Father’s Day – 16th June 2019

Once again a slow start. I give up with my alarm clock at the moment. I set it to go off every half an hour in the morning and I’m still falling asleep during it. There are times when even Bella brings me my alarm or turns it off herself. She’s got too smart or decided she needed to find a way to make it to stop because it’s so noisy.

Now I needed to go and get some photos printed this morning for Grant’s present from Bella. I had planned on doing it yesterday evening but I was too tired from being out all day. I mean I nearly didn’t go into town to buy Father’s Day cards so one out of two jobs done is pretty good.

I got Bella and I up and dressed and told her we were going out in the car. It didn’t seem to bother her this morning. Recently there’s been screaming everytime I try to put her in the car and she refuses to sit in her seat. Even her new one she doesn’t want to sit in.

We headed over to the Island to go to their Tescos. I prefer using Tescos for photos over Boots. I’ve never had any problems printing or ordering photos from a Tescos photo booth but had many failures with a Boots machine. Normally it takes us 15 minutes to get over on to the island but today the traffic was horrific. Every road leading into the main town on the island was rammed. And I mean every route. I’ve come to the conclusion that everyones dad lives in the town but all the kids live away so had to drive to see their fathers. we were crawling for half an hour into town. I could see cars behind me turn around but I hope they went home rather than using another route because they were all as slow.

We eventually made it to Tescos with a grumpy Bella. She was especially grumpy when I put her in the pram to go into the store but after my last few attempts of trying to shop with her walking I was not in the mood to chance it. We found the photo booth and I set about printing the photos. I had managed to print out all the photos I’d needed in 2 minutes and the child was still contained and hadn’t run anywhere.

I thought while we were there we’d have a little look round the store. Just as we were walking through the clothing department this young man I guess I’ll call him jumped in front of me. It took me a minute or two to realise who it was. I actually recognised his sister first before I realised it was my friends son. The whole family was there. His dad asked me what I was doing on the island considering I don’t live on it and we also chatted about how we had been. His son has shot up and is nearly as tall as me. Don’t think I can refer to him as my favourite little man. He’s not so little any more. We said our goodbyes and set off back to our shopping.

I couldn’t really find anything I wanted but I thought I’d treat Daly to some bacon rolls as it was fathers day. Bella carried the rolls and the bacon for me to the check out. She loves helping. Once they had gone through the check out I gave her them back and we went out to the car.

The screaming started as soon as I took the bacon and rolls off her so I could pop her in her seat and strap her in. She was devastated I’d taken them off her so I quickly returned them. Just as I was about to leave Daly messaged me asking where we were so I sent him a photo of Bella with her goodies and told him we’d be home soon.

Bella fell asleep on the drive home and didn’t even wake when I moved her inside. Daly was not impressed considering it was Father’s Day, he wanted daddy cuddles. I set about making bacon rolls in the kitchen while I also set about making and wrapping the presents we had for Daly and Grant.

Bella had painted a canvas for Daly for Father’s Day but when I showed it to her this morning she was extremely upset that there was still white on it, even though she had told me it was finished when we painted it.So we left that for another time so she could finish painting it.

While I was cooking Daly wrote his card to his dad. He wasn’t impressed I’d left all the cards in the same bag together but I’ve been too tired and busy to do things like that.

I made my bacon rolls then set about writing Bella’s cards. We have never really celebrated Father’s Day as its an American holiday and Dad didn’t like the American holidays so it’s something we’ve incorporated since Bella was born as Daly’s family celebrates. She was still refusing to wake up. In the end Daly managed to wake her but she wasn’t happy about it.

While I was getting sorted to go see his dad as we were all meeting at the pub as it’s central to all of us Daly got Bella to write her cards. Including his! She refused to put daddy’s card in the envelope though, she wanted to give it to him there and then. She didn’t want to give him cuddles and kisses with it though. I made Bella a pack lunch to take to the pub, we gathered all the presents and off we went.

When we got to the pub Daly’s parents were already there. We went in and Grandad was very happy to see Bella. Bella however had become a mummy’s girl since waking up, she wouldn’t leave my side. Even when Grandad had her fruit shoot and opened it for her. She still wanted to sit on mummy’s lap.

She became less clingy when she realised Grandma and Daddy had gone outside. That girl loves to be outside, so she was happy she was aloud as there were adults outside. When the adults came in Bella followed and I encouraged her to give Grandad and daddy their presents. Grandad loved his present. We had got him a photo cube with photos of him and Bella together. Including their first ever selfie, there’s been a lot since. It also had a photo of Daly and Grant together from our wedding and one of me and Grant at a carnival as it was kinda a family present. So it had photos of all three of us with Grant

Daly recieved an activity book for him and Bella to do together. Nathan came up with the suggestion of photocopy some of the pages so we can do the same activities in a few years time and see how much things have changed. I thought it was a brilliant idea considering Bella is changing every day.

Sadly it was time for Daly to head to work. We said our goodbyes and waited for Paige to turn up. Not long after she arrived with a balloon for her dad and some presents. He recieved some dad dancing cards where you get points for every dad dance you do. i said we should take them with us to parties and pull them out to score him while he’s dancing.

We sat and chatted and Bella had cuddles with Grandad and Paige. She was also enjoying eating all of Uncle Nathan’s chocolate biscuits that Grandma kept giving her. Sadly soon it was time for Dawn and Grant to go home. We said our goodbyes and Bella and I decided it was time to head home as well.

Once we got home Bella happily played cleaning. She was trying to was all my windows and even cleaned her toy kitchen. She really likes cleaning at the moment. It’s quite handy as it means she’s actually willing to tidy up things. While she was cleaning I started on the photos from yesterdays shoot. There was a lot to edit so it was good I could get some done.

After a while Bella wanted to snuggle up with me and watch Nick Jr. So we did that while we had something to eat. A lovely way to end the day.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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