Poorly girl – 7th May 2019

My back and ribs don’t hurt so much today thankfully. I was actually able to sleep last night. I’ve found if I sleep on my right side the pain isn’t so bad, I’m still having to take ibuprofen and paracetamol but it’s starting to get better. Bell didn’t sleep well at all last night but we’ve come to the conclusion that is because she is ill.

This morning I was still tired when Bella woke me up so even through we went downstairs, I still wanted to sleep rather than be active. I ended up curling up on the floor on Bella’s giant pink unicorn. I was freezing so ended up huddled under two fleece blankets in the hope to get warm and Bella actually joined me. Normally she’s happy just chilling on the sofa but today she’s been extremely cuddly and needing to be with me all day.

I decided I should probably get up and do something with my day so thought I’d try to sort the kitchen out a bit. I’m so bad at keeping ontop of the washing up at the moment so thought I should at least attempt it.

Bella followed me into the kitchen. I asked her if she wanted to ice her biscuits as we hadn’t iced them yesterday with all the exhaustion. She was happy to climb up the step ladder so she could reach the side. I helped her make the icing mixture in the bowl.

Then she wanted me to ice the cookies and she was happy to place the paw patrol pictures ontop. She was a bit grumpy when I told her she couldn’t have one yet but I said I would let her know when they were dry and she could have one.

Bella went back into the living room while I did the washing up. I asked her what film she wanted to watch, she chose Bolt.

About 15 minutes into the film I could hear Bella crying from the living room. I found her one the sofa all upset at the part of the film where Penny isn’t allowed to tell Bolt she’s ok. I reassured her that it was all ok and that Bolt and Penny would be ok. After 10 minutes of cuddles she was happy for me to go back into the kitchen and continue with the washing up. I was also dipping into Keeping up with the Kardashians. I don’t normally watch it but I thought I’d give season 16 ago.

By the time I’d finished the washing Daly had woken up and joined us downstairs. I snuggled on the sofa with Bella and gave her cuddles for the 20 minutes of the film. I knew she was going to find it tough so I was glad I was there to be there for her.

We were going to go down the pub like we normally do on a Tuesday. There was a pub quiz there tonight so I was looking forward to that. Daly dropped us off at the pub on his way to work. I deliberately took the pram in with me so I knew Bella could curl up and go to sleep. I’d been humming and haing about taking Bella out but she was going to do the exact same thing at home as she was going to do while out and at least this way she got a little bit of fresh air as well. She wasn’t throwing up, shes got a temperature, no appetite and is sleepy. Not much I can do about it sadly.

We had taken our lovely Orb pram with us as it can be turned in to the carry cot and I knew that way Bella could snuggle up in a little ball like she loves to and I don’t have to worry about it tipping over if she puts all her weight towards the back. I had found a moses basket mattress for it so it was a little bit comfortable for her.

When we got to the pub, Bella was awake for about 45 minutes. She had climbed on to my lap for cuddles and ended up dropping off. I popped her in the pram and made sure it was facing the wall so no body would disturb her. I also popped a blanket over the top to keep the sun out of her eyes. She slept on while I chatted to Cathy.

About 4.30ish I decided to walk into town. I needed to pick up a few bits. Most importantly some blister plasters. I had a wicked one on my left heel so anything to help it was definitely needed. I bumped into one of my friend’s mums in town and stopped and had a chat with her before stopping at a Greggs to get a sausage roll.

I walked back to the pub, I had thought about going to SportsDirect and grabbing a jumper as I was freezing but there is no lift in our SportsDirect and the woman’s section is upstairs. Instead I went back to the pub to sit with Cathy.

Bella woke up shortly after and wanted to sit with me to watch Paw Patrol. Zach turned up shortly after with his dinner. There was a pub quiz tonight and Zach had come down to the pub after work so he could join in. He tried giving Bella some chips but she wasnt interested. She was slowly falling asleep while watching the iPad. Eventually she crashed again so I popped her in the pram and left her to sleep in the corner.

Dawn and Grant turned up with Auntie Becky ready for the pub quiz. Grandad wasn’t happy Bella was asleep, he loves to play with his Boo but she was out for the count, nothing was going to wake her but the best thing for her at the moment is sleep. It’s not nice having a poorly girl. She slept most of the evening at the pub quiz, occasionally surfacing for hugs but she was just very tired all evening. Hopefully she will start to feel better soon and she’ll be back to herself.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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