Better repair these – 10th May 2019

I was actually able to sleep in bed with Daly last night. Bella managed to sleep on her own all night. Although Daly said I slept with Bella all night. Nope he’s just a heavy sleeper.

Bella woke me up this morning but at a reasonable time. I took her downstairs and we enjoyed a bit of Peppa Pig. I say enjoyed but I really didn’t. Bella decided she wanted strawberries for breakfast, she brought me the tub but wouldn’t bring me a bowl. I went and found one in the kitchen and a knife to cut the tops off them. She wasn’t too happy though when I said she wasn’t allowed all the strawberries.

While she was eating her strawberries she reminded me that she was suppose to go to Grandmas today. I’m glad she reminded me. I had it in my mind that we had a nice chilled out day at home and I thought we could bake our cakes. But nope. Not that it matters. I’ve got a plan for tomorrow now.

I got Bella dressed once she’d finished her breakfast and took her to Grandma and Grandads. She still seemed more like her normal self this morning although she was acting a little shy. By the time I left her she was setting up her picnic for everyone and was happily playing.

I decided to head to Asda on the way home as I had recieved a George voucher for my birthday from my Uncle Barry and Auntie Sheron. I thought as I’d been feel rubbish I’d treat myself. Also I could pick up the ingredients for cake making at the same time.

I had a look round George to see if I could find anything I liked. I’d been looking for a new bikini top so I found a nice red one I liked and thought I’d use my gift card for that but sadly they didn’t have any bottoms to match. I looked at the kids clothes but I resisted buying anything. This gift card is for me so I need to make sure I spend it on me.

Downstairs I picked up some eggs, flour (let’s see if I’ve finally got a bag without weevils) some butter and a fairy cake mix set with Disney princesses just so I’ve got one in the cupboard for next time. So much safer using the mixes than relying on no weevils in the flour if your me.

Just as I got in the car to go home Daly messaged me. His morning routine is always as soon as he wakes up to go on his phone. He was asking where I was. I told him I’d dropped Bella with his parents and was on his way home.

Daly and I had a lazy afternoon before he went to work just chilling. We kept telling each other the jobs we had to do but neither of us actually did any. Sadly Daly had to go to work so I decided I should probably do something useful with my time. I did a bit of tidying up in the living room as there was starting to be a build up of Bellas clothes and I also started to sort through the kitchen drawers as I’m so fed up with the amount of cutlery and stuff we have. Especially as there’s only two of us in the house that actually uses it.

Once I’d finished in the kitchen I sat on the sofa and watched some Friends episodes. I’ve just got to the point where Chandler and Monica have started dating. Omg they are the cutest ever but then again I love Chandler. He just so needs a hug.

I had a quick bath to freshen up and warm up after a couple of episodes. While I was in the bath I recieved a message from Dawn saying they were on their way with Bella. When they turned up Bella was shattered. Grant carried her in and laid her on the sofa. I said goodbye and by the time I was back in the living room Bella was sparko.

As she was asleep I thought I’d fix her Minnie mouse bag. The zip had broken badly. We bought our flower girls white minnie mouse bags as they were cute, large enough to use as a changing bag and white to match their dresses. However the zip on Bellas bag had already started to crumble by the end of the wedding. After about two more uses we couldn’t use the zip anymore but as it is such a nice bag I didn’t want to just throw it out so I planned to replace the zip.

First I had to cut out the old zip.

I had already ordered a chunky plastic zip perfect for heavy usage. Primark seemed to have learn they screwed up with the zips though as I bought a Mickey mouse backpack the other day and it has a lovely plastic zip rather than their chunky fake mental zips they used to put on them. So I spent my evening sewing a new zip into her backpack.

As I’d already fixed one backpack I thought I should really fix Bellas nursery backpack. Somehow one of the straps broke yesterday so needed sewing back on. I may not have done the best job on it but it has two straps attached again.

Pretty successful day, managing to fix two backpacks. At least Bellas got her nursery backpack back. I’ve haven’t got to find her a new one yet.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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