Bluewater Primark here we come – 19th June 2019

Today was our family day. Well mine and my sister’s day. Daly’s on nights so he’s asleep. Rachel had text me yesterday asking me if we were going to do anything today. I hadn’t thought of anything so we had discussed trying to think of something to do. Before I had had a chance to think of anything Rachel had come up with two options – going to Bluewater, a huge shopping centre within an hour of where we live, or the beach. Now the weather forecast for today wasn’t looking great so I chose the safer option – shopping.

We normally aim to get out of the house about 10/10.30ish so I’d set my alarm for 9am. Not that that worked. I was eventually woken by the doorbell. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs thinking it was Rachel at the door. I was wrong though. Rachel had already let herself in and had been sitting in the living room playing with the cats. Rachel had answered the door to the postman who had a package for me. I popped back upstairs and got Bella out of bed.

The package was actually for Bella. Rachel is having a BBQ for Oli’s birthday and they are having the pool up so as long as the weather is good it’ll be a pool party too. I had ordered Bella so inflatables to use in the pool. While scrolling through Facebook I had seen an advert from JD William for an Ariel inflatable set for only £9.99. Ok I had to pay another 3 quid I think on top for postage but the set definately seems worth the money.

Inside the box was a beach ball, a set of armbands, a body board float and a rubber ring. For offical Disney princess merchandise I’m not going to scoff at spending £10. Sadly Bella was only able to get the box out of the package and Rachel open it up for her so she could see what was inside but we didn’t have time to blow any of them up. Bella and I got dressed and then I popped the car seat in Rachels car so we could get a move on.

The drive to Bluewater was uneventful although I had forgotten how scary Rachel’s driving was. I’m such a wimp as a passenger in a car. I hate other peoples driving. I don’t like the idea that I’m not in control. Anyone would think I have control issues.

We made it to Bluewater and parked up by Primark. We planned on doing Primark last as that was likely to be where we would buy the most stuff. We then made our way into the shopping centre. Now Bluewater is split into two levels and goes round in a triangle. We decided to start with the lower level and walk round the bottom first as that is where the food court was.

We took a wander round. Now as great as Bluewater is it seems to have 3 kinda levels of store to it. One side tends to be really high end brands – stores I’m never going to enter in a million years, Then there is a step down to sort of mid end brands – these stores we kind of look in but it’s more a browsing and only special occasion shopping and then the final side is your regular highstreet stores.

We wandered round the lower level and checked out stores such as Ann Summers, Victoria Secret, Mothercare, and of course the Disney Store. The Disney Store is right next to the food court so we hit this before going to get some lunch. In the Disney store Bella dragged me round to look at the costumes and the doll sets. She was extremely excited by the TV screens around the store and that made it very hard to actually browse it properly. While we were looking at the Princess dolls a worker came and told us that they would be doing a magic show at the front of the store soon.

As we were having a nice leisurely shop and knew we probably wouldn’t end up shopping in many shops. We went and sat down at the front of the store in front of the large TV screen they had there. Bella loved watching the music videos that were being shown on the screen and she snuggled up on my lap to wait for the show. We were joined by several other children and their parents. The Disney store employee came and asked if Bella wanted to be her special helper. Bella was happy to help but I sat with her to help her.

Soon the screen changed to Mickey and Minnie and the little magic show began. At the section of the show Mickey and Minnie needed their helper the employee gave Bella the wand to wave. We all said the magic words while Bella waved the wand and Donald and Daisy duck appeared.

After the magic show Bella received a sticker as well as Rachel and I. Rachel’s going to put her’s in her Disney scrap book and I saved my for if Bella’s sticker fell off. Bella wanted to wear her sticker so we popped it on her and then decided it was time to go get some lunch.

We headed in to the food court to go get some lunch. We headed to the back of the court to go to McDonalds but shock horror there was no McDonalds anymore. Instead there was a sign saying that the McDonalds was going through a referb and therefore was closed for the time being. Oh well the good thing was we were in a food court so we had plenty of places to choose from – Nando’s, KFC, Pizza Hut etc.

