The Travel Blogs – Let’s get a car – 15th March 2019

We’re off for the weekend. Heading to see the family.

We had to get up early so we could pack the car and get on the road to pick up our hire car. Daly had to make some phone calls so it was my job to pack the car. I don’t mind, I’m quite good at packing the car. I used to do it for dad.

We all got in the car and headed to Dalys to drop Bella off. That way she got to spend some time with Grandma and Grandad and got a break from being in the car. We’ve had lots of tears this morning though. Can tell she’s not 100% just want her to get over all these illnesses.

Daly and I took the long drive to Dover to pick up the car. The weather’s been miserable and being by the sea didn’t make it any better. Oh well Dover still looked pretty as we came down the hill to the docks.

We were getting our car from Hertz this weekend.

We’ve got a green Astra for the weekend but it means I have my Android Auto back. Oh man I love it. Especially as I’m able to have the SAT NAV up on the car screen but can continue to blog at the same time (Dalys doing the driving)

Daly drove the hire car back while I drove ours. The weather seemed to be getting even worse. Not fun driving back from Dover in the rain.

We got back to Dalys and picked up Bella. She had been playing jigsaws with Grandad. We’d already transferred everything from our car into the Astra so all that was left to do was pack the child.

We made a pit stop at Sainsbury’s before we hit the road. Bella was grumpy because where we had parked she could see the ramp to walk up to get to Dalys. She’s a bit of a Mummys girl when she’s ill. Daly had picked her up to take her into the shop rather than run up the ramp but she didn’t want him. She wanted mummy.

Daly had said Bella could chose a toy as a special treat for how well she had settled into nursery and how well behaved she’d been recently even though she’s ill. She looked at lots of different toys. But she settled on another Shimmer and Shine doll to add to her collection.

She helped me choose some face wash as I’d forgotten mine and then came and helped me at the checkouts. She waited nicely for her toy. Didn’t take it off the packing area meaning that irritating voice didn’t go off ‘Please place the item in the packing area!’

While Daly put his bits through the checkout and paid I gave Bella some penny’s to put in the Comic Relief collection bucket. We have a very charitable girl. She loves putting money in charity buckets.

Once we’d finished it was time to hit the road for a nice long drive. The weather hasn’t really cheered up but it’s not the worst. Still raining, just not as heavily.

After driving for about an hour and a half we stopped to have something to eat. Daly and I hadn’t eaten all day so we needed something. Bella had been asleep all journey with the odd little cough. She woke up just as we pulled into Cobham services. I was going to wake her up but turns out I didn’t need to.

We decided to have a bit of Maccy D’s just to keep us going. Bella put a penny in the McDonald’s spinny money thing – I have no idea what it is called. But again she just enjoys putting money in things.

Bella chose where we were going to sit and we enjoyed some food. I found a penny on the floor and gave it to Bella. She didn’t want to put it down so we convinced her to put it in Dalys tiny little zip pocket on his arm.

We finished our food and then headed back to the car to get back on the road.

Back on the road we had more SAT NAV problems. This thing is useless. We’ve gone wrong so many times thinking it’s actually right.

We drove past Stonehenge and took photos of the stones like usual. Hey otherwise you didn’t see them. Just like my mum I’ve probably got hundreds of photos of those stones.

But we’ve nearly arrived at our destination in lovely rain of course.

That’s all until the next travel blog later tonight.

Love CiCi x

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