Splash, splash! – 8th March 2019

We went back to swimming today. We hadn’t been since November the week before mum went into hospital. It was a bit strange going to the pool with out mum.

We may not have been to the pool in 4 months but Bella knew exactly what we were doing and where we were going. As soon as we walked though the door, she disappeared into the little shop they have to browse the swimsuits. She definitely knows how to shop. I paid and got our weekly stamp and in we go.

She went and found our usual changing room and in we went. Bella climbed up on to the bench and then on to the changing table and sat patiently. I encouraged Bella to undo her shoes and then after I’d helped her to take them off I asked her to put her socks in them. I helped her get dressed with the rest. We put our swimsuits on and went to find a locker.

Bella found our normal locker and put the pound in the door for me. I always ask her to look after the coin for me when we go to the lockers. Pool time!

Bella didn’t seem too confident today. She happily walked into the pool and straight into the deep end to the slide. I helped her get out of the pool so she could go on the slide. She walked over to the slide but wouldn’t go up the steps. Even when I stood behind her. Mum used to stand behind her so she could climb up after she fell backwards once off the steps and scaring herself.

She then decided she was going to go over the the side of the pool. I thought she was going to get back in but nope. She climbed up into one of the seats they have round the edge of the pool and just sat staring at the pool. It’s the first time I’d seen her just sort of shut down like that. She was a little bit like it when we went to toddler sense but we were going to that without mum when she was in the hospice and hospital. I sat on the side hugging her telling her it was ok and asking if she wanted to go in the pool.

After about 5 minutes sitting in the seats Bella decided to try the slide again. She managed to climb the steps this time but when she got to the top she didn’t want to go down the slide so just went back down the steps. This happened twice and then she gave up with the slide and sat on the side of the pool.

She found a bucket and a spoon to play with and was scooping the pool water up and putting it the bucket. She found a mermaid doll on the side of the pool and picked that up to play with. It turned out it was a little girls who was also playing in the pool. Her grandad said it was ok for Bella to play with.

After about 10 minutes the little girl asked for it back. Bella wasn’t happy but we’d gathered a few more toys to play with. She continued to sit on the side and play until the instructor got into the pool.

We got in the pool and joined in the songs and rhyme and tried to get Bella to join in. Bella didn’t seem to enjoy the session though. She wanted to get back on the side of the pool and play again.

She once again attempted the slide but didn’t actually slide down. She decided she wanted to go to the jaccuzi. She’s scared of the bubbles. She tried to step in but panicked on the steps. I got her to come into the pool with me to feel the bubbles as they came over the edge. That encouraged her a bit more so she actually sat on the side and put her feet in the bubbles.

She didn’t stay too long she again sat on the edge with a bucket and tried to fill it with water. Sadly she lost her balance and fell head first into the pool. She was very brave and didn’t cry. She got back on the side but it was time to try the slide again. This time she actually managed. She even got brave the second time and went to slide down before I was in the pool to catch her.

That ended her pool session. She got out and ran to the exit. I caught her in the corridor to wrap her in her towel. She was complaining she was cold so we went to get changed. I told her if she got changed nicely she could go to the park.

I text Daly as we got outside to say we’d finished and we were going to the park. They’ve built a lovely pirate ship park outside the pool. Bella was off. She loves the park and she loves pirates.

She tried the cargo net to climb up onto the deck. Then she steered the boat.

We then gave the swings ago

Back on the top deck Bella looked out over the car park using the binoculars.

She had a wonderful time in the park but sadly it was cut short by daddy turning up. Have to make sure she gets a longer go next week.

We headed of to Dalys to drop Bella off with his sister. Bellas spending the nights at Aunty Paiges tonight and I was going to meet the pair of them in town tomorrow so we could grab a Costa and a catch up. We dropped all the bits off that Bella needed and then we headed home with Tony.

Tony was coming to do my washing up. We planned on doing a massive clear out of the downstairs and tidy it all up. Not that we got far. Hopefully Bellas having a lovely time with Paige and Adam.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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