Cooking pains – 5th May 2019

I don’t think I slept comfortably last night. All day it has hurt to breathe. My rib cage and back hurt to the point I’ve actually dreaded breathing all day. I wish I knew what had caused it. I’ve always had problems with my rib cage but very rarely I have this problem. I struggled to find a comfortable position to sit in all day, not even sitting up or laying straight on the floor helped. I think I’m broken.

This morning started like usual. Bella wanted Shimmer and Shine on this morning rather than Paw Patrol. She woke me up by jumping on my stomach. I was not impressed luckily I wasn’t being jumped on once we went downstairs. Nick Jr was our channel of choice this morning. I did look at the movie channels but there was nothing on that took our fancy.

I had a nice long chat to my friend Joe this morning. It was nice to have a chat with him, I very rarely get to see him nower days so it’s best to make the most of it when we get the chance. While I was on the phone I sat outside in the garden with Bella. It was a beautiful morning so Bella wanted to build sandcastles. I did have to tell her off every now and then. She kept throwing sand over the grass.

After being told off a few too many times for her liking she switched to her water tray. It didn’t have much water in it though so she wasn’t too interested. She quickly got bored and went back to the sandpit. After being told off again because she threw sand again she had to come inside.

It was time for Daly to wake up so we went upstairs to see if he was awake. I had planned on making us all bacon sandwiches so I wanted him awake for when I did Bella lunch so I could do everyone’s lunch the same time and not have to faff with cooking on and off during the afternoon. Turns out he was already awake and laying in bed watching videos. Bella and I went and joined him up stairs. We had cuddles in bed while Bella bounced around on the end of the bed while playing around with the owl ornaments that living on my book case. She loves those owls.

Bella disappeared while Daly and I were chatting about the carnival sponsored walk that’s happening tomorrow, on bank holiday Monday. We were trying to sort out our plans for the day when I heard Bella start to make her way downstairs. I headed after her and followed her downstairs. She went back to playing in the living room while I started lunch in the kitchen. By the time I’d finished cook our lunches Daly had appeared downstairs – well I say by the time I’d finished, I’d actually had to call him downstairs but he turned up to enjoy his lunch.

After lunch I hunted out our battery charger, well I say ours but it’s actually dads. Cathy had asked if Daly could charge Zachs car battery for him. Daly started to get ready for work so he could head over there first. He said goodbye to us and hit the road.

We decided to have a princess afternoon. Bella wanted to watch Sleeping Beauty today. I love that she loves the film of my favourite Disney princess. She gets all excited for the songs and dances. Although I think she was upset I wouldn’t join her in her dancing. I was busy sorting out photography contracts for any shoots I may do. I also looked into photography insurance just so I can get public liability insurance if I need it. So I had a fun afternoon ‘working’ During the film Bella had asked to put on a princess dress again. I found her flower girl dress and she enjoyed dancing around in her pretty dress.

Once the film had finished she decided to pull out the cool box. She decided to use it as a seat. She was sat ontop of the box bouncing up and down as if it was a horse.

It was really cute. After a bit of cool box riding she discovered that inside the box was our equipment from holiday. She started using the cleaning sponges to clean the house before deciding she wanted to try a bit of cooking. She took the cooling rack and cake tray I had bought while we were on holiday, she wanted to make cakes, and put it in her kitchen’s microwave. She even pretended to type in the time and turn it on. She announced that she wanted to make cakes. Cue raiding the cupboards for cake mix.

Sadly we didn’t have any cake mix in the cupboards. Luckily I had printed out a range of recipe cards for Bella. Simple recipes for us to do. There’s ones like pancakes, biscuits, gingerbread men and the cards we wanted – fairy cakes. Bella and I got all the ingredients ready and popped them on the side. I got the mini step ladder we have out so Bella could use that to stand up to the counter. Bella laid out all the cake cases in the tray then it was time to start the cake making.

First I got Bella to pour the caster sugar into the bowl and I added the butter. Bella tried hard to mix it together but she struggled so I took over to finish stirring the butter into the sugar.

Next up, time to add the flour. I measured out the flour on the scales and then poured it into the sieve for Bella to shake into our mixture. Now this went well, a bit of flour all over the side but most of it got into the bowl. And by the time Bella had finished sieving what did I find in the bottom of the sieve, flipping weevils. Now before mum died she always moaned she’d never found weevils in her flour and she’d always wanted to. Now since she’s died I found weevils everytime I’ve used flour so I’m blaming mum. Maybe she’s come back as a load of weevils just to drive me up the wall. So bang went making cakes. I knew Rachel had finished work and loved to bake so I messaged her to see if she had any flour we could use or a cake mix to make life simple.

While we were waiting for Rachel to reply I asked Bella if she wanted to make the cookies we had found in the cupboard instead – they were Paw Patrol. Bella seemed very excited by that so we tried cooking again. This time using a mix so no flour needed thank god.

First up Bella poured the mix into the bowl.

Then she added melted butter while I added a spoon of water.

This mix Bella could stir easily so I left it to her.

As it got a bit thicker I told her to use her hands and squige the mix together like she would with play dough.

We then had to play the cookie on the baking tray to cook, so I split the mix up and rolled it into balls. I then placed them on the baking tray for Bella to squish into cookie shapes. She did a very good job. Afterwards I placed them in the oven to cook.

While the cookies were cooking Bella went outside to play in the sandpit. She loves that she has that now. It’s winning over the water tray that’s for certain. I joined her for a little bit listening out for the alarm for the oven. We built some castles, although Bella destroyed mine. It’s not fair!

The cookies were finally cooked and I thought I should probably cook Bella some dinner. Baking cookies does not count as dinner. I decided to do us some pasta with tomato/veg sauce. It went down a huge hit with Bella, she inhaled her dinner. She must of been hungry. After dinner Bella fell asleep in her high chair. She was absolutely shattered, even when I took her out of her chair she did wake and didn’t stir at all when I got her dressed in her pajamas. Bless her it exhausting cooking and playing in the sandpit.

Anyways night all and lets see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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