Hot and Cold – 29th April 2019

Today for some reason I’ve been going hot and cold all day. It’s been driving me loopy. Thing is nothing else is wrong with me just constantly hot then cold. I think I’d rather be ill because at least I’d know what was causing it.

This morning we were back at Toddler group. I always tell Bella shall we go play with the cars and then she’s happy to actually go out. It was a bit topsy turvy at group. The building is used by other groups but it means the toddler group has ended up limited on space. Completely threw Bella as we entered the hall through a different door to normal.

Despite the change Bella ran straight over to the cars and played. Baby going with her. She soon found the kitchen though and decided to make cups of teas. Another little girl had picked up her baby where Bella had left it on the floor. The little girl was very sweet and gave it to me as soon as Bella realised she’d lost it.

We gave the baby toys a go today. Bella got in a bouncer and kept batting the toys that dangle down. It was the first time she’d ever been interested in it.

We had snack time and Bella was very thirsty, I had to go and ask if she could have some more juice as hers had gone within seconds. Once snack time was finished Bella was back to playing.

I sat with some mums and we all talked about our birth experiences and our experiences with the hospital in the area. We came to the conclusion we can’t fault their NICU it’s the best in the country. We also chatted about maternity clothes and whether we bought any. I just bought clothes a few sizes bigger than I am. I only had a few maternity bits that Daly bought me.

We helped tidy up and then went home to have some lunch. Bella didn’t eat much. I was a bit concerned she was going to get hungry at nursery but they have a snack time and I always give her a snack when she gets home.

I dropped Bella at nursery and came home to do some house work. I put some washing on and then set to work editing my photos from our trip to the Rare Breeds Centre.

Daly was having a relaxing day. I told him he needs to learn to relax. He’s always on the go and helping out everyone else and he’s going to make himself sick if he doesn’t stop. So he was taking what I said and actually doing it. However he went from one extreme to the other. He did nothing all day. He just lead on the sofa and played his game and watched videos. It drove him stir crazy though. He went and picked Bella up from nursery so at least he did something.

When Bella came home from nursery she was soaked, she’d been playing in the garden. Daly said that she’d also hid in the Wendy house as she didn’t want to come back inside. At least she’s gaining her confidence. We stripped her down to her vest which was still dry and as a treat for being so good at nursery – making friends and joining in, Daly had said she could have one of her eggs.

We watched the Disney movie channel all afternoon. We even watched Cars 3 and Daly is still claiming I’m Kruz. I don’t see it myself lol.

We had lasagna for dinner to try and use up all the salad bits left over from the BBQ. Bella wasn’t a huge fan of the lasagna today but she enjoyed the salad, especially the coleslaw.

After dinner Rachel came round for a little bit. Bella tried colouring her Christmas bag we bought her and put in her Christmas eve box. She had started it at the BBQ and decided she was going to do some more tonight.

She eventually got bored of colouring her bag and turned on to colouring her nails. First she coloured her finger nails in and then she tried her toe nails.

Looks like someone is going to need a bath first thing tomorrow. Oh well I’d rather it was felt tip than nail varnish.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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