Craving sugar biscuits – 7th June 2019

This morning my got up and go, got up and went. I had originally planned to get Bella over to her Grandparents at about 10/10.30am but that did not happen. I set my alarm for 9am so I had about an hour to get up and get ready. However Bella decided she was wide awake at 10 to 9 so I popped Now TV on for her as I was not prepared to wake up yet. My body was not feeling it, I felt completely drained. My alarm went off at 9am and Bella gave me my phone. I turned the alarm off and rolled over and fell back asleep. This happened 3 times. Like I said I was not prepared to wake up.

I eventually woke up to Bella asking for a drink. I hunted all over the bed for her drink cup but couldn’t find it anywhere. I asked Bella where cup was and she showed me. It was on the floor on the wrong side of the stair gate. I’m not sure when she threw it out of the room. But I was up out of bed and we went downstairs.

It was miserable outside today, suck a shame considering how gorgeous it was yesterday. I dressed Bella in some joggers and a long sleeved top and we sorted out her bag to get going. We got in the car and headed to Daly’s parents. I dropped Bella off with them. Her head was already stuck in a film when I left. She’d chosen to watch Cars 3.

I needed to get some fresh items of shopping, all the bits I hadn’t picked up yesterday. I wandered round the store, trying to be sensible and not pick up lots of random things.It’s so hard when your hungry though. You end up wanting to pick up everything that looks remotely tasty. I really had to fight that urge. I think I succeeded though. I didn’t spend a stupid amount and got everything I wanted.

The checkout was a nightmare though. I mean it’s always lucky dip when you choose a checkout but I chose wrong. There was two women in front of me together doing their shop. At a guess I think they were elderly mother with adult daughter. They’d split their shopping into two. First lot goes through and then it comes time to pay. The ‘daughter’ pulls out a handful of nectar vouchers and openly admits she never checks them so doesn’t know what they are for or if they’re even in date. She then made the checkout girl scan every voucher to see if any of them are usable. Guess what! Nope! Then to drag this whole thing out longer. She made the checkout girl scan all the vouchers again for the next lot of shopping she had. And once again none of them were usable.

Eventually I was able to get my shopping through the checkout. It took forever. I have no problem with people being slow and taking their time. But when it’s something you could have done yourself. Like check the dates on your vouchers. Don’t make the checkout girl scan them twice for no reason.

When I got home I made Daly and I bacon rolls. I’d been fancying them yesterday when I bought the rolls but I was too tired to go back around the store to pick up bacon after I’d picked up the rolls. It was nice to have a chilled afternoon just the two of us.

We spent the rest of the afternoon, before Daly went to work, catching up with our YouTube subscriptions. Daly was watching videos on cars while I was watching my family vlogs. I love watching OKBaby. They are a family of 5 now that I’ve been following for over 3 years. Their middle child is only 5 days older than Bella so I loved watching their blogs and being able to follow their pregnancy journey along side my own. It’s made me extremely broody the last 9 months or so as they’ve just had their 3rd child. I love watching their vlogs. I wish I had the confidence to vlog. It’s a wonderful way to capture memories but for the time being blogging will be the way I go.

Daly sadly had to go to work so we said goodbye and I continued to watch my vlogs for awhile before doing a bit of tidying – not that you’d be able to tell now. I did the hoovering and emptied the bins. I also did a bit of washing and hung up all the stuff that had all ready been washed. I need the sun to come back out so Bella can have her playroom back. At the moment that’s my drying room.

Yesterday I was craving some sugar biscuits. I love them with icing. Because of this I actually bought some flour this morning despite or the bad luck I’ve had with flour. I was just crossing my fingers that there were no weevils in my flour this time. I’m just getting sick of finding them and having to throw out almost full bags of flour. I don’t want to keep being so wasteful.

As Daly was out and I bought the flour I thought I’d make myself some sugar biscuits. I have a recipe that I downloaded and printed off of Twinkl for when I do cooking with Bella. Just because Bella wasn’t here didn’t mean I couldn’t use the recipe. I love the fact their so easy to make. All you need is plain flour, butter, an egg yolk, and caster sugar. Your suppose to put vanilla extract in it but I don’t like vanilla.

I gathered all the ingredients together and the equipment I needed before measuring out all the ingredients.

I mixed all the ingredients together following the instructions. I had halved the recipe as for some reason the recipe Twinkl have is to make 30 biscuits. I did not need 30. I say for some reason but then again Twinkl is for mainly schools and nurserys and the average class size over here in the UK is 30 so it makes sense that way I suppose. But I did not need 30.

Even though I followed the instructions fully just halving the amounts the mixture still seemed really soggy when it came to rolling it out and cutting it in to biscuits. I tried to make it a bit more solid by adding more flour but if really didn’t seem to work. It kept sticking to the rolling pin and work surface. And even when I picked up the biscuits to lay them on the baking trays. They were sticking on the counter and splitting when I picked them up. It really annoyed me.

I eventually got them all on the trays and the trays in the oven. They were suppose to cook for 15 minutes. They were cooking nicely but the biscuits spread so bad. My biscuits went from nice circles to spreading and filling the tray like one giant biscuit.I also managed to burn at least 2 of the biscuits. I can safely saying baking is not my strong point. I need to leave it to Bella and Rachel.

When the biscuits were cooked I took them out of the oven and left them of a cooling rack so they could cool before I iced them. After about half an hour the biscuits were cool enough to ice. I made the icing and did a rubbish job of icing them. They don’t look great but I don’t care, they were just being made to calm my craving.

I sat down and relaxed for an hour or so watching TV before I cooked myself some dinner. Just after I finished my own dinner there was a banging on my door. I was a little bit surprised to hear banging and a bit confused.. I had no idea what that banging was and then the doorbell went. I wandered to answer the door thinking who on earth is that and then I saw the red hair through the window. Instantly it all made sense. Dalys parents were back with Bella and it had been Bella that had knocked on my door.

It was lovely Bella had come home in such a happy mood. She ran into the house and needed a little bit of encouragement to say goodbye to Grandma and Grandad. Once they had gone Bella went back to her colouring that she had taken with her today. She was a bit upset I wouldn’t let her colour in my diary but I like my diaries to stay neat.

Before bed I let Bella play a little bit on my old phone on her games. She chose to play her dinosaur jigsaw game. She loves her dinosaurs. She got bored with that after awhile so decided to watch some cartoons but sadly too soon bed time came so she had to say goodbye to the phone.

Not a very busy day but I think a relaxing day is needed once a week. We’re off to see a friend tomorrow so we’ll see you then.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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