Photo shoots – 15th June 2019

I finally pulled my finger out and booked my photo shoot with my friends Jess and Joe. I had said about doing a couples shoot with them back in November but the day we had arranged to do it was the first weekend mum was in hospital so because of all the chaos of being up the hospital and then sorting things out it just kept being pushed back. And with Jess working and Joe being busy it means it’s been very hard for me to get hold of both of them. Last night Uncle Wayne had spoken to me about sorting myself out and building my photography portfolio and it obviously worked because I immediately booked this shoot. I’ve got a few more I need to book but this is still a start.

I had arranged to meet Joe and Jess at 11am at where we were going to do the shoot. A nice country park near where they live. Only problem I had to get me and a toddler ready. Although Daly was at home, he’s working nights so I couldn’t wake him to ask him to have her. That’s not fair. Instead she was coming with me.

I messaged Jess at half 10 informing her we were attempting to get up and ready but it was a bit of a struggle. Luckily she was having the same problem. I got Bella and I dressed. Put the big pram into the car, as it’s better in woods and on mud. I made sure I had all my camera equipment and gave Bella some breakfast before we jumped in the car to set off and find Joe and Jess.

When I arrived at the venue I sent them a message to let them know I was there. It wasn’t long before they appeared. Bella was very excited to see the pair of them. I got the pram out but Bella wanted to walk with Jess. Joe pushed the pram for me and off we went into the country park.

Now this experience was a bit weird for me. I prefer events and just taking those candid photos. This was a little different because I had to ask them to pose and then tell them where to look. I found a tree I liked and it was quite handy having Bella there because I’d ask her to pose somewhere and then ask Joe and Jess. I took some cute photos of Bella with the tree and then got some couplely ones of Joe and Jess together.

We continued round the park and Bella enjoyed climbing everywhere with Jess helping her. Joe would help everytime there was a steep hill or a drop.

We found a bit of decking that looked over one of the fishing lakes and I asked Joe and Jess to go down onto it while I stood on the shore in the trees (like a crazy person) and took a photo from the distance. These were a little tricky as my lens isn’t great at distances. It’s better for close up portraits. Bella went down with them and I joined them to take some close ups. Joe kept throwing stones into the water to create splashes for me but also to get the other two wet.

We walked round to find a tree for them to climb. While we were walking down the path Bella noticed a group of massive puddles behind us and she ran for them. Normally this wouldn’t bother me. She’s a kid, what’s the harm in her splashing in puddles. But today she had decided to wear her smart sandals. I screamed at Joe and he went running after her.

We walked down towards the lakes Joe, Jess and Bella all crouched by the waterfront throwing stones into the water. I got some really love couple photos of Joe and Jess by the water. I say lovely, it was photos that were more them. They were trying to strangle each other.

Joe was taking us round to a tree that he knew they would be able to climb so knew I could get some good photos of them. When we got round by the climbing tree there was a group of boys on the tree so instead we took a few more photos by the water. Joe and Jess were helping Bella find stones that she could throw into the water. While they were throwing stones a swan came swimming over from the other side of the lake. Joe and Jess were a bit weary of the swan. Especially when the male swan came swimming over and started hissing at Bella and them.

Luckily at this point the boys had left so we were able to go up to the tree. Bella had got a bit fed up walking round and mummy taking photos so we popped her in the pram and she played some of her Bimi Boo games on the iPad that are specifically designed for Bella’s age.

We went up to the tree and Joe and Jess climbed the tree and I was able to get a few photos of them in the tree. Before instructing them to sit on a branch so I could take some nice photos from behind them. They then went and stood by the waterfront and I got some pretty photos of them all couplely by the water. We’d been really lucky with the weather.

Joe had suggested going to a different woods with his friend Kayne and taking some photos of the boys on the bikes so I can add sports photos to my portfolio. We decided we should stop for some lunch first. So we popped into Sainsburys to pick up something to eat. Bella was very whinny the whole way round the store luckily Joe helped and carried her and distracted her for me. I let her choose some sprinkle donuts which was a good idea except she cried for them in the car the whole way to the new woods.

Once we got to the woods she was asleep. We all sat in the car waiting for Kayne to turn up so we could set off into the woods. We had popped Joe’s bike in the boot and Kayne soon turned up with his bike. We popped Bella in the pram and set off to where the boys ride. We made our way to a clearing where a range of ramps and jumps are set up.

Jess watched Bella for me while I followed the boys round to all the best jumps. It was nothing like I’d ever photographed before but I’m so proud with the photos I managed to achieve. I got some amazing ones of the boys coming off the jumps. Proper catching some air. The great thing is they loved the photos as well. That’s the main thing.

After a while we had to leave as I still had some bits I needed to get done for fathers day. Before we left, Kayne and Joe both gave Bella rides on their bikes. She loved it and was very upset when she had to get off the bikes and go home.

We trecked back to the car and chucked the bike in the boot so we could head home. I dropped Joe and Jess home and Snapchatted Daly to let him know I’d finished. I knew he was going to either be at work or on his way to work but I had thought about going up to see him at work as he hadn’t seen Bella.

Turned out he was at his parents round the corner so we quickly popped there to say hello. We only got to spend about 5 minutes with Daly before he had to go to work. I stayed and chatted with Dawn and Grant and said about how I needed to go into town with Bella to go get a father’s day card for Daly. Dawn needed to pick up some cards as well so I offered to take her with me.

We went into town and went into Card Factory to choose some cards. I showed Bella lots of cards but she said no to all of them. It was getting extremely frustrating. Eventually Bella found a card she wanted but we still needed to find one for Grandad. Bella wasn’t feeling it. She tried to escape out the door with her card at least 3 times so in the end Dawn chose a card for Grandad as Bella wasn’t willing to and I was too busy chasing her.

We bought the cards and then dropped Dawn at Sainsburys on our way home. After a very busy day I was looking forward to going home and relaxing.

Night all and let’s see was adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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