All the Fun of the Fair – 21st June 2019

I’m going to the fair! I’m going to the fair! I’m going to the fair!

I love going to the funfair. Daly dropped me of at the fair on his way to go pick up Bella from her grandparents. I wandered into the fair and soon saw Oli and Rachel waiting in the queue for the cage. I quickly paid my money and jumped into the queue. I didn’t want to push my way through to get to them so I had to wait on my own.

Soon we were able to get on to the ride. There was no space next to Oli and Rachel so I ended up on the opposite side of the cage to them.

This is one of these rides where you stand in i circular cage and it spins round. As the G Force builds up the cage starts to tilt on it’s side. So instead of spinning horizontally you end up with the cage spinning vertically.

Soon we were spinning.

Considering I normally scream my head off on these rides, it didn’t bother me too much today. Although, just as the ride started to tilt I looked over at the grass and it made me feel so dizzy and sick. Luckily that passed. When we went on the ride at another funfair it felt like the ride went a bit faster. That was a bit worrying but none of us died or fell out.

Next to the cage was another spinning ride. The Twister. We decided to hit that one. You sit in a little carriage. Luckily we could fit three of us in one of these carriages. You suppose to put the biggest person on the outside. Me and Oli argued over who of us was the biggest. In the end Oli took the seat and I ended in the middle between Oli and Rachel. This ride was a bit like a washing machine. It span round in circles and also rotated. Every time the carriages rotated Rachel and I squashed Oli. It was funny.

Next up we headed over to Megadrive. It’s one of those rides that rotates up and down. Therefore making your stomach drop when the ride drops. I love this ride but it does make me scream. Sadly this time for some reason we didn’t get the full ride. Normally the ride rotates one way and then stops at the top and changes the way it drops. We didn’t get that though sadly. Maybe we should have gone on it again to get the full ride but oh well.

The last ride we went on was the good old Waltzers. I love them. This ride was pretty good. The Waltzer was so fast. It span really well. Annoyingly though the car on really wanted to spin one way but it was still a good ride.

I had sent Daly a text saying he should bring Bella down to the funfair. There were loads of rides aimed at young children.

While we were waiting for them Oli wanted to have a go on the shooting range. You had 4 pellets and you had to shoot through the 3 hearts on the target but weren’t able to hit the outlines of the hearts.

Oli gave it a go and managed to do pretty well. He didn’t manage to win a prize but he tried. He was able to shoot through the middle of one of the hearts but caught the edge of the other hearts.

I decided I wanted a go. I haven’t done any shooting in years. I still remembered how to load the gun and shoot but my eye sight is rubbish. So I just have to point and shoot. I think I did pretty well. I actually hit the target all four times but didn’t actually hit any of the hearts.

Daly had turned up with Bella just before I had my go. Daly loves shooting so it was his turn. He didn’t pretty well. He hit two of the hearts but sadly he caught the outline of one of the hearts. So we still didn’t win a prize.

Bella had seen the merrigoround behind us which had two Disney cars on it and two Disney lorries. I know Bella loves these rides and that was why I had invited her up. I let her go and choose which vehicle she wanted to go in. She chose Mickey’s lorry. She’s always a little wary before the ride starts but one it once it’s moving. She happy drove around in her truck. Grinning the whole time. It was great.

Next she wanted to go on the little Disney cars – that seemed to follow the old school ladybird ride. So it goes round and also goes over bumps in the track. Bella chose her car, a minion one, and off she went. I was a bit uneasy about her going on a ride that goes up and down. I didn’t know how she was going to react. But she loved it. She found it brilliant going over the little bumps.

When she got off the cars she saw the Disney planes. For some reason all the rides were Disney. Bella wanted to go in the Beauty and Beast plane. This I was even more unsure of. Bella had never done this sort of ride before. She was instant though. I let her get on the ride and we strapped her into her little plane. Bella doesn’t like waiting so she started to panic a little and tried to get out of the plane. Luckily the ride started moving and she loved it. She was happily waving as she went round in the air. So my panic was for nothing.

When she got off the ride we decided to do some of the side attractions. Bella chose the hook a duck stall. Bella told me which duck to hook. I hooked the duck and then Bella got to choose a prize.

There were loads to choose from. I thought she was going to choose a unicorn but instead she chose a ball. Bella loved the ball and was bouncing around with it.

We decided it was probably time to leave the fair. Bella should probably be going to bed and I’d had a busy day. While we were leaving the fair Bella saw the large inflatable slide. She really wanted to go on it. In the end we let her and Daly went on with her.

As she became more confident on the slide, she didn’t need Daly’s help as much. She happily would climb to the top of the slide and she would shout down to me before she’d slide.

While Daly and Bella were on the slide, Rachel and Oli were beating each other up with Bella’s ball. I told them that if they lost it they were going to have to get her another one. They are truly a pair of kids.

She was not happy when she had to come off the slide. We had a mini tantrum but we quickly kerbed that with the distraction of her ball. We walked down to the car and told Bella she needed to say goodbye to Uncle Oli and Auntie Rachel. We’re going to see them tomorrow. So looking forward to it. It’s going to be a fun day.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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