Fun at home – 29th May 2019

I had jobs I needed to get done today but I’ve have felt so sick all day. It’s been rubbish. We started our morning planning to hit the potty training hard again. Bella was extremely cooperative this morning.

To give her a bit of extra achievement when she uses the potty I’ve bought her a fairy house rather than a sticker chart or a marble jar. I also thought that way when potty training is over we already have a reward system in place that can be used over and over again. The cute thing is about the little fairy house is Bella can personalise it. It came with several sheets of fairy and wildlife stickers that we can use to stick on the house. I’ve already done her name over the doorway but the rest of the house is for Bella to decorate.

We set about this morning decorating her fairy house. Bella chose the stickers she wanted to use. I peeled them off the backing paper and then she stuck them on the house. She chose some bunnys and flowers. However she only decided to decorate one wall of the house and not the others but I didn’t want to force her to decorate the house. I’ve learnt to take things at Bella’s speed. If I don’t push and hurry her I don’t end up with a fall out afterwards. It’s a case of choosing my battles. If we have the time we go at Bella’s pace.

Bella was extremely well behaved considering how ill I was. I was not feeling like doing anything today. It sucked because I needed to go into town to do jobs but I was exhausted and could not shake this horrible sick feeling.

All morning Bella enjoyed playing with her farm tractor and the farm animals. She kept lining them up together on one side of the carpet and then going ‘Ready, steady, go!’ However little plastic animals do not run on their own and Bella needed a little reminding of this. She then would make them run across the carpet in pairs.

Once the animals had stopped racing they were feeling in a very loving mood. Bella loves to make her toys kiss. I have to be grateful though. Her toys kissing is far better than them fighting. I remember Leanne bought her some Paw Patrol cars for her first birthday and Bella spent the rest of the day making them crash into each other and making them scream. Slightly worrying but at least we’ve moved on from those days. Now its kisses and hugs all round.

I had had to put new batteries in Bella’s tractor when we had our games night on Friday – we used it as a buzzer when we played Family Fortunes. Bella loves putting the animals in and making the noises. She enjoys pushing the exhaust on the tractor as it makes it run across the carpet chugging. Also if you push the farmer down he goes ‘Yee Haw!’ And then sings Old McDonald.

After a morning of Bella playing with tractor and animals we settled down to watch a film. We decided on the Bee Movie. I thought it was something different rather than the usual stuff we watch. Turns out Bella really enjoyed it and was happy to snuggle down and watch the film. I was quite grateful as I’d been feeling more and more ill as the day went on. During the film I spent a lot of my time trying to Google cures for nausea. I’d honestly rather throw up than feel constantly sick.

My googling didn’t bring up much success so instead Bella and I snuggled down and we both dozed off for a bit. A perfect way to spend our afternoon while we waited for Daly to finish work.

Our afternoon didn’t progress very much more but it didn’t matter at least it meant I had a chance to relax and try to feel better. Not that it worked but I tried.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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