Can’t beat a day with good friends – 16th April 2019

I’ve been looking forward to today. Today we were meeting my best friend Leanne for coffee. We love our Costa dates, also I’ve have her birthday present since December so it was nice to actually be able to give it to her.

We’d planned to meet at 10am at Costa. I parked at the pub as we would be returning there after seeing Leanne and then we walked. Up the town. Bella walked very nicely next to me holding her baby. I had to keep making sure she had baby, I’m terrified she’s going to loose it one day. I don’t which one of us will cry more, Bella or me. Mum bought it for Bella and she’s been perminately attached to it, especially since mum died.

As we got to the shopping centre where Costa is Bella spotted the ride on toys. First toy to get a Bella test, Ben and holly. She doesn’t really like this one, it woofs when you press the button and that scares her a bit. Next on her hit list was the postman Pat but the cleaner was cleaning it so she couldn’t got on it. She spotted that Thomas was free though. I eventually convinced her to get off of Thomas, reminding her we were on our way to get a gingerbread man. This worked for two seconds, then she spotted the Disney ornaments in the window of a jewellers. She loves looking at them. While she was busy looking at the ornaments I messaged Leanne to let her know of the delay.

Leanne suddenly appeared from behind me. She’d just arrived at the shopping centre and had spotted us outside the jewellers. We made our way down to Costa to have our date. Leanne, like a donut, had lost her purse. I say lost we believe she left it in her other bag so I bought our cups of tea and bought Bella some juice and a gingerbread man.

We sat down and caught up on everything that had happened over the last two months. Bella was enjoying her gingerbread man but got a little over active. She decided she wanted to dance in the middle of Costa. I had brought the iPad with me so I could get bits done while we were at the pub but while we were in Costa I gave it to Bella so she would sit down. I gave Leanne her present and we laughed about the fact her birthday was four months ago and how I couldn’t remember what I had got her anymore. Turns out I’d bought her a little cup and saucer and a mini tea pot. Luckily she loves her tea so she liked her present.

My friend Char was in Costa as well as she’d come in to say goodbye to one of her work colleagues who was leaving, she works in Costa. Char and I made the plan that we’d go down to the pub together as she didn’t want to go home and be stuck indoors. We left Costa and Bella and I gave Leanne hugs and said we’d arrange to meet again soon. Then Bella tried to run out of the shopping centre – luckily Leanne caught her. Really need to remember those stupid reins.

Char and I went for a little wander in Poundstretcher. As we were heading in we bumped into an old carnival queen and her mum so we chatted with them for a while before they had to get going. Char and I wandered down to the pub and went to say hello to uncle Nathan.

Char and I enjoyed our drinks and we chatted about all sorts. One of the main things we talked about was how I was coping with mums death. As I keep writing in these blogs our house has been a state. I’ve been a wreak and refusing to do anything, I’d rather just lay on the couch and hide under a blanket but I’ve recently had a kick up the butt. I was planning on sharing this but it’s one of the reasons for my kick up the butt. The day before we went to Hampshire in March I had an early miscarriage and it knocked me. I was gutted and crying and it made me feel so down. But when I got thinking about it if we ever have another child I need to get my act together. I need to be able to continuously look after a house and my family and myself. I feel I’ve done a full 180. I’m now tidying the house before I go to bed every night and sorting out the cats. I even shampooed the hallway carpet before I went to bed tonight. It feels good to have my mojo back just gutting it came at the cost of a peanut.

At 2.30 I gave Daly a call to make sure he was awake. I used to wake him at 1.30 at the latest but he needs that extra hour it seems. Turns out he was awake but he’d only just woken up. I’d already planned on going home at 3 as it means I actually get to see Daly rather than just dropping him the car and off he goes to work. Before we left Cathy surprised both the kids with Easter gingerbread men, which of course they loved. We left the pub and I said goodbye to Nathan, Bella was outside in the courtyard with Cathy looking at the little garden area that had been put in. Bella liked the fountain, she kept watching it and saying water down down down. So we said goodbye to Cathy and then to Char and her son who were getting the bus home.

We got home and Daly was up and ready for work. I had put him aside some spaghetti Bol from last night and he just kept pestering me on how to heat it up in the microwave. All I knew was you had to heat it until it was piping hot. Daly disappeared off to work and Bella and I had a nice relaxed evening.

We did some painting after dinner. I had bought Bella some easter ornaments to paint. We sat together and Bella told me which colour she wanted and where she was going to put the paint. She did very well and enjoyed painting. She got into the habit of washing the brush after every colour and she practiced repeating each colour after I said it. We practiced “blue” “yellow” “green” and “white” She has some very colourful chicks and rabbits or as Bella calls them, “chicken” and “bunny”

Night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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