Let’s see uncle Nathan – 24th March 2019

I’m still suffering badly with not wanting to wake up. Even though I have a routine it doesn’t seem to be helping at all. It’s driving me nuts.

This morning was a chilled morning. I had a few little jobs to do but I just kept pushing them back. I did however get one load of washing hung up and another load of washing in the machine.

I had said to Daly I would do us a roast for dinner so Bella and I needed to walk into town and to Sainsbury’s to get a piece of meat for the roast. I eventually got myself and Bella ready, dressed and out the door. I gave Bella the option of walking or riding in the pram, she wanted to walk. That didn’t last long though. Bella fell over halfway down the hill and that was it. Game over. Bella didn’t want to walk anymore.

As we walked down the back alley I asked Bella if she wanted to see uncle Nathan. I asked her three times and everytime her reply was yes. So I thought we could go to the pub, see Nathan and then pick up some meat on our way home before Sainsbury’s closed.

Half way down the alley Bella decided she wanted to get out of the pram and walk. She actually walked the rest of the way into town. I had wondered about letting Bella walk the whole way there and back but I guessed she’d get tired at some point and I didn’t like the idea of carrying everything.

As we got by Sainsbury’s Bella wanted to walk along the brick that line the base of the store wall. Obviously this ment our walk was distinctly slowed down but it was a nice day so it didn’t matter.

We finally made it to the pub to find Nathan. However, even though Bella had said she wanted to see uncle Nathan, she ran straight past him to the pool table.

We sat at the bar and chatted with Cathy and Nathan. Occasionally Bella would disappear off to see what Ed was up to as he was playing pool when we arrived. Bella managed to rack up a bit of a tab behind the bar with fruit shoots and mini cheddars. We rang Daly to let him know how much her tab was. He wasn’t too impressed. I had the money on me but Nathan wanted to charge daddy. Who am I to say no.

Bella and Nathan sat at the bar drawing and writing together on the Paw Patrol magnetic doodle board.

I had told him that I was suppose to be doing a roast and I said about it was going to be a late roast as Daly was picking me up unless I cooked it in Nathan’s flat above the pub. Nathan seemed to like this idea. When it got to 3.45pm Nathan told me I needed to go get the meat for the roast as the shops shut at 4. So I ran down to Icelands so I could do us all a roast. Cathy had already made roast potatoes so it was all the other bits I needed to grab.

As soon as i got to the pub I went upstairs to put the meat on and sort the veg out to cook later. I had to set a timer on my phone to make sure I checked on the meat but luckily that was the only thing to cook until much later.

Daly arrived at the pub about 5.30pm and I pointed out to him the Easter raffle behind the bar and how there was quite a few bits I liked for Bella. He gave in and let Bella and I have a go on the raffle.

Bella chose her egg and I chose mine. Inside mine was a little chocolate egg which meant I’d won a free drink. Bella opened her egg up to find a little piece of paper. On the paper it said Easter egg. Bella had won a chocolate egg.

Daly made some joke about how of course I won a free drink and Bella won an egg, knowing his luck he’d win nothing. I told him to test his theory. So Daly had a go on the Easter raffle. And what did he find inside his little egg? A stone! Which meant he won nothing. Well he called it!

Soon after we all headed upstairs to the flat so I could finish cooking and we could have dinner. I had put some stuffing on and when we got upstairs I put the veg on. Daly had been moaning about my gravy. Since mum died it’s just brown water. No matter what I do or how I make it, it’s rubbish so Daly had offered to make the gravy. Bless him I found him a jug and then he set to work following the instructions. Because he’d happily critique my gravy but turns out he’d never made it not knew how to make it. Turns out he completely misjudged it and made too little anyways.

I finished up the roast, dished it out and then we all sat in the living room and had a lovely civilised family roast. I’ve said because I’ve cooked Nathan a roast this week and I won’t be able to have one next Sunday (Dalys on nights so not enough time to have a roast) Nathan’s cooking. Apparently take away it is hehe.

It’s been a nice day. Everything I planned to do kinda got done so that’s good.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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