Christmas for my camera – 13th March 2019

I was having a go slow morning today. I did not want to move or get up or do anything really. Bella was quite happy entertaining herself. She found the iPad at some point and I could hear her watching Nick Jr. She seems to be getting iller at the moment rather than better. She kept coughing then screaming in her sleep last night and then when she woke up she sounded like she had a sore throat so she had a little bit of medicine and that seemed to help.

She kept giving her baby pretend medicine as apparently baby was poorly too. Mummy cuddles seemed to help baby too. We eventually dragged ourselves out of bed when we heard Daly was awake in the other room.

We went downstairs and Bella wanted Paw Patrol so I put on Nick Jr although it was playing Blaze. I did some tidying and sorted out the washing. Bella decided she wanted an apple for breakfast so I left her happily munching that.

There was a knock at the door. I wondered if it was going to be Rachel as it was Wednesday. Instead it was the postman with presents for my camera. I was so excited. It was my new flash unit and a backdrop I had ordered to do Mother’s Day mini sessions. I don’t think I have time to do Mother’s Day shoots now but I can use it for some other shoots. It was like Christmas for my camera.

We were heading over to Dalys as we had a birthday party to go to this afternoon just round the corner from his. Daly went to pick up his mum from town while Bella and I got dressed. She decided she wanted to wear her Paw Patrol outfit as she knows her friend likes Paw Patrol.

Daly turned back up and we all got in the car to head to his. When we got to his Bella was surprised with her kitchen that she had got from Zach. Grandad had made it up for her. It’s so cute in pink and white with little pink accessories including a little pink oven glove. She happily played with it while we all chilled out.

We spent our afternoon watch the Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Its an interesting take on the story. It was good though. Keira Knightly is in it and both Daly and I got annoyed with her character. She deserved her ending with how annoying she was. Her hair however was pretty good. I’d have it.

Grandad came home and he and Bella had cuddles and snacks together. Grandad had to steal a cuddle to begin with. Bella refused to cook him anything on her kitchen though.

Daly had to head off to work and we got ready to go off to Chars. We gathered our presents and got in the car to go down to the party.

We had a lovely time at the party with all the kids playing and the adults chatting. The birthday boy had a lovely time opening his presents and enjoyed blowing out the candle on his Chase birthday cake. Char had asked me to bring my camera along so I’ve got lots of photos to go through and edit but that’s one thing I love about photography.

Bella crashed out in the car on the way home and didn’t wake up until I tried to get her changed for bed. Bless her, she obviously needed that sleep. Hopefully she’ll be feeling better in the morning for ballet.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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