Bunny Bella – 1st April 2019

It wasn’t such a struggle to get up today. For Bella it was, she didn’t want to wake when I tried to get her up. I eventually managed to get her out of bed and downstairs to get her dressed. It was our last toddler group before the Easter holidays so I wanted to go. We would have actually made it on time as well if I hadn’t lost my car keys.

We arrived at toddler group and Bella ran off with baby to play. I sat down with the other mums and we sat chatting about our mother’s days. I ended up chatting to one mum for ages and we chatted about our birth experiences and the care we received. It was interesting to hear someone else’s experience of the same hospital. The children all got a chocolate egg for snack time, along with their normal healthy snacks, as it was the last session before Easter. Bella only ate half of her egg before she wanted to go back to playing, so I ate the rest. Bella spent the rest of the session making me cups of tea.

We went home and Bella kinda had lunch, she didn’t really seem interested so I gave her some bits before we headed to nursery.

I dropped Bella at nursery and the headed to Aldi to pick up some shopping. Money’s tight at the moment so I needed to get some bits but as cheap as possible. I managed to get loads of bits for just 7 quid. I was well impressed with that. I told Daly we’d have to go there to get bits more often. When I got home I got into a bit of a tidying mood so sorted out bits in the kitchen and living room before stopping and having some lunch.

I had gone upstairs to get a bag for Daly’s mums present and found Daly still in bed. The bag I grabbed had been one of Bella’s bags from her christening and was full of christening confetti. I tried to sprinkle some of it on Daly but he managed to sprinkle it on me instead. There was glitter all over the bed. Daly got up moaning about the confetti so I threw some more over his head. The floor was covered as well so Daly had to get the hoover.

While Daly was hoovering his sister called needing a lift home from work as the trains were a mess. It meant I had to walk to pick Bella up from nursery but luckily her nursery isn’t too far from ours.

I got to nursery just in time to pick her up. Apparently she was getting a bit upset when she saw all the other mums come and pick up their children but apart from that had had a brilliant day at nursery. When I got there she was in the arms of her key worker with an amazing bunny hat she’d made. She kept saying “bunny”

We had planned to meet Daly at the pub so we walked that way with Bella proudly wearing her hat. She got a bit upset when we walked past the park as I told her we weren’t able to go to the park today. She even threw baby over the park fence in the hopes we’d have to go in to the park to get her. Problem is mummy has long arms.

We eventually made it to the pub to wait for daddy to turn up. Before we went in the pub I popped in to Poundland to get Bella some activities to do. So while we were in the pub Bella made popsicle Easter characters, still wearing her bunny hat. Daly turned up and we sat and had a drink before we headed to Daly’s parents.

As we were leaving the pub Bella played with some bubbles in the courtyard. She tried blowing them and then enjoyed running after them.

We went over to Daly’s parents to celebrate mother’s day. Daly’s dad wasn’t home yet but we were able to give give Dawn her presents and card. Bella had chosen some pink tulips and a giant pink bath duck. Grandma was very excited with her duck.

Grandad came home from helping auntie Paige, she had a leak in her house. We sat and tried to figure out what we wanted for dinner. Dawn and I wanted Chinese and then dad decided he was going to widen his pallet and try a bit of Chinese. Biggest problem we came across though, apparently no chineses are open on a Monday.

Dawn and Daly went off to hunt us down a Chinese while Bella and grandad snuggled up in grandads chair and watched Tom and Jerry. Bella was absorbed.

Eventually Dawn and Daly returned with the Chinese and we settled down to eat dinner. The Chinese wasn’t the greatest, it seemed a bit dry and the chicken balls were extremely greasy but it was ok. It filled a spot. Bella makes such a mess when she eats rice. Daly cleaned her up after dinner and then used the dustpan and brush to clean the rice up from her chair and the floor. He managed to sweep up all the rice from off her chair and most under it and then he decided to move the chair to get the rest. As he folded the chair up he hit it on the corner of the dustpan and threw rice everywhere. You had to laugh! So back he went to sweeping the rice up.

Anyways, let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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