Standard Thursday – 28th March 2019

Today was a big standard Thursday. Nothing exciting or fun in my dictionary happened.

We got up and got ready to go to babyballet. I got Bella dressed in her little ballet uniform and then lost my house/car keys. I panicked because the last time I remembered having the keys was when we were in McDonalds yesterday. I went and found Daly’s keys so I could at least get to Babyballet. Turns out my keys were in the side pocket of Bella’s bag.

Bella’s class went like normal. She ran around and jumped on the baby trampoline for the first 15 minutes and then joined in nicely for the last 15 minutes. Apparently next week in class we have a different teacher but they will all get certificates. I’m glad she gets something to show for her hard work in class.

After ballet we went home and Bella played in her playroom until lunchtime. I sat on the sofa just relaxing until I made lunch. Thursdays a bitty day but it’s good because everything is separated and there’s breaks in between activities.

I dropped Bella off to nursery. Luckily Daly got up just before we left so Bella could say good bye to him. She went nicely into nursery and didn’t seem to fussed to leave me today. I had a few jobs to do so I ran into town before going home. I wanted to get some photos printed for mother’s day but Boots photo machine was taking far too long and was going to cost far too much so I decided to leave it. I went to the Works to pick up a few crafty bits for a project I have planned on mother’s day. Then I headed off to the post office to pick up a letter for me. I was going to do a bit more shopping in town but I decided to go home.

At home Daly and I sat downstairs and just relaxed watching videos. He was watching YouTube while I was watching Friends on Netflicks. It’s nice just to have that chill out time just us two.

Time came for me to go and pick Bella up. Turns out Bella had been having some pampering done. She had her nails painted a pretty pink. Her key worker said Bella had asked for it to be done and reassured me it came off easily. I don’t mind, it’s kinda cute. Bella was reunited with her Ariel doll in the car and we went home to find Daly.

Daly was leaving early for work today as he was stopping home first. So we said goodbye to Daly and off he went. Bella was quite happily playing with her kitchen and every now and then taking notice of CBeebies on the TV.

When dinner time came, Bella helped like normal getting the food out of the freezer and putting our dinner into the oven. She was a bit annoyed I wouldn’t let her play in the sink. That girl loves her water but hopefully we’ll go swimming tomorrow. We missed out last week as I wasn’t feeling being awake.

Anyways, Bella is now in bed so I’m going to enjoy my evening.

Night all, and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds.

Love CiCi x

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