Easter 2019 – We found the Easter bunny – 20th April 2019

I woke up far to early today. I woke up at 5.30 and could not get back to sleep. I decided rather than tossing and turning in bed I’d be better off getting up. I got up and headed downstairs. I decided I’d snuggle up on the sofa and watch some TV. Caught up on a bit of e4. I thought I might doze off lead on the sofa but no luck.

I needed to wash my hair so decided that was a better use of my time rather than just watching TV. Once I’d washed my hair I woke Daly up.

We were planning on meeting Dalys parents at 11 so we needed to get up and ready so we could get a move on. Both of us got up and dressed and into the car. Luckily I had charged my camera the night before and packed my bag so all I had to do was get dressed.

We got to Dalys parents just as Dawn was getting Bella dressed. We got ourselves sorted and headed out to the cars to head off to Brogdale. Brogdale is a lovely orchard near us that were holding an Easter weekend. We were suppose to go to their Christmas event but we weren’t able to go as their event occurred the same day mum was moved from the hospital to the hospice.

Bella went with her grandparents in the car and Daly and I went in our car. Bella does love going in the car with Grandma and Grandad. We made it to orchard and set off to have some fun.

One of the main activities they had was an Easter egg hunt. Children had to use the map that told them where the eggs were and write down the letters they found at each point. The letters were written on big wooden eggs hanging around the site. The first egg Bella found was hanging off the fence of the playground.

We moved round to the falconry area to see if we could find anymore letters. We found a giant tractor made out of hay sitting next to the ice cream van. Bella was very taken by the tractor but was a bit scared to go near it. Luckily I managed to get a photo of her with the tractor.

While we were wandering around the field I spotted the Easter bunny. The bunny came over to see Bella. The bunny showed Bella a little chick she had in her basket. Bella was a bit unsure to start with but with a bit of encouragement she held the chick and spent some time with the bunny. She even sweetly said goodbye when it came time to leave.

The rest of the letters were to be found in the orchards. We didn’t want to wait for a tractor ride especially as we’d have to walk into the orchards anyway so we went for a walk in the lovely blossom. As we were walking up to the top orchards the little train they have passed us. Bella stood and waved.

We eventually made it to the top orchard. Daddy and Bella found another egg and then Grandad and Bella found some sticks. They had a sword fight. Bella loves playing sword fights, anything like that she uses it as a sword or a lightsabre.

Once they’d finished their fight they decided to use them as walking sticks instead. It was so funny watch Bella copying grandad.

We could here lots of noise as we walked though the orchards. We came across the music garden they have. There were lots of different instruments from around the world in the garden. Sadly I have no idea what any of them are called so I’m just going to post photos of Bella playing them. But she had lots of fun trying out different instruments and so did Daddy and Grandad. They, of course, had to get in on the action. It wouldn’t be fair to leave them out. Grandma had a little rest at the music garden.

Once everyone had finished playing we ventured further into the orchards and found the final letters needed for the hunt. Bella had got a little restless by this point and wasn’t really interested in walking around the orchards anymore.

Before we walked back to the main centre, Dawn and I figured out what the Easter word was. It turns out it was Easter Bunnies. Now as far as I know that’s two words. We walked back to the main part of the centre to collect Bellas prize.

We decided as it was such a lovely day Daly was going to treat us to an ice cream. The queue was so long as the weather was so warm. Everyone had the same idea as us. Eventually we got our ice creams though.

Bella enjoyed hers a great deal. In the past she’s tried eating them with her hands but she’s got the idea of ice cream down now. She may have been covered by the end of it but she actually ate the whole ice cream.

We called it a day and the boys went and got the cars while I stayed with Bella and Dawn at the entrance. Bella sat munching her ice cream and Dawn and I just relaxed. The boys turned up and it was time to part ways in our own cars. We went home to have an hour of chill out time before I had to be down at the church.

I decided as it was so nice I would walk down and listen to my music. I don’t often get a chance to do that as I refuse to have my headphones on when I’m out and about with Bella. I was a bit hungry so on my way to church I stopped at Gregg’s and picked up a sausage roll. They were all I ate when I was first pregnant with Bella, I love that they melt in your mouth. So yummy.

I made it down to church and chatted with my friends outside about things before we decided we should probably venture inside to do what we were there to do.

Today was Messy Church and I was there as photographer. That’s a role I can cope with as I don’t really have to interact with anyone. I just move around and take photos. I like being able to hide behind the camera. It might not be a good way of doing things but at least I’m out and around other people.

First activity of the day was a story time. We had a story about someone who had left their eggs and expected them all to be gone by the time they returned but instead the eggs had been decorated. I’m not completely sure the ins and outs of the story about two minutes in Bella threw a huge tantrum and had to be removed from the room. That was a new experience, she’s never had a tantrum like that. I continued to take photos in the main room while Daly tried to calm Bella down outside.

After the story it was time for our activities. Bella came back in and decided to decorate an egg. I gave her a selection of coloured pens and she sat on the mats with Daly to decorate her egg. She did lovely swirly patterns using blue and green. When she’d finished she popped her egg in her bowl but then pushed down on the egg causing it to crack. They weren’t fake eggs they were hard boiled eggs. Luckily we stopped her before she completely destroyed her egg.

Next it was my turn to do an activity with Bella. We created an edible Easter garden using biscuits. Bella tried very hard. She iced the biscuit then I placed some fondant on top to create grass.

Bella chose a party ring to be her tomb. She needed a little help to get it to stand up though. I iced the side of the party ring to act as glue to get it to stand. Then Bella was given an egg to put in her garden and she added some flowers.

Bella was very proud of her Easter garden. We placed it in her bowl with her egg so we knew where it was when it was home time.

The second part of Messy Church was happening in the actual church so we all walked round to see what was in store for us.

There were two activities in church. Bellas first activity was to draw an Easter picture. I drew Bella an egg and then left her with Daly to decorate it while I was on photography duty.

The children took it in turns to build an Easter garden at the altar. Bella threw another tantrum at this point. Her back teeth have been hurting her terribly and she’d had a long day. The sun also makes her tired and grumpy. I messaged Daly when it was Bellas turn to do the garden as I didn’t want her to miss out.

Bella came back in and helped add plants to the garden with some other children. Then she placed the stone in the tomb ready for Easter day.

The last activity was songs and prayers. Bella enjoyed singing especially when the instruments came out. Cant beat a tamberine and bells.

We went back to the church hall for tea. It was very nice. I thought it was gonna be a cup of tea and a biscuit but it was a full on summer tea with bread rolls, salad, sausage rolls, cake, fruit. It was lovely. Bella was far better behaved when she had food. Although she struggled to wait her turn to get food.

During lunch she made friends with a little boy who is the son of another helping. They were sharing things and he was looking after her making sure she had enough to eat and keeping an eye on her drink. He kept asking me questions about her favourite foods and if there was anything she wasn’t allowed.

By tea time my anxiety was through the roof. I’d been fine for the first hour but the second hour I just felt like my skin was crawling and I wanted to get out of the place. I just couldn’t cope anymore in that situation. To think I used to be a rainbow, brownie and guide leader, I was a Sunday school leader and youth group leader and now just being at an event like that as a photographer and a mum after an hour I’m done and need to leave. How times change.

Daly brought me home as soon as Messy Church had officially ended. The thing is I wanted to be round people just not have to interact with them or deal with them. I told Daly if any of his friends were free it would be nice of them to come round. I like having people round me especially at the house as long as Daly deals with them. Baby steps I think maybe one day I’ll be able to keep my anxiety under wraps.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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