10 Mile Sponsored Walk – 6th May 2019

I could hardly sleep last night. I am in so much pain with my back. I though it would start to ease up but nope. I could not get comfortable in bed, no matter how I laid. By 2am because of the pain I resorted to some tramadol. I don’t know if it eased the pain or it just made me drowsy because I finally got some sleep. I woke up briefly when Daly came home from work. I had the carnivals 10 mile walk today and I like to have someone else to walk with me because of my narcolepsy. A few years back I made a back up plan with the court I was walking with if anything should go wrong and since then I insist on having someone walk with me. I had asked Liam to walk with me but he’s ill at the moment so that wasn’t happening. He’s walked with me the last few years to make sure I’m ok. It’s cute how protective he is after me.

Anyways Daly had come into Bella’s room where I was sleeping as Bella was awake and like I said I woke up briefly. At this point Daly told me he was going to do the walk with me. He refuses to let his work get in the way of spending time with us. I was grateful that he was going to do the walk with me, it meant I didn’t need to worry about walking on my own. The sad thing was however was because I woke up I was aware of the pain again. I managed to get back off to sleep but my alarm went off at half 7. It was painful to roll out of bed but I managed it.

I went downstairs and made sure everything was ready for the walk. I had got most bits ready last night so I was just making sure I had everything and packed the car. I went and woke up Daly so he was up to join us for the walk and then snuck in to get Bella up. She wasn’t thrilled but surprisingly she actually woke up. Once she was downstairs she was running around playing and refusing to get dressed. Daly and I tag teamed her so we could actually get her dressed and get out of the door. Eventually we we ready to leave. For once I got to drive hehe.

The sponsored walk happens at Minis Bay, near Westgate on Sea. On our way we made two stops. First stop, Sainsbury’s for Daly. The next stop, McDonalds for me. I love their Raspberry Coolers. It is my carnival drink, if I can get myself a Raspberry Cooler on the way to a carnival then I will. I was feeling a bit peckish so I picked up a hash brown as well to keep me going.

We finally made it to Minis Bay and found Daly’s grandad. We went expecting to see him but he had brought Daly’s cousin to the walk so it was a pleasant surprise. We stopped and chatted for a bit, it was nice that Grandad got to see Bella but she disappeared quickly once Paige had found her. I was there to walk with the Dover Carnival Association girls, my adopted carnival court.

Before the girls started the walk they had a massive group photo of all the courts there. There were carnival courts from all over Kent – Sittingbourne, Herne Bay, Dover, Margate etc. It’s a good bonding session for the new courts.

We set off. Daly pushing the pram for me while I walked and tried to keep up with my court. Dover’s court today was made up of their Rosebud, Junior Princess, Junior Queen and Senior Queen. Sadly we were missing a Junior Princess but it was still a good experience for the court.

We had great fun on the way to Reculver Towers – the half way point before they walk back to Minis Bay. The girls stayed together as a court and were making good time with their walking.

As we started there was a grassy hill by the path, the girls asked me if it was ok to climb the hill. I saw no harm as long as I could keep them in my line of sight. I also told them they could do it as long as they didn’t moan they were tired.

Everytime they came up behind a court ready to overtake them I shouted attack. I need a little bit of entertainment on the way. On our way to Reculver the girls over took Aylesham, Margate, Herne Bay and Sittingbourne.

We were coming closer and closer to Reculver. We had a little moan that people’s feet hurt and Daly was moaning how quiet it was. He had left his Bose speaker at home and he’s one of these people that has to constantly have music. So he popped his music on his phone so we had something to listen to.

We finally made it to Reculver and the girls could have a break and have something to eat. Bella was pretty much over the walk. She had curled up into a tiny ball in the pram and hidden herself under my coat. It was very windy and Bella hates the wind blowing in her face. I had given her the iPad so she had something to do rather than being just a bored ball in the pram.

Soon it was time to make the trip back. I kept encouraging the girls not to be last. For the last few years we had always been last but this year we were making amazing time. They had managed to do the first 5 miles in just over an hour.

On the way back they decided to run parts. I however don’t have the energy that 11 year olds have, I was not running. It didn’t help my trainers were starting to hurt. Luckily Daly took the pram off me and he was able to see the girls ahead of us.

It soon became far too painful to walk and I had to take my trainers off. Daly kept up with the girls while I hobbled behind with no shoes. About half way on the way back the ground had been resurfaced with nice smooth tarmac rather than rubbish concrete with stones. Smooth tarmac meant it was easier for me to walk without shoes and I was eventually able to catch up with Daly and Miss Dover. The juniors were still ahead of us but once I changed my shoes it was easier for all of us to catch up with them.

From that point the girls stayed together and we all had a good sing song with Daly’s phone. We eventually made it back to the grassy hill the girls had first walked over. Of course they wanted to do it again. While they walked over the hill they were singing the little Einstein’s song. Daly even found the song on his phone so the girls could sing along with it.

The girls had taken to jumping over changes in floor surfaces shouting “Ya, ya, ya, yeet” We’ve said they’ve got to keep it up all year as their thing. It definitely bonded them.

As we came to the finish line we all donned our unicorn ears. The girls ran across the line shouting “Ya, ya, ya Unicorns” before collapsing on the ground. I am so proud of them for today. My Dover girlies definitely bonded as a court and our junior queen hit it on the head “today was fun”

We took a few across the line pictures before it was time for us to part ways and go home. I congratulated the girls again and then Daly, Bella and I started to make moves to go home. However we were starving so we were going home via McDonalds (and Tesco’s as Bella was in need of some new trainers for nursery)

We ate our McDonalds in Tescos car park, sat up the back of the car park like all the boy racers do. Bella and I got out of the car and walked into Tesco’s while Daly parked up closer. Luckily my back and ribs hadn’t hurt at all during the walk it was just a little painful to carry Bella but she couldn’t walk as we’d taken her trainers off her as they were hurting. However I had to get her to walk as soon as we were in the store, I couldn’t carry her anymore. Bella chose some pretty holographic trainers and we also found a pretty Tinkerbell dress in the sale. Due to her current obsession with princesses I let her have it. She really liked an Ariel dress but they only had it in 7-8 years which is far too big for Bella.

We headed home to die. I was exhausted from the walk and so was Daly, not surprised considering he had only had about two hours sleep. We got home and Daly crashed out up stairs while I crashed out downstairs. I had put the kids channels on for Bella and I made sure she couldn’t get into the kitchen. Good in theory except she kept trying to cuddle with me or wake me up. I was eventually awake enough at 7.30 and woke Daly up as I had received a text from his sister, Paige. She was at the pub with her other half as it was his birthday. Bella and I were invited but it was too close to her bedtime to go out and I still needed to do her dinner.

Daly headed off to the pub to wish Daly a happy birthday while I stayed at home and watched Sleeping Beauty with Bella while she danced around in her new Tinkerbell Dress.

Today has been a long tiring day, I’m glad it’s over.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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