Birthday Blog – Party Day – 1st March 2019

I can’t believe we’ve made it to today without Daly twigging. I hate my birthday, never celebrate it really, and Dalys been trying to get me to enjoy it since we got together. So to surprise him Cathy and I had had the idea to have a party at the pub. When we came up with the idea I let Cathy plan it. I suck at planning things, no one ever turns up so I don’t bother anymore. My only job was to give Cathy a guest list.

So the day is here for my party. I’d managed to make Daly believe we were just going down to the pub for a couple of drinks but that because it was my birthday I was going to dress up a little bit.

During the day Daly had gone to pick Joe up from Dartford which gave me a little time to give Bella a bath and then I had a nice long bath as well. While I had my bath Bella decided to help herself to carrots from the fridge and watch some Paw Patrol. She’s obsessed with Paw Patrol at the moment. She keeps bringing the iPad up to me and asking for Paw Patrol. I have to keep telling her no and that she can’t have the iPad.

Bella and I did our make up together for the evening while Daly played on the PlayStation once he’d returned. I gave him some clothes to put Bella in but wasn’t really fussed when he did it. We had plenty of time. Everyone had been told to get to the pub for about 7pm and I’d said we’d arrive about 7.30. That way we shouldn’t have been turning up when everyone else was.

Eventually we were all ready to head down the pub. I’d managed to gather some over night bits for Daly and hide them in a bag claiming it was Bellas and mine pyjamas for when we were getting ready to go home. Bellas and mine had already been dropped off at the pub the night before by my sister. That way it meant I could easily hide one bag in the car without Daly getting suspicious. He decided we were going to drive down because he couldn’t afford to drink and it was going to be easier with Bella.

Just as we got in the car Zach rang Daly to ask how soon we were going down to the pub. He said he was stuck looking after a friend who was ill but was going to catch the train over. He wanted to know how soon we were going to be over so he knew which train to catch *wink wink* he was already at the pub.

Off we went. Luckily if anyone had driven down they’d managed to hide their cars. The only car we saw behind the pub was Dalys parents but Dawn had told Daly she was working that evening so Daly just guessed his dad had stayed to share a drink. We walked round from the back of the pub into the courtyard and there was everyone. Daly didn’t act surprised even though when we all said it was my party. He was like I can see. But as the night went on he kept saying we’d kept it quiet from him and that I was sneaky.

Inside we had a disco, a table of food and decorations and balloons. I was also surprised to see a cake in the corner. I hadn’t expected that.

Like an idiot I had left my camera battery at home so Daly and Joe went to go get it for me and also pick up the photo of mum. She may be dead but I still wanted her to celebrate my birthday.

This blog is probably going to be more photos than words by a picture paints a thousand words. All I will say is there was a lot of drinking, dancing and laughs.

I mean we had loads of fun at the bar doing shots and winding Ed up.

We had a boggie on the dance floor to Opps upside your head.

Ed killed my balloon.

We managed to get a group photo of everyone – I say everyone, sadly some people had left.

I actually had Happy Birthday sung to me and blew out my candles.

And the night ended with Zach and I having a heart to heart and doing forwards rolls like you do.

It was a brilliant night. Now to let the photos do the talking.

Roll on next year.

Love CiCi x

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