Birthday Blog – Bella’s Birthday Party – 23rd February 2019

It’s party day. I spent most of last night checking and double checking I had everything for her party. Sadly none of Bellas cousins were able to make it to her party due to various reasons but then again they live the other side of the country so it’s a hell of away to come for a toddlers party.

Bella went to the park with Oli while Daly, Rachel and I set up the hall for her birthday. Rachel had made half the decorations with her creativeness. You just give her an idea and she runs with it. Rachel also made Bellas birthday cake which looked amazing.

We’ve got a little Fabia now so that was entertaining trying to fit everything in the car but we managed it. We got down to the hall and started to set up.

I sent Daly into town to go get Bella a number 2 balloon in gold and some milk so I could do grown ups cups of tea if they wanted one. So off he went leaving Rachel and I to set up.

Rachel hung up the giant daisies around the room and lined the HaaHoos up against one of the walls. We also placed the leaf curtain up over the door so the children actual would walk through the curtain into the Night Garden.

I had set up the toys over a section of carpet and soft mats. We had a mini adventure play area with the tunnel and the ball pit. In the ball pit we put all the characters from in the Night Garden so Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and the Tumbliboos were all chilling amongst the balls.

On the carpet we had a giant piece of paper with lots of crayons and some building bricks. We also had the ring toss set Bella had got for Christmas and a selection of books and jigsaws. I was originally going to take the tent to put the books in but I decided against it in the end.

While Rachel was decorating I finished off the food. Putting it all into bowls and cutting up the fresh stuff. I had already made little flower sandwiches at home so I didn’t have to worry about those.

I finished off the party bags and put them to one side.

Eventually Daly returned with the 2 balloon. It wasn’t gold however, it was rose gold but apparently the shop had said it was good. Nope, definitely not. As Daly was back we put him on balloon duty while Rachel fluffed some little pompom decorations and sorted the cake and pontipines.

I sat with Daly while he blew the balloons up with the helium and I tide the ribbon to them.

We had a good star with the gold two which sat by the cake before it moved to by the door during the party.

At the back of the room we had two bunches of balloons. Each bunch had an In the Night Garden balloon, a gold star, a blue balloon, a white balloon and a confetti balloon.

In the entrance, by the leaf curtain we had a moon balloon, with a blue balloon, white balloon and confetti balloon.

Daly did do the childish thing and suck in some helium as he’d made one of the balloons too large but it didn’t really work.

Rachel sat up the cake at the end of the food table with all the little Night Garden figures and then arranged the pontipines with flower pots around the cake. The cake was amazing. She showed me the inspiration on Pinterest and then we compared it to hers. My sister makes some amazing cakes.

Dalys parents turned up just as we finished setting up. First question – where’s the birthday girl. Turns out Oli was just making his way over from the park so she would be arriving shortly.

As soon as Bella turned up we got her dressed into her party outfit to wait for her friends to turn up. Rachel and Oli headed off into town so we could enjoy Bellas party with her friends.

Her friends turned up and the party began. We had lots of fun.

Someone destroyed the tower Rachel had made with the bricks. There was lots of fun getting tangled up in balloons. And a little bit of colouring was done but the best activity must have been the ball pit.

The ball pit balls ended up everywhere and after about 20 minutes of the party the ball pit ended upside down when one of the children dived into it. Sending the balls everywhere. It was so much fun though. The grown up kids had great fun throwing balls at each other even though they were trying to encourage the children to put the balls back into the ball pit.

The thing was they’d manage to put about 50 balls into the ball pit and then someone would tip it back out again. The kids loved it though and that’s what was important. Who cares that they made a giant mess as long as they had fun.

Bella kept sneaking sausage rolls off the food table to eat. Only problem is she doesn’t like the pastry so she pulls them apart leaving little piles of pastry all over the place.

One child kept doing laps of the room and everytime they came back past the food table they’d grab something else to eat.

As the kids kept playing with the balloons, we blew up extra balloons so the children could bat and kick them.

Just before we did the cake Grandma got the giant in the night garden puzzel out to encourage one of our shyer guests to join in. It seemed to work, next thing we know nearly all of them were sat down doing the jigsaw.

Then it was cake time. All the children sat on the mats to sing happy birthday to Bella. I made Daly get Bella to blow out the candles twice do I could get some photos of her blowing them out.

All the children grabbed some food and then had a little picnic on the mats while Dawn cut the cake up for me. She’d had to go and get us a knife because I had completely blanked. I’d remembered everything else but a knife to cut the cake.

While the children were having their food and then their cakes we tidied up the hall. Once the children had finished eating we got them to help too. Love how if you make anything a game they will join in. It was funny though, we did have visions of them tipping the ball pit out again.

Sadly it came time for everyone to go home. Bella handed out her party bags. And then tipped each one out on the floor to show her friends what she had got them. She even nicked someone’s balloon so I had to trade it for the one in her party bag.

It may have only been a small party of Bellas friends but she had a wonderful time and it was nice to sit back and watch the kids play. I think we all enjoyed doing that. Bella doesn’t get much chance to be independent with her friends so I’m glad we gave her that chance

So that’s it for Bellas birthday – next week mine

Love CiCi

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