Cheeky Monkey! – 5th March 2019

This morning was toddler sense morning. I’d gone to bed with bed last night Bella. I was shattered and falling asleep on the sofa so I had to go to bed.

We got up and dressed ready for Toddler sense although Bella seemed extremely hungry this morning. For breakfast she had a yoghurt, a sausage roll, 2 bananas and a gingerbread man. The gingerbread man was from our weekly Costa trip on our way to Toddler sense. Bella was so excited when we pulled up in the drive through. She obviously knows what happens.

We were a little bit late to Toddler Sense. There was no where to park! It was ridiculous. Normally there’s space down the road if you can’t get near the hall but no. There was no spaces. I had to wait until some other parents had come out so I could jump in their space. Think next week we might have to turn up early.

This week’s toddler sense was Cheeky Monkey. There was lots of monkeys around the room. Little toy ones and bigger blown up ones. And of course a few bananas.

Bella liked the soft play this week even though it was only little. It was a balance log between steps and a slide. Bella tried a variety of ways to get across it. It was lovely to see her try and figure out how she could get across.

The giant ball pitch was up and Bella kept going round collecting up the balls and trying to get them in the goal. Sadly the inflatable frame wasn’t staying up too well so Bella couldn’t get them in the goal. She did however find the basket ball hoop and tried putting a few balls through it.

Her favourite activity from the free play section seemed to be collecting up the cones. I had to tell her she couldn’t take cones off of other children. She had to share. We then sat and put the Little monkeys on top of the cones. She enjoyed that but couldn’t quite work out how I had balanced them on top.

Soon it was tidy up time and time to sit on the mats. Bella didn’t want to join in with the hello song or collecting her Tod and beating sticks. Instead she kept running around a playing with the balls. That seemed to be far more appealing today.

The first activity was to be noisy monkeys. That Bella was up for. Everyone had a shaker, Bella had four, and a baking tin and a wooden spoon. The idea was to make lots of noise using the shaker and beating the tin. But like normal Bella didn’t really want to beat the tin. She’d rather pretend she was baking a cake. Towards the end of the activity, however, she had turned the tin upside down so she could hit the base of it.

Next up was 3 silly monkeys swinging through the trees, or 5 naughty monkeys jumping on the bed but I suppose that encourages jumping on the bed. Bella was a bit reluctant to go on the air bed and jump. So her class teacher, Helen, took her by the hands and helped her keep her balance while she gave jumping ago.

The next activity involved sharing, I may have got these in the wrong order but it doesn’t matter. The children had to get into pairs and between them they had a little monkey on an elastic string and they had to slide the monkey along from one of them to the other. Bella and her partner did really well. Passing it back and forth between them. It was really funny though because everytime Bella’s partner sat down she copied and sat down too. I didn’t manage to take any photos of this activity as I was too busy helping Bella wiggle her monkey either to her partner or down to her.

Next we went to the jungle. All the children got into a giant paddling pool with various jungle material and then over head was all the vines. Every now and then a monkey would pop up and make the children jump. Helen kept trying to get Bella but Bella kept wandering around and wouldn’t stand still. Eventually the monkeys got to say hello to Bella.

For the final activity we all went back to the giant ball pitch. The children were all kicking the balls about. Bella had a good at scoring a few goals but she was throwing the ball instead of kicking it. Then she decided she was going back to basket ball.

When the children had to go sit down and sing the goodbye song Bella didn’t want to leave the pitch. Even though it had been deflated. She hid herself in the corner, under one of the corner pieces and made a little house. Another girl even joined her at one point. It was quite imaginative of her so I was pretty impressed.

After toddler sense we went for our usual Tuesday at the pub. We were there all day today as they had a pub quiz to raise money for Prostate Cancer. I hadn’t been able to go to the last as I was ill but I want to support Nathan so Rachel and I were going to give it a bash.

Ed was actually around today. Ed and Bella had a little play around on the pool table while i got us drinks but she had to come off once I had her fruit shoot. I’m not facing the wrath of Nathan because Bella spilt fruit shoot all over the pool table.

Bella was insistent on Paw Patrol again so I gave her the iPad. However she put Shimmer and Shine on instead. Anyways, Ed and I played a game of pool which I epicly lost. I mean I’m not great at pool but I normally play better than I did.

Next up darts. We started with 301 like I’m used to and I was doing pretty well to start. I mean I was totally winning but sadly I suck when it comes to checking. So of course once again Ed won. We gave each others darts ago and were trying to hit random numbers on the board. We decided it was time for a game of around the clock (you hit each number in order) I started pretty badly but caught up soon.

Daly turned up half way through so decided to join in. He caught up pretty quick but I got fed up as I needed outer bull and then inner bull and I could see it never happening. Also we had a restless child that was getting in the way.

I spent the rest of the afternoon chatting with Cathy and working on my photography page (Memories Photography by Claire) I was trying to select my photos to go on the site to showcase what I can do. I already have a few people wanting shoots which is brilliant. The only problem is portraits are not my favourite type of photography. I prefer candid and event photography but I take Bellas portraits and she’s a nightmare to work with. Anything to increase my portfolio and help my confidence.

Bella got a bit restless so I took her to Poundland. I went into to get her some hair bands as I don’t think her hair looks right when it’s down. It’s proper 80s/90s hair. Like a proper little mullet when it’s all the same lenght all over if you measured it from the scalp but looks like a right dodgy cut when it’s down. People keep saying her hair needs cutting where it seems so long at the back but short at the front.

So we went to Poundland for hair bands but we did a little bit more shopping than that. We ended up coming away with a book and a toy horse for Bella, some pjs, some vests, socks, a pair of trousers and a cute hoodie. I obviously felt like treating her. She insisted on pulling the cart around the whole shop.

She helped me put all the items in the bag once we paid. Then got very frustrated that the bag was too heavy and big for her to carry back to the pub.

When we got back to the pub she decided she was going to do some sweeping for Nathan. She wanted to use the big broom but Ed gave her the small broom. Much more Bella sized. She swept the whole bar area. Little cleaner in the making. We were very impressed.

Where we were going to be at the pub until late and so was Cathy. Cathy went and bought us all KFC. I love giving Bella KFC because I can give her corn instead of chips and she loves corn.

Bella must have been hungry. She had her popcorn chicken and corn but she also had half a piece of chicken, half my chips and MY popcorn chicken.

Pub quiz time. Rachel turned up but no one else wanted to be on our team. Like normal, no one ever wants to play with us. Apparently Rachel wanted to call us team turtle – like you do.

We did crap at every round except the children’s TV round. But no surprise there. Can’t believe there was a question on Peppa Pig followed by Paw Patrol.

Oh well it was good fun. Hopefully we’ll do better at the next one. I suppose someone’s got to loose and it was us. We needed mum for a lot of the questions but we’d forgotten the ouji board so didn’t have anyway to get her answers. Must have that down by the next quiz.

Anyways it’s been a long day so night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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