Eating everything in sight – 8th April 2019

First day of the Easter holidays today. We decided to start nice and easy with just a lazy day, after a long and busy weekend it was needed.

We spent most of the day snuggled up on the sofa watching TV. For some reason I had major munchies but at least it meant the food from the weekend was actually being eaten. We had had a major tidy up on Friday while Bella was at her Grandparents so it meant I could actually relax and not worry about things.

I had all the photos from the weekend to go through and turns out there was a lot of photos. I had taken over 900 photos at Teynham and over 500 photos at Dover so that was alot of photos to go through. I started to go through them but with the large amount it took ages to download them onto my laptop.

Bella was quite happy playing in her play room. While tidying up I had found her box of vehicles so I had placed that in the playroom. She enjoys lining her cars up. She had managed to find her Paw Patrol cars and was lining them up while saying their names. She had also discover Rachel’s old magnet doddle board on the stomach of Bob the Builder. She loves those things and drawing her pictures.

Not a very interesting day but it was how we needed to spend our first day of the Easter holiday, sadly however the food from the weekend didn’t survive. I ate pretty much everything in sight. Shame though it means I have no snacks for the rest of the week now.

Anyways, lets see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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