Helpful Girl – 9th March 2019

Bella enjoyed her sleep over at Paige and Adam’s. Paige and I were suppose to meet in town and have a catch up over Costa but sadly Paige wasn’t feeling too well so had to cancel. So instead of walking into town to meet Paige and Bella, Adam and Paige dropped her home instead. Bella came back clutching a little wooden Trex that was Adams. I did miss her last night. It felt weird getting up this morning and not having to go in and check on Bella.

The first thing Bella did when she came home was play with her Playdough. She liked pulling it all apart.

She used the knife to cut it as well but she struggled a little bit with that. She kept using the knife upside down so it didn’t cut too well.

She tried making playdough castles as well and filled her little bucket using the spade.

I made us some lunch before we had to head into town to pick a birthday present for one of Bellas friends.

Before we went to town I edited some photos from my party and Bella continued with her playdough. I needed to wait for my phone to charge so I had it with me to snap photos while we were out. Some how I’d managed to drain the battery so it only had 28%

Soon it was charged and we were ready to go. I gave Bella the option to walk into town or go in the pram. She decided she wanted to go in the pram surprisingly.

I’m guessing she was feeling time because by the time we reached Sainsbury’s she was fast asleep. I bumped into one of my friends mum’s in town and we had a chat. Then it was time for her to head home and us to go into town.

I thought I’d hit the charity shops as I hadn’t for awhile and had plenty of time to look around. We did a few charity shops and then to Poundland.

I found the perfect mother’s day present for dalys mum from Bella but she was asleep and not waking for no one. I picked up a few tops for nursery and a jumper for cheap so she had a few more clothes to wear and not always in blue.

We started to walk up the high street but as I walked past the entrance to the pub I spyed Nathan and Cathy in the courtyard. I reversed and stopped for a quick chat before going back to our mission. Even Cathy tried to wake Bella but she wasn’t waking for anything.

I was humming and harring about going to Greggs for a sausage roll or Costa and treating Bella to a gingerbread man like I promised her on Tuesday when Paige and I came up with our original plan. Costa won out so I went to go get my latte

Bella woke up as I sat down at a table. I gave her her gingerbread man and she sat opposite me munching. She ended up covered in icing. I had a cheese and ham toastie as I was feeling a bit hungry.

After her gingerbread man Bella sat pointing at the apple on Costas lunch deal advert. I bought her an apple which she happily munched. Bella was getting a bit restless so I finished my latte so we could go find this birthday present.

Eventually we found a present as well as some Easter bits. Bella also found some wrapping paper she liked. Last job was to find a card. We went to Card Factory and headed to the children’s cards. As we were walking through the shop we walked past all the mother’s days cards. Bella stopped briefly and ended up pulling out a mother’s day card saying Nanna on it. Spelt exactly the way mum spelt Nanna. I originally went to make her put it back but seeing that it said Nanna and Bella had chosen that exact card I let her get it. If she wants to write a card to her Nanna for mothers day I’m not going to stop her. I got a bit choked up but managed to hold it together.

We got back to the job at hand a chose a birthday card for Bellas friend. Then it was time to walk home via Sainsbury’s. I picked up a bit of fruit in Sainsbury’s and then did the long walk home. Up the stupid hill.

When we got back home we settled down to watch the Greatest Showman. Bella loves that film. She even practiced some of her ballet while watching it.

I tried to get Bella to help me wrap her friends present but she ended up getting frustrated with the tape so we stopped. That may have frustrated her but she did help me make dinner. She tried to peel the potatoes but that was a bit tricky. Instead she past me the potatoes to peel and then picked up any peel that missed the compost.

Bella then poured water into the saucepan of chopped potatoes. It resulted in a bit of water across the floor but most of it made it into the pan.

Next up I gave her an oven tray and the bag of sausages. She carefully placed them all on the tin and then placed the tray in the oven, which was off and cold.

She then pulled a cake tin out of the cupboard and I gave her a wooden spoon. I asked her if she wanted anything in her tin. I put some pasta and rice in the tin and she mixed it up and then wanted to put it in the oven. This time I placed the tin in the oven as it was on to cook the sausages.

Once Bella left the kitchen I took her tin out of the oven. I didn’t want to be cooking dry pasta and rice in the oven and ruining the tin or worse setting it on fire. Luckily she never asked about it again.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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