Bella so I wrapped them and put them with her presents. It’s nice that Nanna will be here in some form.

Exciting day tomorrow. Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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