Another Birthday – 3rd March 2019

This morning didn’t start well. Bella had been snuffling all night and sniffleling. Her cold is proper taking a toll on her

She woke up early and climbed out of bed probably wanting to go downstairs. However she found the iPad charging. She unplugged it and climbed on to my chest while I was still sleeping and jumped up and down saying Paw Patrol. I told her she wasn’t having the iPad but I’d put Cbeebies on the tv for her. Queue screaming and crying. It was too early for that.

Luckily she dozed back off shortly after and we both had a nice long sleep. My narcolepsy seems to want to put a stop to me doing things at the moment. I’ve probably done too much over the last few days and going to sleep at 3am on Saturday morning probably didnt do me any favours. I slept late but at about 11 I let Bella have the iPad to play some games.

Next time I woke up, I found a little person sat in bed next to me eating chocolate biscuits. She was covered, still looked cute though.

I decided we should probably get up. I needed to go food shopping. I won’t normally do it on a Sunday or any time during the day but Daly is working nights at the moment so I loose the car from 4pm.

I got up and got dressed and then started to get Bella dressed. On our way to get dressed we popped in on Daly to see if he was awake. He was and wanted to come shopping with us so he could pick up his bits for work.

We all got dressed and off we went to Sainsbury’s. I got the food shopping for the house as well as a few bits for the cats. While Daly picked up some bits for work. Daly and Bella went off to chose a card for Nathan as today is his birthday. I was suppose to pick one up yesterday when I went into town but I forgot.

It’s been horrible weather wise. It’s been cold, windy and wet. What happened to the lovely sunshine we’d been having. As I put the shopping trolley back, Daly sat in the car with Bella and wrote Nathan’s card. Bella had a good go writing in the cars as well. She doesn’t always like writing in them but today appeared to be a winner.

We went round to the pub. Bella proudly carried the card in but then went all shy when she saw Grandad and Nathan.

Nathan had to come and steal cuddles from Bella.

We headed over to the bar to see Grandad and Grandma and so Nathan could open his card. As we got to the bar I could see some cups of tea. Hehe Kev headed off upstairs to make me a cuppa. Can’t beat going to the pub and having a cuppa. I love it.

Bella shared her donuts we had got her with Grandad before disappearing off to sit under our regular table. It threw her because I sat at the bar today. But there was food on the bar. There was roast potatoes, grapes, cheese, pizza, sausage rolls. The bad thing was, I was hungry so kept munching on the pizza and roast potatoes. It didn’t help I love roasties so I kept going back for more.

Dawn showed us the card she and Grant had got Nathan – 10 rude dounding things said in football was inside. It wad very naughty.

Nathan had a light up teddy bear that he gave Bella. It’s a cute little yellow bear with a gold bow on its chest and the bear lights up when you hit it. Bella loves those toys. She loves anything that flashes.

Nathan showed me his balloon car he had. He started by saying it was easier to inflate now he had blown it up once. He then ate his words as he went red in the face. After warming up the balloon he managed to do it and the little car went whizzing across the bar.

Nathan wanted to have a go at darts and Daly moaned he didn’t have his darts on him – forgetting we keep them in the changing bag (in a pocket Bella doesn’t go in and their in a case she can’t open before anyone moans) so off the boys went to have a throw about.

Bella came and sat at the bar and watched Paw Patrol while I chatted with Cathy and Dawn. Sadly Daly had work so we couldn’t stay too long. He had to drop us and the shopping home before he headed off to work.

When Daly dropped us at home I discovered Robin Hood was playing on channel 4. Bella settled down on the sofa watching that while I put all the shopping away. Then I joined her in the living room. She cleared the floor, kinda, so she could have a dance in the middle of the floor but she got grumpy, she was hungry, luckily it was nearly dinner time. She didn’t like being shut out of the kitchen while I cooked though. Much better mood once she’d been fed though

That’s all for today. Time to crack on with some photo editing as trying to create a photography Instagram and get a push on with my photos.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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