The Travel Blogs – Haynes Motor Museum – 16th March 2019

Family day planned for us. I didn’t sleep very well last night. The hotel was fine and the bed was comfy but I just couldn’t sleep. I sat up and watched the Hills most of the night hoping I was going to get drowsy and just drop off. It didn’t really work. When I finally dropped off Bella kept screaming and crying in her sleep so I was getting up to comfort her every 30 minutes to an hour. Bless her, doctors on Monday for her.

I woke up first this morning and jumped in the shower. We were going to have showers last night but were too tired. I left Daly and Bella sleeping so I could shower in peace.

I woke Daly up as my aunty had text me about meeting up. He moaned that his head had been hurting so I gave him some pain killers. Bella woke up and helped me choose her outfit.

I’d woken up with a cup of tea. Can’t beat a cuppa first thing in the morning especially after a shower.

We got up, dressed and out of the hotel. Bella nearly got blown away as we walked to the car. It’s so windy outside today.

We headed off to Haynes museum. I’d always known about the place and knew where it was but never been. We had text my aunty that we had left the hotel and they were going to meet us there. We arrived a bit early and where it was so windy we got Bella to sit in the car. Turns out she fancied giving driving a go. She loves getting behind the wheel of a car.

We headed into the museum and had a good wander around. Daly and Jamie went off chatting about all the different cars. I had my camera so used it as a chance to practice being creative. Bella enjoyed running around however she kept trying to go under the ropes and up to the cars.

We went to the upper gallery and looked at all the bikes. There was a speedway bike you could sit on and have your photo taken on. Bella liked sitting on the bike. Daly, Jamie and I had our photos taken on the bikes. We wandered round and could see the go kart track from the window. Apparently their go karts are like Mario karts. I was well up for that.

We looked at the sports cars and Bella was running around trying to open all the car doors. I’m guessing she was trying to get in and drive them.

We found the red room full of red cars. I informed everyone that if you were colour blind it would actually be the green room. Sheron found this weird looking car with only 3 wheels and asked what it was. My answer ‘a car’ she didn’t seem too impressed with my answer.

They had the little sit in cars that the children could go round the museum. We’d tried to get Bella in a car when we first got to the museum but she was having it. She happily got in one for the last little bit of museum. She chose a dinosaur car and Daly pushed her around.

The last room we entered was the Mini room. You could design your own paint job for a mini so I gave it ago. My car looked very pretty with hearts all over it.

Once we’d finished looking round the museum we hit the shop. Bella had found a bug eye thing that she liked and was carrying around but I convinced her to put it back and choose something else. Daly had found a number plate plaque that said Isabella and she finally chose a little blue car.

We were going to go to the cafe but it was too crowded so instead we went back to my aunty and uncle’s for some lunch. While we were getting back settled at the house Bella found Sherons cup of tea from this morning and threw it all over herself. We had to get Bella all cleaned up and we found her toys so she could have a play. Sheron made us all nice toasted sandwiches when we got in and we sat and enjoyed a nice cup of tea while watching top gear.

Let’s see what adventures the rest of the day holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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