Jobs complete …. Check! – 30th April 2019

This morning started with a bath. Bella needed to get all that felt tip off of her. We only had jobs to do today but I didn’t really want to go out with a multicoloured child. So as soon as I got up Bella was in the bath.

She had fun splashing in the bath while I got her clothes ready and got dressed myself. She was having fun with her Paw Patrol finger puppets. Sadly there weren’t many bubbles today. I obviously forgot to add them at the right time.

Our first job of the day was to go to the doctors and register. This time I had all the filled out forms and Bella and my ID so I was organised. I was going to get Bella dressed all pretty for summer but outside it was pretty chilly.

I packed the pram but Bella wanted to walk the first bit. Daly had gone shopping with his mum so he was using the car. We had arranged to meet at the pub later, I don’t do walking back up this hill. It kills me although it’s not so bad with the Orb. Its lighter and easier to push.

We made it to the doctors. Bella had only managed to walk for about 5 minutes before she wanted to get in the pram with baby. The queue today wasn’t as long as last time. When we made it to the front of the queue I got my ID out of Bella’s bag, as I was handing my items over to the receptionist the rest of the contents of my bag spilled all over the floor. Despite that we managed to get registered easily. The receptionist told me to give it a few weeks and then ring to book my new patient meeting. Not good when I have prescriptions I need filled in the next few weeks. Look like I’ll be taking a trip to the Walk in Centre soon.

Job one – register at the doctors – Check!

Next up was to walk to the pub. We took a nice leisurely walk into town. I had promised Bella a gingerbread man. We used to get one every Tuesday morning so I thought it was a fair treat. We walked into town and Bella got out of the pram just before we got onto the shopping centre. Luckily as one of those survey people was at the entrance, I hate talking to them it sets my anxiety off. Just as one of them tried to talk to me Bella ran off towards the centre so I had to run after her.

In the shopping centre Bella did her usual and wanted to give all the ride on toys a go. First up Ben and Hollie. Then Postman Pat. I managed to stop her from getting on the Thomas the Tank but she spotted the Disney ornaments in a jeweller’s window. She loves looking at them. Her favourite seems to be the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty. While we were looking at the ornaments Jess appeared, she was on her way to work and had some time to kill.

While Bella decided to go on the camper van ride on, Jess and I chatted about work and the BBQ on Saturday. It was nice to just catch up and let Bella take her time rather than have her screaming and throwing herself down. She eventually was persuaded to come with me to Costa to get a gingerbread man. Everytime I said gingerbread man she did a little dance. It’s so cute.

In Costa she ran off to a table at the back where we normally end up sitting. She wasn’t happy that I had to tell her no and bring her back to the queue. I popped her in the pram in the hopes to keep her contained. Bella happily handed her gingerbread man over at the till however as we left the shop she slid out of the pram and tried to run away. I picked her up off the floor while she screamed and shouted and this time strapped her into the pram.

We walked down the hill to the pub. Inside we met Ed. Just as I pulled the pram through the door I heard someone shout ‘Izzy!’ It was Daly. Turns out we’d arrived at the same time. I gave Daly some money to get some drinks luckily Ed knows what we drink so I then handed the money straight to him. We knew Zach and Cathy were coming down to the pub at 2 so we had some time before then. I quickly ran up town to get my Uncle a birthday card.

Bella signed the card very nicely and even drew a picture for my uncle. He loves minions so I pulled up some pictures of minions and Bella tried her hardest to copy it. In the end Bella drew Bob the minion with his teddy bear.

Bella spent the afternoon playing a new game I downloaded for her. It’s called Homer. It’s a reading game set to help identify letters, sounds and words. Obviously Bella is too small to read at the moment but it builds up a pathway of activities based off the children’s ability. Bellas pathway has her identify letters when shown with shapes and working on colours. It has a range of activities. Bella especially loves the art activities and the songs.

As I was coming back from the post office where I’d posted my uncles card I’d realised my phone had gone off. Rachel had text me asking for a lift to work. Her train had been delayed. I walked into the pub to pick my keys up and say goodbye to Daly and then I headed out. Rachel was waiting at the station for me. We drove off to her work chatting about Bella’s nursery and how work was going for Rachel. I dropped Rachel off at work and then set off back to the pub.

On my way I had to stop at Tesco’s to use the toilet. While I was in there I thought I’d look through the clothes section and see if I found anything I liked. I managed to find two more rompers I thought would suit Bella during the summer.

When I had got back to the pub Cathy and Zach had turned up and we all settled on my table. It was funny though because one minute all of us were there and then one or all would disappear. Cathy and Nathan disappeared first. Then Daly and Zach went to Food Warehouse and Cathy and Nathan turned back up. When Daly and Zach returned they all went to the cake shop to buy us all some cakes. Daly had a cream cake, I had a Belgian bun and Bella had a shortbread iced unicorn biscuit. I think she thought it was too pretty to eat, she seemed to prefer playing with it.

We had invited Zach back to ours for dinner and the boys were going to have a Playstation evening. Before we left the pub though Zach had to go into town so I decided to get my final two jobs down.

First up was ringing the company that manage our TVs. They were due to come round to check our TVs tomorrow but we are going out shopping for the day so I had to change our appointment.

Job two – change TV appointment – Check!

The final job of the day was to book Rachel’s and I’s treatments for a spa day we booked. We decided we deserved to have a day just us to relax and be pampered. We’ve been wanting to do it for ages but I could never afford it. We were hoping to take mum on another spa day but sadly it never happened. So we’re going to enjoy this trip for her.

I rang the hotel and spoke to a very nice man who booked us in for our treatments. We’re so looking forward to it. The spa is so nice with its jacuzzi, swimming pool, relaxation room, sauna. We can’t wait.

Job three – ring spa to book treatments – Check!

We hadn’t shown Bella that we had sorted her sandpit out at home and I knew she’d been dying to go out in the garden. It was still fairly sunny outside when we got home so I took Bella outside to show her. She was so excited when I showed her and dived straight in. Zach made a sandcastles with her before he headed inside to spend time with Daly.

I went outside and made a few sandcastles with Bella. I also showed her how to use the other sand toys to make shapes. We made pretty star shapes.

Sadly I noticed Bella was starting to get a bit cold so I had to bring her inside. She was devastated. She screamed and cried but calmed down when I put the Disney movies on. She was really paying attention but Disney seems to have a calming influence.

We decided to have Dominios for dinner. When it turned up we all set about having our carpet picnic. While we were eating my Auntie Sheron rang to see how we were all doing. We had a lovely chat about how things were going here and in their part of the world. We’re hoping to meet up soon. It’ll be nice to see some family. We only really see Rachel from my side of the family.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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