13th April 2019

We spent the night at Daly’s parents. I seemed to sleep pretty well, I didn’t even register Daly getting up for work. I woke up about half an hour before Bella did and just lead in bed going through my Facebook, instagram and YouTube subscriptions. I was looking forward to one of the channels I followed as they’d been expecting their third child and they were posting their birth vlog. I’d been looking forward to it since they posted on their Instagram story that she was in labour.

I remember sitting in the hospital when I had Bella watching their channel, OKbaby. Their second child was born five days before Bella so while I was enjoying my little peanut in the hospital and waiting to be discharged I enjoyed their vlogs and watching them go through the same thing.

Bella woke up and came and enjoyed watching the vlog with me. She likes babies. She gets excited when she sees a baby. Maybe one day we’ll give her a little brother or sister. I’m sure she’d be a great big sister.

We got out of bed and went downstairs. We could hear Aunty Paige and Grandad down stairs. Bella played with her kitchen and cooked everyone some food. She loves cooking. That could be why she has three kitchens.

I went upstairs for a little bit to sort through Bella’s clothes that were at Dawn and Grants. Dawn is gradually sorting through Daly’s old room so I needed to go through and see what clothes still fitted Bella. Where we used to alternate between the two houses we kept a lot of clothes but we only need spares for when she’s there during the day as I always pack her a bag now. It was good to get some sorting done. I’ve been pretty good at getting on top of jobs at the moment.

Bella was hungry, well wanted some chocolate. She went and got a bowl from the kitchen and we told her that if she sat nicely with Aunty Paige we’d bring her back some chocolate from Sainsburys.

Dawn and I went round to Sainsburys as she needed to get some bits for dinner. I picked up some donuts and a cherry Madeira cake. I really like them at the moment I think I’m going to have to learn how to make one so I’m not buying one every few days.

We got back to Dawn’s. Bella and Paige were both sat nicely on the sofa with their bowls waiting for their chocolate like we’d agreed. I sat and ate my donuts while watching tv. Bella was being a bit of a pickle and was climbing Grandad and refusing to sit nicely to eat her snack. So I had to put her in the high chair.

Once she’d calmed and realised that she needed to sit and eat and not throw things around we found her colouring book. She sat in her high chair colouring in her book until I decided she’d been sensible enough to come out of the high chair.

She did a bit of colouring with Grandad and then he found Cars 3 on tv. I love that film it’s so funny. Apparently Cruz is me to a T. Everytime we watch it Daly and his dad state I’d say exactly what she’d say. And even my sister has said that in the past. Daly arrived after work and packed the car with all our bits. He sat down with us to watch the film for a little bit but we really needed to get back home to cook dinner and relax so we said our goodbyes and all bundled in the car.

When we got home I cooked us all pizzas. We always have our pizza in front of the tv so we sat on the floor in the living room and had a little picnic. At around 8 both Daly and Bella were falling asleep on the sofas. I took Bella upstairs to bed and she straight away crashed out. I came downstairs and told Daly to go to bed. Daly wasn’t too happy and claimed he was fine. So I settled on my sofa and told Daly I’d give him ten minutes before he was asleep again. Turns out he didn’t need ten he was gone in five so I woke him up again and sent him upstairs to bed. This time he went thankfully.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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