Faversham Transport Festival Part 1 – 18th May 2019

Time for tradition. We always used to go to the transport festival with mum and dad. It became a bit of an annual tradition. This year felt like it was going to be a bit of a downer. Daly was working so he couldn’t go with me and I wasn’t going alone. Too many people would send my anxiety through the roof. Dalys parents however enjoy going so we decided we would go together. Grant could show Bella all the different vehicles and I can do some photography.

Daly being at work meant we didn’t have a car so we were catching the bus today. Bella did amazing and managed to walk nearly the whole way to the bus stop. She only ended up in the pram because we passed the park and there was a massive gap in the fence, meaning Bella disappeared through the gap and wanted to play. We didn’t have time to play at the park today. She was not happy about that so she had to go in the pram just so we could continue our journey.

Turns out we got to the bus stop a little early so we stood and waited for the bus, we were joined by a few more people. Soon the bus stop became pretty busy. Eventually we could see the bus come over the hill. We got on the bus and found a seat near the front. Luckily I didn’t need to fold down the pram as that’s a nightmare especially with all the bags and stuff you need for a toddler not to mention my bag.

Bella sat on my lap for the bus journey and we sang the wheels on the bus. We also looked out the windows to see what we could find. Bella pointed out lots of trees but got a bit muddled with her colours. She told me the trees were blue not green. Oh well we’re still practicing our colours. She’s getting better.

Soon we turned up at Grandma and Grandads. We were getting a lift to the festival with them. So we got off the bus and went and saw them. We stopped for a little bit and Bella wanted to explore the garden. This child loves to be outdoors. She kept going round and round the garden. She found Winnie curled up in the grass at the back of the garden. Grandma had some washing she needed hanging out before we left. Bella was very keen to help out. She loves to help me with the washing so no surprise she wanted to help Grandma. Sadly she isn’t able to actually reach the washing line but she always wants to give it a go.

We loaded the car up and headed off. When we got to Faversham town we started off walking up West Street. We were on the hunt for transport. We couldn’t find any in the market place instead it was full of stalls. We headed to the swimming pool car park to see if there was anything there. Again nothing – it was not going well so far. We went back to the market place and walked up Preston Street.

Preston Street had market stalls along it but we didn’t come across any vehicles until we made it to the very top of Stone Street. Up by the coach works there were several buses. And a fire engine that is normally at the transport festival from Hampshire County Fire Department.

We went in to the coach works to see what they had in there. They had a bus that is used for parties and events serving afternoon tea while it does tours of London. I really wanted to do it for my Hen Do but it was far too expensive. They had a few other buses in the depot but Bella was very taken by the miniature remote control trucks. She sat and watched them with Grandad. This was before she decided she wanted to try and get under the barriers to play with them.

She was extremely distressed that we’d stopped her. She wouldn’t stop crying. She just wanted to go play with the trucks.

There wasn’t much else to see really so we walked back down to the market place and looked around the market stalls. On our way down we passed the specsavers stall who were giving out balloons. Bella proudly walked along with her pretty purple balloon. While we were walking occasionally Dawn would dip into a charity shop and appear a few minutes later.

We walked round to Faversham Age UK who were holding a Spring Fair. Dawn had a go on the drinks tombola and walked away with a bottle of wine. We then had a go on the normal tombola. Dawn let me choose the tickets and she wasn’t impressed as I’d won some pushy up thingys. Suppose to make your push ups better. Apparently I’m not allowed to choose tickets anymore.

We weren’t too impressed with the transport festival. Ok that was an understatement. When you only see about 5 buses, a fire engine and some remote control trucks it doesn’t really seem a festival. A shame as it was my first time visiting on a Saturday at the Transport festival. However we plan to return for the second day to see if the day of cars is any better. We love some cars and it’s worth giving it ago. Don’t knock it until you try it they say.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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