Where it all began – 8th May 2019

We went to Kidzone today. The place where my first blog was from. Although Bella was under the weather I thought she’d enjoy going to the soft play and running around. She normally can’t get enough of it.

It’s been a miserable day today. Because of all the rain Bella and I got ready at home and then went and picked up Rachel from hers. Normally she walks up but if she’d done that today she would have looked like someone had tried to drown her. We went and met Rachel and then set off to Kidzone.

When we arrived and Kidzone the weather was still miserable but Bella seemed quite happy that we were at the soft play and she always loves seeing all the animals on the outside of the building. She pointed out the monkey, the tiger and the snake when we got there.

It seemed really busy today. Normally we are able to get a table near the entrance but today we ended up down the side of the building on a sofa. Bella was very clingy so I went in the soft play with her.

First up she wanted to go down the wobbly slide to Rachel but was upset Rachel wasn’t in the ball pit at the bottom of the slide instead she was outside behind the net. Eventually she built up the courage to go down the slide but it had taken a lot of encouragement.

I thought she was going to go down the windy slide but everytime she climbed up to it she would want to go back down the steps. She was still being a bit clingy so I just followed her around letting her do her thing.

She was quite happy climbing around through tunnels and over bridges. Still checking I was with her but quite happy.

She found the giant swing balls, which normally she will play with for ages. Pushing them up and down the area, asking me to sit her on them and then push her. Today, however, she pushed the balls up and down once and then asked me to sit her on one. But she got off half way across the area and was done.

We found the ball pits, another area that is a huge hit. First we tried to make the balls float, adding more and more to the blowing machine but Bella quickly got bored so we headed into the other ball pit. In the other ball pit there are suction tubes up to the ceiling. You put the balls in the tubes and their all collected in a tub overhead and then released. This wasn’t working very well today. The tubes had got jammed so none of the balls were collecting in the tub. I showed Bella what to do however but a little boy came into the ball pit and he was putting balls in the tube. Bella became extremely upset and wanted to get out all because there was someone else doing the same thing. There was my first clue she still wasn’t right, normally shes very good at sharing even if at first shes a bit shy.

We got out of the ball pit and went and found auntie Rachel. Bella curled up on the sofa next to me as if she didn’t want to play anymore so Rachel took her hand and off they went to play. Well look at the snacks. As it seemed Bella was hungry I moved all our bits to a table and said I’d get Bella a snack. Bella did play for a little bit in one of the slide ball pits with Rachel. That was before she lined all our shoes on the steps.

Bella chose some strawberries and a caramel shortbread as her snack. I wasnt sure if she was going to eat the shortbread as I couldn’t remember having it before but she actually gave it a good go. She wasnt too interested in her food she just wanted to sit on my lap and cuddle.

Rachel and I ate Bellas strawberries for her and we enjoyed some drinks before deciding we’d make a move. Bella really wasn’t wanting to play so it seemed pointless staying there when Rachel and I were starting to get hungry.

We decided to drive into Chatham to get some lunch and so I could visit Primark. I discovered this morning I should have bought some leggings when I went shopping and I also wanted some socks.

First stop food and of course it was good old McDonalds. Today in McDonalds they had these family table cloths that are massive sheets of paper with colouring bits and activities to do. We ordered our food and then went and found some where to sit upstairs. Rachel and Bella entertained themselves colouring in the table cloth while we waited for our food.

Bella only had a mouth full of chicken nugget and refused to eat anymore so we kept hold of her food to see if she fancied it later.

When we set foot outside after lunch the heavens had opened again so we made a quick dash for Primark. Inside Rachel and I split up like normal and went our separate ways. I found some leggings but no socks I liked. I also picked up a few more summer tops and a cute rainbow Mickey mouse backpack.

Daly is on nights at the moment so we had to go home so I could get the car back for Daly. Trying to get home was a mission, it took us forever where the traffic was so bad. I knew Daly needed some dinner for work so to save Daly heading into town traffic I stopped to pick him up a microwave dinner from Food Warehouse.

We were so grateful to get home, especially as Bella seemed to be needing cuddles and sleep again. It may not have been a very exciting day or as active as we wanted but we achieved our goal of going out together on Wednesday.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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