Bye bye car – 18th March 2019

This blog isn’t going to be as in detail as normal. I’ve not been feeling too great today. For some reason I keep getting migraines. But we still had a busy day so I wanted to write down our day.

Today we returned our rental car. Daly was sad to return it. He really enjoyed driving the Astra but it’s boot was too small for us. When the pram doesn’t fit, it’s no good.

I had already arranged for Rachel to take Bella to and from nursery and it was a nice treat for Bella to see her aunt.

Bella ran into wake Daly up this morning. I had ended up in bed with her in the early hours of the morning when she had been unsettled. Bella and Daly watched Paw Patrol in bed while I sorted out Bellas bag for nursery and made her a pack lunch to take to Rachel’s.

We dropped Bella off to Rachel’s just before 11 and the first thing Bella did as soon as she got through the door. Threw her doll and bottle down and ran to find the guinea pigs. Rachel let her feed them a treat so I got to see Bella feeding the guinea pigs before we headed off to drop the rental car.

We got back in the car and headed to Dalys to pick up our car so we had a way to come home. Daly dropped me and then off he went. I took a leisurely drive back to the rental place. I was impressed that I remembered where I needed to go. I arrived at the same time as Daly and we said goodbye to the Astra.

We got into our little Skoda and decided to take a trip to B and M. We needed to get some shelves for the playroom and Daly needed to pick up some bits for his lunches at work. We found a nice shelving unit exactly how I wanted and luckily it was at a reduced price.

After shopping we stopped and had McDonald’s for lunch. I had taken some painkillers before we left home but my head was still banging. We hoped a bit of food would help. We stopped at Dalys briefly to see his parents but we had to get home to pick Bella up from Rachel’s.

We met Rachel at hers and moved Bella from her car to ours so she could go out for the evening and we were off to the pub to see Nathan. Rachel said that Bella had had a good time at nursery, she’d been a little teary to go in and when she came out but there hadn’t been any problems during her session.

We stopped at the pub and had a drink just to relax for a bit. Bella sat and watched Paw Patrol on Dalys phone. She’d been asking me ever since we’d picked her up.

We headed to do a bit of food shopping and then went home. I filled the freezer while Daly cleaned the car and Bella was happily playing. When Daly had finished with the car he built the shelving unit for me. Bella tried to help him, it was so cute.

Daly went out to see some friends and Bella and I were staying home. While Daly was out I decided to try building the other unit we had bought. Once again Bella tried helping. She tried to screw in the screws using the screwdriver. She tried really hard twisting the screwdriver and screw in the screw.

That was our day today. We’re getting there getting jobs done. Hopefully we will continue to be successful.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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