We decided to head into Pizza Hut for lunch to make the most of their lunchtime buffet. And Bella likes her pizza. We went in and were seated straight away in a quiet section. When the waiter came over to place our order we asked for two buffet lunches and unlimited refills for Rachel and I and a kids buffet for Bella. He however was having none of it. He told us we could go up but that Bella was too small for the buffet. I wasn’t too sure what this meant. I didn’t know if he thought Bella wouldn’t eat too much so he wasn’t going to charge us for it or she was eating for free. Like I said I didn’t know.

Anyways we went up to get our lunch. Rachel went up first while I sat with Bella. Next it was my turn. I went and grabbed Bella a bowl of salad with some of her favourites. She didn’t seem too interested in her salad but she was pumped for pizza. Bella loves pizza. I went and got her three slices of pizza. This is why I thought the guy was crazy for saying Bella was too small for the kids buffet. She eats more than me. Finally it was time for me to grab my salad and pizza. I decided to get some pepperoni and margarita. The margarita was not great though. I don’t like the taste of the cheese on it’s own. It tastes gross.

We enjoyed our lunch. Rachel even went up for seconds making the most of the buffet. Eventually we finished and it was time to settle the bill. Now the waiter was well aware Bella had eaten from the buffet. I mean we had the plastic salad bowl and plate sat in her place and everytime he walked past he smiled at me so we went trying to sneak Bella food. However he let Bella eat for free. Which was a massive bonus as I was paying for lunch.

We carried on with our shopping. Finshing the lower level and moved on to the upper level. Once again we didn’t find much. We didn’t really look in any of the shops. We did visit the Lego store. Bella had a wonderful time in the Lego store. First she started playing in the Duplo section while I was looking at the various sets they had. I really like the Disney Duplo sets. Sadly they don’t make the Sleeping Beauty set anymore. I would love to get that for Bella. Especially with her love for Sleeping Beauty growing. We did however manage to get Bella the Little Mermaid set with Ariel and Eric.

I decided to go look at the Lego technics. Both Daly and his dad love the technics so I was trying to get some ideas for Christmas. While I looked at the technics, Bella found the Lego Friends that she could play with, although she seemed to be destroying what everyone else had made.

Rachel and Bella found this interactive display in the store. You placed your hand on a scanner and then the screen scanned you and told you which Lego character you were. Bella came out as Unikitty, Rachel was a chicken and I came out as one of the ninjago characters.

We left the Lego store and headed into Claire’s Accessories where Bella and I spent a long time looking at little jewellery sets perfect for Bella. I kept asking her if she wanted a set and showed her all the different sets – cherries, unicorns, stars etc. In the end she decided she didn’t want any jewellery sets. As we were walking out the shop Bella spotted a fairy set. I let Bella have the fairy set. She’s really taken to dressing up at the moment so I’m going to encourage her to dress up and do what makes her happy.

She wanted to put on the fairy outfit before we even left the shop. I dressed her in the little skirt with the wings and she carried her fairy wand. So rather than being out with Ariel today I was out with a fairy.

Our final stop was of course Primark. Now the Primark in Bluewater is huge. I’m not convinced it’s as big as they came it is. Now normally there is a way to go round the store and be able to hit every section in some sort of order. This one however there is no easy way to walk round it. You can’t do each section seperately. It’s all just a massive floor with racks spaced out evenly everywhere. So it was a bit difficult to look round but I tried.

I decided that for once I was going to resist buying bits for Bella. I always buy her bits but very rarely for me. It was all pretty basic stuff so no shopping haul today. We met up after finishing our shopping and made our way back to the car. Bella was gutted she had to take her wings off to get in the car. We had a lot of screaming and shouting but I eventually got her into the car and we were able to get on our way.

When we got home Rachel came in for a little bit but went home pretty soon. Bella and I spent our afternoon playing doctors on baby. She used the stethoscope correctly, listening for baby’s heart. Checking baby’s eyes, giving her medicine, checking her temperature and using a plaster on her arm to make baby feel better.

We had a lovely day shopping and a chilled evening just Bella and I.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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