On the hunt for cherries – 6th April 2019

Yesterday was a lazy day. There was nothing to blog so I didn’t . Bella stayed at her grandparents yesterday and we were picking her up at Teynham Carnival’s Selection for their new carnival court.

First job of the day was to wash my hair ready for tonight. Daly was having a shower after me. So both of us were nice and clean for our evening out. I’m still loosing loads of my hair everytime I wash it. It’s driving me loopy. And when I say loads I mean handfuls.

I spent my afternoon watching YouTube videos chilled on the sofa and blow drying my hair. We were picking up a friend at 4.30 so we didn’t have loads of time but I didn’t have lots to do. In between YouTube videos I was in the kitchen cooking bits for us to hav at another carnival event we’re going to tomorrow.

I cooked sausages, sausage rolls, nuggets and mini pizzas. I kne I wouldn’t have time tomorrow to do it as I was busy all day. I mean I don’t even know if I’ve got time to get ready tomorrow, let along pack food for us to take with us.

Daly had already got dressed and spent the afternoon in the sofa playing on the PlayStation while I blowdryed my hair and did my make up. He kept asking me what I was going to wear. I had originally planned on wearing a black skirt with a cherry top but I was freezing so I really didn’t want to get out of my pyjamas. In the end I settled for a pair of black trousers but before we left I checked I could bend and kneel down in them as I was going to be taking photos all evenings. I didn’t look as smart as I’d planned I ended up curled in the front of the car under a fleece blanket and one of my old cheer hoodies – I was freezing but i had my cherry top and a cardigan in my bag.

We got in the car and went and picked up our friend. I’ve known her for years. She used to look after me when I was part of the carnival court and we also played darts on the same team. We had a nice chat in the car, catching up on everything on our way to the hall where the selection was happening. We were the first to arrive so we continued to chat while we waited for everyone else to turn up so we could get into the hall.

Eventually the committee turned up and then Dalys parents arrived. Bella had realised we were in the car next to her so grandad got her out and she came and sat in the front of the car with me. She must of missed me because as soon as she got into the car she crawled over to give me a massive cuddle. Then she went back to her normal activity of pretending to drive.

We finally managed to get into the hall and I put Bella and all our bags on the stage in the corner so we were out of the way. Bella entertained herself on the iPad while I stayed out of the way. I always feel like I’m a pain at events like this unless it’s my own one. I feel I’m just constantly asking what needs to be done and end up under everyone’s feet. Daly was helping our friend Smurf set up his DJ equipment while everyone else was setting up the hall with tables and chairs.

I decided to try out my speedlite flash on my camera as I’d only ever used it around the house. Never actually in such a big space. Meant I got photos of everyone getting the hall ready and stayed out of the way.

Once people had started to arrive I had more subjects to photograph. We had moved Bella off the stage to sit with Grandad on the door. She was hungry though so we kept giving her bits to nibble on. When the organisers we happy that most people had arrived I was asked to take the girls outside to practice their curtsey.

We had lots of laughs outside. One of the girls had stilettos on so kept sinking in the grass. So every now and then you’d hear her scream as she tried to keep her balance. Although I was holding the phone playing the music for their curtsey I managed to get a few photos.

The girls went back into the hall to enjoy themselves and I went back to catching photos of everyone. These evenings are a lot of dancing and various people talking.

We had a presentation of a cheque for each one of the courts in swale. Then it was on to meeting the contestants.

First up was their personal speech, answering questions and their presentation. There were 3 contestants and they all answered questions about why they would like to become Miss Teynham and if they were stuck on a desert island, what 3 things would they take with them to entertain or keep them alive. After this it was back to some dancing.

While everyone was dancing we got a range of family photos. It’s one of the only times we’re all dressed up nicely.

Eventually it came time to say goodbye to the court of 2018. They each said their speeches, thanking everyone for all they’ve done over the year. I even got thanked twice for my photos over the year from Miss Teynham, Christie and her Deputy, Shannon. After speeches it was time for the curtsey.

I got to stand on the stage during the curtsey so I could take the photos – it’s the little things that make me happy. There were lots of tears during the curtsey. It’s always sad when the girls say goodbye to their year.

Before the new court was crowned we had two birthdays to celebrate. Both recieved cards. Graham received a cake and Lauren received an Easter egg with candles in the top of the box from her cake.

It was time for crowning. As there were only 3 entries the Queen, Miss Teynham, was announced first. Next up, her two princesses. They recieved their sashes and crowns and several other goodies. Then it was time to say hello to all the other carnival courts. Sometimes the courts all run at the new court where their crowned but other times it’s more civilised and the courts all line up around the room to greet the new girls so they’re not so overwhelmed. We did the latter.

The last item of the day was the raffle. I had bought Bella some tickets but sadly she didn’t win anything. Oh well.

Night all, and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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