Easter 2019 – Let’s go truck racing – 22nd April 2019

We got up early, well early for me. An 8am start is never good but I like to have an hour to get myself and Bella dressed and also get everything ready. I had got most bits sorted the night before in the hope’s I wouldn’t feel so stressed in the morning. I’d already packed Bellas changing bag for the day but I needed to finish off the picnic by packing the cool blocks, all the food needing to be chilled and making our sandwiches.

I got dressed and then got Bella dressed. While I was getting Bella and I ready, Daly packed the car. Once the car was packed and Bella was dressed we got in the car ready to set off to Brands Hatch. I was a bit worried as it seemed a bit chilly outside at the time. We hadn’t brought cold weather clothes so I didnt want it to get colder. That would be another bad mum move from me – I feel I have these often. I’m always forgetting something. It sucks.

I directed Daly to Brands Hatch using the app Waze. We love this app, it’s so helpful and we love the fact that its updated by drivers. Total live time traffic and none of the rubbish. We made it to Brands and parked up in the car park. I swear it was the closest we’ve ever got to the entrance. Normally we end up parking another field over.

We got the pram out and loaded it up with the picnic, Bella and the bags. I’d packed a blanket so we could at least have a comfy seat to watch the races and enjoy our picnic. We headed off into the circuit, showing our tickets at the gate and getting our programme.

As soon as we walked in we found ride on cars for the kids and trucks parked all over the place. We decided to take a walk to look at all the trucks first. We had made it to the circuit just after 10 and the first truck race we wanted to see was at about 11.15. It meant we had plenty of time to look around. We walked past the funfair and headed to the paddock to look at all the trucks.

Bella got out and wandered around with Daly and I. She was very taken by all the trucks and cars. I hated the smell that was in the air. The trucks fumes smelt horrible, it made me feel so sick. I thought Bella would be scared by the trucks loud engines but she was fine. Especially as there were trucks moving around the place getting ready for the next race.

Like always I found a nice yellow truck to support. I love my yellow cars and trucks. So bright and easy to spot. And even better it was my lucky number, number 3. Bella agreed with me that we were going to support the yellow truck. She had found a pretty pink truck she liked but the yellow truck won out in the end.

We also found a lovely truck with poppies on it to support the RAF. We took Bella over to see it to see what she thought. We showed her all the poppies. We took a lot of attempts to photograph the bonnet. The cons of being short next to a truck.

We decided to head back to the final bend to find a spot to sit to watch the race. It’s a good thing we headed that way when we did. The races were running early so we sat down expecting one race and when we sat down we discovered they’d actually started the next race. Luckily we found a spot and I laid the blanket down for us so we could watch the trucks.

Bella was a bit startled the first time the trucks drove past us, they were a bit loud for her. We tried to put her ear defenders on her but she didn’t like them at all so they didn’t last long.

Bella sat with me to cheer on yellow truck number 3. Turns out he did really well and came second. Once the race had finished it was the circuits lunch time – even though it was only 11.30am. We enjoyed the sun. Unfortunately it was getting a bit too bright and hot for us. I’d covered Bella and I in suncream before we left this morning but like advised we reapplied. I hate it though when it’s that hot you can feel yourself burn.

Because of how hot it was and how bright the sun was, there was no shade, Daly headed off to go get us an umbrella. Bella and I enjoyed the sun for a little bit longer while we waited for Daly to get back. Eventually Daly returned with an umbrella. He told me to look at the handle, on the end of it it said Mustang. My favourite car is a Mustang but this umbrella just looked like a standard black umbrella with a Mustang handle however there was a surprise inside the umbrella. Inside a beautiful red Mustang.

We sat under the umbrella – well Bella did, and we tucked into our picnic. I could tell Bella was getting tired so she lead under the umbrella and watched some TV on my phone. However she would not give in and go to sleep.

We decided to take bella for a walk as there were no races at the moment and she was tired. I was hoping she’d fall asleep in the pram as we walked. As she seemed she wasn’t going to give in we decided to give the Easter egg hunt a go. You had to go round the circuit and find 5 letters that made a word.

Off we went hunting for these letters. The first was on the fence for the little diggers. Bella found that one, but while we walked up to the next clue next to the monster trucks she finally gave into sleep and dozed off. So Daly and I completed the Easter egg hunt and went to collect our prize. We got a few mini packets of haribo for our troubles.

We decided to kill a little bit more time before the trucks started racing again by looking round the shops. I found a Mustang hoodie I really like but sadly they didn’t have it in my size. I was gutted. We’d found another one I like in a different store but that one was ridiculous priced so nope. Daly found some Aston Martin bits he liked but couldn’t find them in his size. So we came away unsuccessfully.

We went back to the hill to sit down to watch the racing again. This time we stopped in front of one of the display trucks so Bella’s pram wasn’t in the way of anyone. I laid the blanket out on the ground and Daly and I got comfortable while Bella slept on.

The truck racing started back up and we enjoyed watching the trucks again. Bella eventually woke up so I got her out of the pram and she sat with me to watch the trucks.

The final event of the day was the process of the show trucks. Bella and I went and stood by the fence to watch them. She liked waving at the trucks as they went past.

Once the trucks had finished their circuits of the track they filtered out on the the roads through the grounds to leave Brands Hatch. Daly took Bella to the side of the road where they stood and waved at all the trucks. It was nice to see everyone waving back from the cab. Surprisingly Bella was scared when any of the trucks blew their horns.

Once all the trucks had left the grounds we walked to find the car. Bless our poor car was pretty much all on it’s own in the field. We loaded up and said goodbye to Brands Hatch. We had a wonderful day at the circuit. It was nice to go back to Brands eventually. I hadn’t been for ages and to go on such a beautiful day was definitely a treat.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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