Enjoying the weather and the bank holiday – 26th May 2019

We had a few jobs to get done today. Bella and I got up at half 9 so we could wake Daly up as he had some jobs to do as well. I woke Daly up at 10 so he had plenty of time to wake up fully before getting on with what we had planned for the day.

The first plan for the day was to clear out Rachel and Olis BBQ so we could drop it back to them. Rachel had told me last night that she wanted to hold a BBQ on Monday so we needed to get it back to her.

Daly eventually emerged and set about cleaning the BBQ. We could tell Bella was feeling better, she was happy to be out in the garden and playing.

Our next job for our Sunday morning was to go and pick up Bellas new pram. I like to have an umbrella stroller and a proper pram. Our stroller is still good but we’d been planning on getting a new one back in March. Now on a whim I’d had a look at Facebay yesterday and stumbled across the My Babiie stroller I had wanted in the colour I wanted, brand new in box, at a decent price and within 10 miles of home. It was too good to turn down.

So we headed off to go pick up this new stroller. It’s perfect. Its grey and mint green and far more padded then the blue Babiie I have. So we’re now going to get rid of the blue one and I get to enjoy my pretty new pram.

After we’d picked up the stroller I wanted to go to Asda so Bella could choose some knickers she liked as we have started potty training. She chose some pretty ones with unicorns on and two more basic block colour sets but we have plenty to keep us going. She also found a little Ariel doll that has glitter all over it. As I know she will actually play with it I was happy to buy it for her. She loves to put her little figures in her bus and take them on rides.

I was starting to feel hungry and Bella was getting grumpy in the back of the car so I suggested going to McDonalds to get some lunch.

After lunch we went home for a little bit. Daly went upstairs to put his phone on charge and never came back. He had fallen asleep. I had been feeling sick and tired so I ended up crashing out on the living room floor. For some reason I was also freezing so I ended up snuggling up under mums blanket.

Bella was extremely well behaved and happily played with her toys and making dinner with her kitchen. About half an hour before I woke up she went and took Daly some dinner. I woke up when Daly and Bella came downstairs. Bella wanted some juice and so was asking for a drink.

We eventually all woke up and got ourselves sorted to go down the pub. They were having a charity quiz tonight so we were all going down to support it.

When we got down there Dalys parents, his sister and Hannah were already down there. We also found Richard, Char and Jess enjoying a drink or two before they were heading home. They weren’t staying for the quiz though.

While we were sitting chatting and enjoying some burgers it started to rain. To stay out of the rain, Grant hid under the arch way. Bella went and joined him. She loves her Grandad.

After a very quick shower the rain stopped. Bella was enjoying herself dancing along to the music and swishing her dress around. She was laughing when Grandma tried to dance with her but was quite happy to dance with Cathy.

As it got later we started to drift inside the pub to get ready for the quiz. Rachel and Oli were coming down to join us at the quiz. Rachel loves pub quizzes. We also love a bit of bingo but we haven’t been able to do that yet.

We had a lovely evening all laughing and joking – we did shocking on the quiz though. It was really hard. I mean like national pub quiz level hard.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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